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A home for friendly gamers online A place where modders can get help or offer help. TEG is a no trolls zone! We are gamers & modders, enjoying our games and mods.

It is clear to me that those trolls that target me want to be on this site, want my mods and want to stay informed of what I do, otherwise why would they keep coming to a site they hate, run by a person they hate for mods they do not like. Yet that is what they do.

I keep deleting their accounts, they are the ones always trying to make anon accounts all the time on a site full of normal users that do not try and hide who they are so it is not hard to spot them. Normal users dont use throw away email addresses and IPs that dont trace anywhere. Only those who want to hide something would need to do that on a gaming site.

Even when they try and fake being nice, they cannot keep it up and sooner or later crack under the pressure and end up banned anyway.

For normal gamers being nice and friendly takes no effort at all, but for a troll, it is a massive job to say cool under such nice conditions.

The fact that they keep trying to join TEG, keep following my news and are counted amongst the first users to reply to my videos tells me that despite what they tell each other on Reddit, none of them can live without me. I have become a massive part of their lives it seems and an important one given how much they talk about me.

I think its a kind of rough Love, like the Pogues Fairy Tale in New York but involving honey badgers or something.

Can you imagine a troll making out with a honey badger lol....

But this relationship is a very one sided one that involves them watching me for everything I do and me only noticing what they have done when I stop doing what I have been doing and check to see who has caused trouble today. I guess they want more of my time than I am prepared to give them.

Like a 4 month old baby demanding its mothers time and screaming when it does not get it.

Fact is, its like being gay but not telling anybody, they have not come out of the closet yet. They say they hate me, hate my mods, hate this site,talk a very macho talk with each other on Reddit... "I am not gay, are you gay", "No I am not gay, I am too macho to be gay", "Giskard must be more gay than us right", "Yes that Giskard is definitely gay, probably likes it up the arse"...."really... so I dont need this badger then...", "Dude thats totally gay", "Sorry, was being so macho I did not notice how gay I sounded".....

In reality though, whilst they pose and posture with each other, they are secretly here hanging onto every word I say, dying to know what the person they claim to hate is doing on the site they dont like so they can get his terrible mods.

All the while, each and every one of them is looking for a chance to stab the others in the back if it means they get back in my good books amd get back what they lost. True... every troll that ever pissed me off and got banned and found out what it was like to miss out on everything has offered to sell out his pals to prove how loyal his is to me AFTER breaching my trust when he had it.

Fact is these are my most loyal readers, and the least trustworthy people I know...

They will read this and there is nothing they can do to stop me writing it and will not ignore it because they cannot stay away. They will pretend not to have Read it, say they heard from a friend who heard from a friend like some bad Rio Speed Wagon parody of "Take it up the badgers bum", I mean "Take it on the run"... but the truth will be, they are here most days reading my site in person, most of them... hard core fans of the person they slag off the most.

They are, in a sense a captive audiance because unlike me, they cannot stay away from sites they claim not to like. In fact all their claims start to unravel once you see what they do when not trying to play the "I am too macho to be gay" game on Reddit.

There is a disconnect between what they say and claim on forums and what they do when they think nobody is watching. They live a lie most days, pretend to be one thing, whilst sneaking in to the computer room to do the exact opposite. Which would not be cool if their troll friends found out about it but here is the thing, their troll friends are at it too....

They just lie about it to each other in order to make being cut off and unwanted on sites like this feel more acceptable for them. 

When your entire life is a lie and your skill set means you cannot make mods you like or run the websites your way, you must do as the rules say or learn to do without. At the end of the day, the world does not have to put up with your shit, assuming we will is the first and last mistake of the internet idiot.

Sorry if I offended anybody that is gay.... Not intentional.... :)


Got an email from one of the trolls that I have told not to contact me anymore several times, he heard about my post from a friend apparently.... As I said, they are like some bad Rio Speedwagon parody....

This is for them....

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