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skyrimiconI am still getting users coming here asking for my Elder Scrolls mods, some are pming me asking for them, others are posting on Youtube asking for them. I wish to make it absolutely clear that all my TES mods are gone, they will not be coming back.

I made the decision to remove them because of the trouble Elder Scrolls fans on Reddit, Nexus and Bethesdas sites cause me when ever I leave them available. Mostly Patch makers, tool makers, mod cleaners and their followers.

I decided the only way to end the trouble was to remove the mods completely. Now there is nothing left of the Elder Scrolls on this site and absolutely no reason any TES fan to even come here or wish to register.

TEG is now a Fallout site and only hosts Fallout mods.

This is just a reminder, this actually happened in April 2015 after the Reddit Affair and was made official in October/November 2015. Which is why ZERO TES mods have been made since April.

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