Two Empires by Jack Burroughs

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Our very own Jack Burroughs is now a published author, his first book is called Two Empires and is available to read RIGHT HERE.  The first 10 chapters are absolutely free so give them a try. It is available in EPUB, Mobi and PDF so thats Kobo, Kindle and PCs all supported.  I seem to recall extracts of Jacks work on the guilds forums last year before I closed the forum, at the time I was most impressed by his characters. Which is a good start for a book.

Its on Amazon right now.

I have always believed people should be encouraged to be creative and I have always believed everybody has their own unique skills. Jacks is creative writing and he has always been very encouraging to me with my modding activities.

So lets get behind Jack on this one, he is one us after all, a TEG user.....

It will be good to see somebody we know achieve something.

And Jack... Well done... proud of ya bud :)

Here is the intro to the book...

For generations the Dianthic Empire has been locked in a cold war with the Krakenbar, its hated foe to the south. But now a new and far more dangerous threat arises with an invasion by the largest horde of orcs ever recorded.

Caught up in this new conflict is Jag Garrick, an apprentice shoemaker. When his small town is destroyed by the orc horde, he embarks on what will prove to be an epic adventure that takes him from the streets of the city of Dianthus to the heart of the Krakenbaric Empire and beyond. Along the way he encounters dwarves, bards and revolutionaries - and with a secret cult seeking his death at every turn, he's going to need every ally he can find.

The Two Empires is a thrilling introduction to a world of magic, warfare, politics and intrigue,  combining fast-paced storytelling with an intricately detailed, inventive setting, and occasional humour.


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Thanks very much to Giskard for promoting my new book. I'd love it if you guys here at the Guild would take a look, and I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think!

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From what you posted here before, I think they will. :)

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Just wanted to let you know that my book The Two Empires is now available as a paperback on Amazon!

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