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TEG Solstheim now available in French

I have just recieved word from Sita that TEG Solstheim has been translated in to French and can be downloaded from the La Confrerie des Traducteurs website.

I have also been told he is now translating Return to Helgen V4 in to French.

Thanks for the update Sita, hope your users enjoy it :)

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Some Early Access news.

A couple of other games came to my attention in recent months and I have been following them closely. Due to the risks of early access I try and keep you all warned of bad games to back and good games to back. Today I have 2 new additions to my "good games list" after seeing several updates for both these games. On average most of the best early access games give you monthly updates, some also give you weekly news to back it up.

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My Classic Games List.

I was thinking about my classic games, games I played to death and would still play today (excluding DOS games because I am an Amiga user and DOS versions where just plain shit) and I came up with 2 lists, games I love to play even today and games that i played to death and got bored of.

Classic games.... For me the following would be on my list. Below this is a list of games I played to death but got bored of and stopped playing.

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Another Epic Fail: Elder Scrolls Online

Metacritics shows the professional reviews raving about the Elder Scrolls Online in their reviews aimed at gamers and giving it am 89 score. The user reviews give the same game a 6.9 which says the pros got it wrong again. I find it interesting how they always get it wrong for games from large publishers but seem to have no problem getting it right for small indie companies.

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Early Access + Kickstarter trips for players

There is no doubt that Early Access and Kickstarter are a double edge sword, you have as much chance of getting a good game as you have of being ripped off.

There are some rules the good developers follow - and I have seen them talking about - that can be expanded upon for gamers to help us decide if an early access game is worth our cash or not.

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Silgrad Tower is back at Silgrad Tower

It looks like the merger with TAD did not work out for Silgrad Tower and they are back on their own website again. They ask that those who are interested in helping out with their conversations read this post.

Speaking for my self, I have a few failed mergers my self so I'll wish both sites all the best and hope things work out for them.

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Your opinion on Early Access/Kickstarter.

I want to ask your opinion on Early Access and Kickstarter projects and other similar methods of raising money to make games. But before you reply understand that this has broken the strangle hold the large publishers had on the game industry and once again allows us to look forward to a vast array of different games that simply have not been made in over 20 years in some cases because of those same large puiblishers. So over all it is a good thing, but that is not what I want to know.

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Age of Wonders 3

Age of Wonders 3 was released yesterday and is on my watch list, so I have been keeping an eye on it. Now it is out I checked out the metacritics reviews and both the Pros and Users seem to be giving it over 8.1 so it seems they are in agreement. Which means the reviews are probably accurate.

It looks and feels a lot like a lot of other similar games but sounds interesting so check it out here on Steam.

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Too those load order nutters

Sometimes the best advice about Elder Scrolls load orders or mods is not the advice you see all over the forums. That is advice that is all over the forum because it does not work.

Sometimes the best advice is the advice you rarely see because it works 100% of the time. It is advice that only needs to be mentioned once and it always works. So you just do not see it posted everywhere because there is no need to repeat it to those who are wise enough to listen. 

That advice is.....

"If 2 mods conflict, remove 1 and keep the other."
That is advice for people that want a stable game with 256 mods and no worries to speak of.

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User Account Purge

Just a quick notice that I have deleted 1000s of throw away accounts from this website and accounts that have only been used once. I doubt it affects anybody that uses this site properly but I do like to keep my user base accounts healthy and free of those spam new accounts made by users that never come back.


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