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featurediconToday, on TEGs 6th Birthday I am going to show you what TEG has to offer. I am going take you on a video tour of TEGs history as a modding site and show you some of the fun things I have done here, often just for laughs. You have seen a lot of the more recent work this week. So lets look at some of the other things TEG has done.

So lets get started. 

Sometimes a modder can get a little bored and when a modder gets a little bored, this happens :)

All the videos used here today and more are available on my Youtube Channel HERE. My history as a modder is written in my Modders Bio, a featured document on TEG that explains what I have done and when I did it. Truth is though, modding is a hobby I can pick up and put down quickly which is handy given my job.

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Now I asked the question, why does it take an entire team 2 years to make 1 city quest mod when I made Kvatch rising on my own in less than 6 weeks. In these 6 videos you see Kvatch literally rising from the ashes as it was made over a 6 week period. Proof that city mods need not take years to make.

Check these out.

Kvatch Rising for Oblivion being made :)

Kvatch Rising Video 1

Kvatch Rising Video 2

Kvatch Rising Video 3

Kvatch Rising Video 4

Kvatch Rising Video 5

Kvatch Rising Video 6

Kvatch Rising is probably the best Kvatch mod ever made, those 6 videos are the week by week development of the entire mod by me for Oblivion.

I also made some videos to show off the Cyrodiil Upgrade which was started just before TEG opened but finished here at TEG over a period of years. These videos show several of my Oblivion mods in action. 


 The Elder Council was a mod I made during the summer of 2008 as a thank you to the TES fans who supported me after I closed Respawn due to  trolls, tool makers and patch makers (often one and the same thing) endlessly causing trouble for me and targeting the site. I wanted to make them something every special so I made this. This was the last mod I made before I created CURP and started using CURP in all my mods. It also got me flamed heavily and Beth them selves asked me to remove a thank you note to my mod fans from this mods read me because they did not like me thanking my mod fans for their support. 

Seriously.... I also got moderated for saying I prefered Fallout modders to Oblivion modders and for reporting breaches to the "no personal attacks" rule on Beths forums. Back then right was wrong, black was white, it was all back to front and side ways, only the trolls found them selves fully supported by Bethesdas staff. It was not nice time.

 Here at TEG I also wrote dozens of modding tutorials and wrote player guides which are on the menu on the right of this news. Also I made some video tutorials too and several video guides which are on my Youtube channel linked above. 

I have been modding since 1980, I have been webmaster of a modding since since 2000. My earlier sites Respawn and Mechstorm were full blown modder support sites and both had their own team made up of those who I had helped. But TES fans destroyed that so its never been possible for an expert modder like me to share my experience directly with other TES modders within the TES community and show them how to make better safer mods. So TES never got the sort of full on mod support that other games had gotten from me. Too bad really because TES needed it more than other games.

Some times though I just wanted to let my hair down and have a laugh, at those times things can get a bit silly :)

Then in CUO Chorrol a flock of angry Chickens... a joke that caused a bit of laugh here at TEG at the time and made Charlie Lowry, manager of the Chorrol Mining company in to a fan favourite.

Years later an ancestor of Charlies appears in the Legion Garrision in Solitude as part of the Storm Crown mod with a strange chicken tail to tell. Despite the Storm Crown mod not officially being made, Charlie still haunts Solitude, a left over from a past joke. Today you know the Storm Crown mod as "Return to Helgen" and Charlie does not even have a role in it, but he is still in there, with his chicken story. A look back on Jokes of the past and a reminder that its just a game.

Happy Birthday TEG, the site is 6 Years old today.

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