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NewsIconSince I am doing the mod of the month, let us look at which 3 mods you users consider to be my best work of all time.

In joint second position are The Elder Council mod and Return to Helgen. These mods have been kneck and kneck now for about 3 months, so it looks like the voting has settled down and given us a stable best 3 mods of all time list finally. I must say I approve of the choices you users have made, though I do have other favourites my self.

The winner of course is Dark Lore Grimoire that has beaten the pants off all competition now for several months, it took an early lead and kept it. To be honest it is one of my best mods and a mod I intended to be one of my best mods of all time too. So seeing you vote for it as my best mod of all time is very satisfying. Though I also proud of my Skyrim Fighters Guild Mod too which is doing rather well on its own.

Kvatch Aftermath, Kvatch Rising and Origin of the Mages Guild are so far down the list of my best mods as not to even qualify for the top 5.

Remember you can delete your vote and recast it if you change your mind and if you wish to vote, you must cast your vote HERE but first you have register on the forum and post an introduction to unlock the forum.

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