TEG changes coming soon

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I have decided to monitorize the TEG website but not in the way you may expect.

I often do a lot of research in to hardware and other things and make recommendations based on that hardware. At least when we had a forum here I did. This year has proven that forums are troll fests these days and we do not actually need them anymore. We are operating perfectly well without the trouble they attract. So I'll be doing what I used to do but posting the results directly on to this site. I may even merge the blog links and make a new area for it on the main menu.

I am going to be linking to products I am talking about in the normal way but allowing one of the many link replacing companies to modify the link based on the product. So in theory you should always get sent to a store near you offering the same product. Which will be very helpful if it works that way. I'll get a little commission from it too, pocket money basically, you never get rich doing this.

Most of us do not have money to waste, we need to know we are making the right decision and I am a little anal about doing my research so in this way my research helps you and you help me when you click on the links.

My first topic will be the Kindle v Kobo Ereader because as you may or may not know, I have been a paperless user for some time now and see Ereaders as a means of bringing back full game manuals. The day they stopped printing proper gaming manuals was the day games with depth died. So this is a topic I care about deeply and you will be hearing about it alot in the future.

My Youtube videos have had adverts enabled for them too, but the ones that you can close, not the ones that force you to wait x amount of seconds for. There is a middle ground here between making a few pennies and annoying the hell out of my readership and as you can see. I have thought about it already and avoided the most painful systems.

Most of you will not even notice the new system if it goes as planned.


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I am also that way when comparing products to see wich one to buy I look at every little detail and obsess over it till i make my chioce. I try and look at all the options as I am a bit of a technology nerd and know about alomst every product out there in that area. this sounds very cool what your planning to do I can wait to read your first vs. topic this is somthing I wish I could do (wirte a vs.) I tried starting a blog once but didnt have the time to maintain it so it kinda of died. anywayse this sounds cool looking forward to it. 

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Yup you do have to dedicate your self to blogs... thats where most fail.

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