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fallout4logoWe are coming to a consensus now on the forums that Fallout 4 is a good shooter but a bad RPG. There are many reasons for this, the perk tree attempt to combine stats, perks and skills on one page and dropping many of the older perks and skills in order to fit them in, is just 1 of the reasons. 

So the RPG side of Beth games is dead and gone now. Fallout 4, follows the path I expected Beth to take after seeing how Skyrim turned out. Since Skyrim Bethesda have focused on appealing to casual gamers. Aiming to please the pick up and go crowd more than the hard core fans.

As a result Skyrim is played less than Oblivion.

Fallout 4 is another game made in that same mold. Clearly made for consoles and clearly game lore is less important than blowing stuff up.

So whether you will enjoy fallout 4 or not depends on how deeply your bothered about game lore, PC controls, the interface and the lack of RPG features.

I will finish by saying your interest in Fallout 4 will end when you get sick of shooting things. There is a burn out factor here that may see Fallout 4 becoming the least played Bethesda game of all time.

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