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I am starting to realise just how many of you stopped playing Skyrim before Dark lore Grimoire even got made. So many have never tried DLG and now its gone, will not have the chance to try it. Many others have not even tried the quests outside of the College of Winterhold.

Yet those who have tried it voted it my best mod, so somebody has been seriously missing out.

I'll include some videos showing DLG features in this blog so you can see them and include the running time since some are quite long.


DLG adds or expands on the following factions in the game.

College of Winterhold (added in V1) 25 Mins.

DLG House Telvanni 6 Mins

Order of the Black Worm 5 mins

Solitude Mages Guild (No video for this but its one of the coolest features of DLG.

Every one of these factions has its own quests and main plot, most of the quests are outside of the college which provides the spells and services needed for the DLG spell system to work. Each faction sells spells that its guild or order would be expected to have.

For example, the Order of the Black Worm has Necromancy spells and a Necromany story for its main plot. Where as House Telvanni deals with what happens when the player officially joins House Telvanni as a mage instead of a goffer. The Solitude Mages Guild is pretty much an old Mages Guild Hall that has since become independant and now is run as a single Guild Hall based in Solitude.

Each and every one of these would make an excellent mod in its own right, but DLG has all of them in the same mod, which is why DLG is considered by many to be my best work todate.

So if you still have DLG, try it... because your seriously missing out.

Tip for those starting new games, grab the DLG Spells from the dungeon in Helgen when you start a new game, then practice with a specific school of magic to increase your experience with in that school and unlock more advanced spells. All DLG spells are unlocked as a result of constant practice with other spells from the same school. You dont automatically unlock them as you go up the levels whether your a mage or not, you unlock them by practicing. So you could master a school much earlier in the game.

DLG pretty much fixes all the mage related issues Skyrim has and makes the gameplay for mages far richer than the default warrior game play in the unmodded game.

Having said that, my Skyrim Fighters Guild takes the DLG ideas one step further. The Fighters Guild as always a little light on usable lore, so I used the lore of the land to make the Fighters Guild feel deep and meaningful. EG lore taken from all over Skyrim, was used to generate missions so each quest had a background story.

Skyrim Fighters Guild 10 mins

It introduced a system of points per mission with bonus points awarded for sub objectives being achieved. Those points counted towards the players rank. The better the player did, the faster he got promoted. The ranks where not quest based, you could be promoted at any time after finishing any quest.

Every promotion came with a faction specific reward that was suitable for the Fighters Guild, and each Fighters Guild Hall had mile stones that could be reached within its own unique plot line that also unlocked faction specific rewards. With the ultimate prize being the player gets to run his own Riften Fighters Guild full of companions he could take on quests.

Demon Hunters was a mod that I experimented with faction specific loot with, and randomised missions using background stories to flesh them out.

The Solsthiem mods Morag Tong introduced heavy lore based system in mission creation, involving religious worship of the daedra to unlock more missions and special powers.

Morag Tong 18 mins

ALL of these mods have ideas I plan to use in Fallout 4, all are very special mods, unique, I no of nothing like them anywhere. So when the ideas each introduced are combined in to a Fallout 4 mod, its going to be something truly outstanding that is the end result.

So if you have access to those mods and have not tried them yet, do so now... they will excite you and get you looking forward to the start of Fallout 4 modding.

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