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Fallout New Vegas: How to Play Caravan




Caravan is a game of cards playable in Fallout New Vegas, only the instructions for the game are not clearly given so most people playing it for the first time end up thinking the game is bugged out and not working when actually, they simply lack the information needed to place and move cards most of the time. So I wrote this guide to help other players.


The Game


First you need about 30 cards, either get a pack by helping Ringo, or buy them when you see them for sale or do both, those lose cards can also be used to cheat in the casinos too.


As a general rule, the Jack, Queen, King and Joker cards are your weapons of mass destruction and should be held back for when they are needed. Cards Ace to 10 are your meat and two veg, the cards that do most of the work involved in winning your games.


When the game starts you get to place your bets and randomize your cards if you wish. After choosing your cards, its best to place your lowest or highest cards first since each caravan either counts up or down from those cards. Only by using a special card later can you change the direction of the count. So starting with an Ace or a 10 is ideal.


First you need to select 3 cards for each Caravan (3 Stack of cards, excluding the one you choose your cards from). All 3 starting cards have to be placed to start your 3 Caravans off, other cards can be placed on them after that. To place your cards, use the Up and down and left and right Cursor keys (Arrow keys) to position your cards and W to place them.


Use the R key to cancel your current card if you dislike your selection.


The aim of the game is to make all 3 caravans worth between 21 and 26 points, the numbers on the cards when added up give you their total.


Now you can place any card you like on each pack providing it his of higher value than the original card and not the same value as card already placed in that caravan. Each Caravan or stack of cards, is separate so you have 3 piles to get to between 21 and 26 in order to win.


The Jack, Queen, King and Joker cards are special and described in the Holotape in game so I will not repeat it here except to give you some of the basics.


You can use the colour cards on your own caravans or your opponents caravans to take them over the limit in order to get them to remove their caravan entirely. For example a King doubles the value of the card you placed it on, so if your opponent has a 10 of spades and his pack is worth 26 points, placing a king on the 10 of spaces makes it worth 20 points so the caravan is suddenly work 36 points instead of 26 and goes bust.


A joker removed all cards above it, which can help reduce the value of a winning hand so your own caravan can win. Queens I believe reverse the direction of the count so you can count back down against instead of endlessly upwards but you will have to check that.


Hope this explains Caravan to everybody well enough to let you play the game.


Good Luck


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