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It is interesting to see players raving on about the Witcher with a game engine that is utterly terrible whilst at the same time hear them complain about Bethesdas Game Engine being old when it blows the Witcher 3 Engine away in its sleep with 1 hand tied behind its back and both legs tied off.

Seriously, players accept what amounts to a game engine that cannot even aim correctly and really only supports 1 view whilst they slag off a game engine that handles combat perfectly well and offers multiple views.

They judge it based on graphics and technical flaws, yet the Witcher 3s flaws are many and are mostly ignored and its graphics are worse than Fallout 4s.

Having played Fallout 4 for over 130 hours now I can tell you I have identified many improvements over the Skyrim Engine, a slow but steady improvement in what we know and love. For example, Fallout New Vegas introduced workbenches which is basically reworked spell altars, Skyrim perfected it and now Fallout 4 is using them to build entire settlements.

You can trace where the idea came front all the way through to its current incarnation.

All small steps but good ones.

I have also seen people complain their are not many weapons in Fallout 4, which is strange because there are dozens, if not hundreds of weapon upgraded combinations available for most weapons. Giving a total of 1000s of different weapons where once dozens used to be max you got. The difference between 1 weapon and another in most games is damage, speed and looks, all of which can be changed in Fallout 4. So this complaint is not a valid complaint.

Others talk about lipsync, voice work and character animations, yet Fallout 4 has some of the best characters and voice acting of any Bethesda game. The character animations are not bad either so I consider these to be improvements over past games.

Then we have the move to 64 bit which has given rise to far more densely populated areas in the game, making it far less important to place cities in their own worldspaces and more feasable to build them directly in to the gaming world without needing any loading screens.

Of course console limitations prevent Bethesda from just sticking Diamond city in the Boston Worldspace, Consoles probably would not handle the strain that well. But PCs can and so we have a lot we can do in that respect simply because of the move to 64bit gaming.

A move that should have happened 10 years ago.

Fact is, Fallout 4s game engine has seen a lot of improvements to things like the Navmesh, weather detection, the way rain is prevented from falling through some items where as before it could rain through solid metal, now it remains dry under that metal. With some exceptions such as the Coventant, which seems to have houses that still allow rain to fall through roofs, rain behaves like rain now.

Also, when your out in the rain, you now get wet, in fact anything caught in the rain developes that wet look, which in it self is an improvement over past game engine from Bethesada.

But by favourite new feature is an idea taken from Stalker, the Radiation Storms. I think it should be more deadly my self and may try and make it more deadly but it is just a nice addition to the game.

One thing I was wrong about when I stated Bethesdas game Engine was so buggy it was on its last legs after Skyrim was released. Was that Bethesda do appear to have fixed up their engine this time, they clearly put a lot of work in to stabilizing it and I am hoping that means the editor will be more functional this time, and not less functional.

Bethesda have been letting their standards slip for some time now and have prefered to make work arounds instead of real fixes. So whether we will find a game engine held together with spit and gaffa tape or clean mean gaming machine once the editor is released is still unknown. But I am hoping for a clean mean gaming machine my self.

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