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The topic of what happens to a faction mod once the faction it represents is destroyed in Fallout 4 came up. I think we all agree destroying 2 factions at the end of the main quest is reason enough to stop playing the main quest before your forced to choose between them because the game just starts to get going when all factions are active, thats the point when we should stop the main quest and go our own way.

Leaving them all present, all fighting each other, all supplying features we can enjoy and not destroying 2 of them the second that gets unlocked.

So I was thinking, perhaps its better not to link my faction mod ideas directly to the main factions, perhaps its better for me to make them stand alone, off shoots of the primary factions. So even if those factions are destroyed, they will all still leave a small presence in the game in my mods. Which will continue to offer features to us or things to shoot at after the end of Fallout 4s main quest line.

It means each faction would become "none joinable" once you choose a side but would generate targets to shoot at for you instead.

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