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NewsIconYou often hear me talking about how the internet laws are changing quickly these days, usually in connection to trolls. But it is not just trolls and stalkers that trigger new internet laws around the world. In Europe especially new laws are coming thick and fast aimed at protecting European Citizens from the predators online, be they a troll or corportations.

The Council of Europe just took steps to protect Europes Net Neutrality, all services online will continue to have equal access to our bandwidth. No company will be allowed to pay an ISP for faster or exclusive access or be able to pay to have rivals blocked on some service providers.

Which is only right and proper in a free market economy.

See below for the actual document.

Council of Europe and Net Neutrality.

This will effect any service you use online, be it Steam, Origin, Netflix, Amazon Prime or Youtube. Those seeking to pass exclusive access laws would cause many of those services to degrade in performance or stop working completely. These guidelines will help stop that happening in Europe and once it becomes law, it will be illegal to do that in Europe.



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