Theme finished

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The new theme is finished, some gaps need filling with content but that is for another day. I just spent the past week learning to make Drupal themes so I could make this theme, the amount of work that went in to it is about the same as making a 10 quest mod.

As you can see the slide show takes up a lot of space in the 1024 mode, if you shrink the window down to 800 mode it disappears. Further font tweaks may take place in the future but for now, this will do.

I am off to have a rest.


Looks cool and I really like the fact that it's not that bright anymore.

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Dark pages suit gaming sites but white pages suit tutorials better.

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this is a great them i like it much more then the old theme

wow every time i come here it's diff, guess you always are under construction .. looks good :))

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OR your visites are few and far between Dawn :/

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WOW! I do like this much better then the last!!! Great job!!!!!!

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