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Most of Beths games are released extremely buggy and many players start 1 character and stick with it for years. But here is the thing, when Beth patch their games to fix their bugs, often those fixes are not backwards compatible. Damage done to your save by bugs in the game tend to remain in your save until you start a new game.

So if you are one of those that stay with the same character types and buy Fallout 4 early, your going to be living with a lot of the release day bugs long after Bethesda fixed the game.

So my tip is this, consider the first 6 months of the games life to be a beta and only start your first perminant character after 6 months. That way you will the benefit of the patches when you restart.

In case you are wondering if that applies to my mod bugs too, 95% of the time it does not because I usually learn early how to force the game to update code in your saved games by making and using a new object with a new formID that the save had not seen before, so my updates are backwards compatible.

This far from perfect and does somethings lead to some funky stuff like the messenger in Return to Helgen not disappearing for some players with older games, but 95% of the time it works fine and you never notice anything has changed.

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