Website Theme Changes:

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I am currently tweaking the theme you see on this site so there may be on going problems. It has been tested with all major browsers and only Opera has a slight problem with it, basically the menu seems to be bigger on opera and goes on to the second line on screens larger then 1024.

I believe that to be the Impact font which is supposed to be "Websafe" eg all browsers are supposed to support it but it appears Chrome does not, and Opera has issues with it too, making the font larger than its supposed to be. So I am going to have to choose a different font for the menu I think and resize everything.

I tested it on a tablet and found a larger main menu was needed so I made that adjustment. Unfortunately larger mobile devices seem to act like tablets and get the tablet layout, which was NOT intended. Still the tablet layout is far better than the 1024 layout for them.

I'll be spending the rest of the day tweaking the theme so it displays right on the screen. Adjusting some font sizes etc and replacing fonts that don't work right.

I have avoided using code Internet Explorer does not support, which amounts to a lot of standard code unfortunately because IE is pretty crap these days. No effort at all has been made to support older browsers so if you have problems, update your browser.

Once I am happy with the cross device support and basic look of the theme, I'll christmasify it :)
But expect on going changes to the theme over the next few months as I fine tune it for the guilds needs.


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I must say I love the new dark blue futuristic type theme quite a lot a consideble amount more than the old theme I wish all websites were like this. The only thing I don't like is the cursive font I do like just a basic font more simple and readable. Not that I can't read it I just would rather see a more generic font but anywayse other than that great job it surprised me and I do enjoy it quite a lot good job. 

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You may see that font disappear as I tweak the site further. Got a lot to do but having spent 5 days learning to mod this pig of a system, I am going to be taking a break soon.

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calibri body = best writing font

"The only thing I am afraid of is fear."

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Cool the font is back to normal thanks and good job

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