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NewsIconThe results of TEGs game of the year Vote are in and whilst we had the usually "only buy Treble A games so thats all I am voting for" aspect of voting going on, some niche market games made it in to the top 4 and for me are the real winners this year. Niche market games usually never get a mention despite being great games.

2015 has been a reasonably good year for games with the digital age starting to really make it self felt now with releases like Pillars of Enternity, Divinity Origin Sin Enhanced Edition and Wasteland 2 the Directors Cut all being released this year and filling the hole in the RPG market left by Bioware and Bethesda.

Also 2 of those 3 games where updates to games released last year and existing customers got them for free. Something that just does not happen with disked versions of a game.

Another thing to note, 3 out of the 4 winners are 64 bit games and the one that is not, only got in to the top 4 because of hype, it certainly did not merit being in the top 4 in my opinion.

This years vote of course sees 2 Treble A games leading the pack, it was a close fought race between the Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 with the votes swinging back and forth. The Witcher 3 took a lead as the disapointment of Fallout 4s missing RPG features took hold, a general feeling that Bethesda had let us all down reflected the voting pattern early on.

However that changed as people started to play Fallout 4 and realised this new shooter was actually still fun to play as a shooter, so the vote swung back in Fallouts favour.

Most agree Fallout 4 is not the best Fallout game made so far and does let RPG and Fallout fans down some what, but as of today, Fallout 4 has earned enough votes to be TEGs game of the year 2015.

So well done Bethesda.

On a special note to Bethesda, you not only managed to make a game stable enough to actually qualify for our vote this year, but you beat the forum favourite too, eg the Witcher 3. Still I cannot help but feel if you did a better job on the RPG side of things, the Witcher would not have stood a chance.

Speaking for my self, based on hours spent in the game alone, Fallout 4 is my favourite game for this year, perhaps not the best game of 2015 for me, but definitely my favourite.

What Fallout 4 did do well was the world space the player is dropped in, far more open world locations exist now, less need to load new cells, densly packed cities with lots of action are some of its best features that earned it this victory. Sadly the Story, the RPG and the existing Quests are average or below average at best.

Still for open world explorers that like to invent their own adventure as they play, Fallout 4 is a real winner.

In second place is the Witcher 3.

Bad Controls, terrible combat, dull story and boring dated landscape count amongst its best features and do not even get me started with the NPCs. The only way people could seriously vote for this piece of shit is if they did not buy any other games this year. A truly terrible game and I am glad it did not win.

I brought it during the vote because everybody seemed to like it, I played it for 2 hours and asked steam for a refund.

TEG does not recommend the Witcher 3 at all.... unless your a console fan that uses gamepads and does not mind the gameplay being shit if the story exists.... not saying the story has to be good, just exist.

So I am very happy I am not here today saying the Witcher 3 won, I would have had to ban all those who voted for it off TEG just to cleanse the forum of the stain it left lol...

It did prove 1 thing, those who voted for the Witcher 3 really need to buy more games. You are clearly missing out if you think the Witcher 3 is the best game of 2015.

Fortunately, some of those fine games made it in to the top 4, so its not all bad news for the voting system. Though many worthy games did not even get a look in. So I'll give those a special mention at the end.

Which is amazing, our 3rd and 4th position games are niche market games and both got enough votes to make it in to a game of the year vote. Which usually does not happen with niche market games. Terrible A games tend to win on hype alone because most at take in by the expensive advertizing campaigns. Leaving more deserving games out the cold.

But not this year I am happy to say.

In 3rd place was Cities Skylines, the first good City game since Simcity 2000, which was released around 1994 I think. So it has been 21 years since we had a city game this good. Though it is a touch too serious at times and really needs a big monster to come and trash the cities to fix things :)

In 4th place is Galactic Civ 3, which despite being sequel to other older games did well because it finally feels like a game of Galactic proportions, unlike the previous games in the series. As I write this, a new DLC and patch have been released for this game which founders, those who backed it early on get for free.

Interestingly our 1st, 3rd and 4th place winners are all 64 bit games and it shows,  they represent such a large leap over 32 bit games that a new standard has been set for all 3 game genres. The witcher 3 is the only one that still looks like a 32 bit game and probably is. To be honest, its crap so I do not care.

I think this years vote clearly shows 64 bit gaming is here to stay.

Now I want to give a special mention to 2 other games that came out this year, one I love to bits, the other I feel is a good start but needs more work.

First up is Satelite Reign, a game that takes the idea behind squad based combat Syndicate style and does a far better job of it than Syndicate did. If you like squad combat, buy this game, you will not be disappointed.

The second is Pillars of Enternity, this game shows promise but like all the new RPGs released these past 2 years, tends to use insanely hard creatures to limit the players progress, as a result, most players get so far and stop playing. Which means they got the difficulty wrong in it. Wasteland 2 and Divinity Original Sin both made the same mistake and both attempted to fix it in this years Wasteland 2 The Directors Cut and Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition. Both where given away free to existing customers and I hope Pillars of Enternity gets the same treatment and gets sorted out for next year.

All 3 games are from rivals for the fading Bioware who stopped making decent isometric 3d games after Dragon Age 1.

So if you are fan of the old Bioware games, watch out for these developers new releases. Biowares star may have faded, but these 3 stars are on the rise.

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