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fallout4logoI waited until I had played Fallout 4 for 80 hours before writing this review in order to give it a chance. Now I have hit the 80 hour mark i have writen a review that I feel fairly takes in to account how players feel about it on TEG and what we seem to agree on.

You can read the TEG Fallout 4 Review on the forums.

Speaking as a modder, I would say consider Fallout 4 to be Skyrim without a decent main plot or side quests and with all skills and most perks removed. Which means modders like me have a clean slate to build on, but the game it self is not going to impress RPG fans.

So my first job will be to design a system that places RPG elements back at the heart of the game. Fortunately I did a lot of work on exactly that for my Skyrim mods and was doing rather well when the Reddit fuckheads pulled their crap and put me off modding that game after that. But I'll probably continue that work in Fallout 4 if Fallout 4 supports my kind of mods. Which is open for question.

One thing is for sure, there has been massive changes to the navmesh system.... the old system would not have supported settlements like Fallout 4 does.

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