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Well it is sunday morning and I am up at 4.30 am because of my neighbors noisy return home and subsiquent 5am start to her party, not to mention the wife's snoring, fireworks at 1am and people that think yelling at the top of their voices all night is perfectly normal.

So I am having a great day, was thinking about having some Christmas Carol practice around 7.30am this morning right outside my neighbors house. The cool thing about 7.30am is, it is not illegal to make a noise at that time. So I can sing my lungs out.... too bad I cannot sing but hay, that is not really the point is it.

On the topic of TEG and Trolls, since I introduced forum registration requirements for downloads, people seem to be behaving with one or two exceptions. The troll I had ban who then decided he was declaring war on me over his inability to behave on my property, apologuised, stayed a few days with a new account and disappeared. Things have been pretty quiet since then.

But I have not released any more mods yet and thats when the trouble starts usually.

Also since I started making it clear Beth and Nexus forum users are not welcome here, a point I made so they do not come here and expect to be able to act on TEG like they act on those sites, everybody has been careful to go out of their way and say they will not do that here. So that is working too. Making it clear TEG is NOT Nexus and is not Beths forum and will not accept that sort of behaviour here is very important to me.

So the old saying "Treat em mean, keep em keen" remains true after simply asking people to behavior failed, the new registration system more or less enforces it now and everybody loves me suddenly. Funny how that works.

It is like the way open downloads get abused heavily, especially by the TES community who I do not make mods for anymore. Forcing me in to a situation where I have a monopoly over my mods downloads whether I wanted one or not.  Then players find them selves having to do a little dance for me and say the magic words to get near the mods because if I do not like them, then its no mods for them. Suddenly, nobody abuses the downloads anymore and everybody loves me messing them about.

Which just goes to prove Elder Scrolls fans are too stupid to see when they have it good because they keep destroying what ever they are given freely until it stops being given freely and starts being restricted, then and only then do they suddenly become aware of their mistake. Not that they remember that lesson, after a month they go right back to being assholes again.

Sad but true.

I said the other day on the news page that makers of 1 mod get a lot of trouble from players, so imagine what it is like for me with over 30 mods to me name, and not small mods either. Most players say ignore the trolls, but they are not modders, they have never shared anything with anybody, they are takers, not givers and this is not their website. If they had stopped for a moment before opening their mouths they would understand the owner cannot ignore idiots on his own site, and I cannot trust other sites to look after my work. I tried that years ago and players and some site owners abused that trust.

The trouble is, when you find your self having the same open wound poked constantly, you stop saying ouch and start enjoying it. Being nasty to trolls and idiots becomes a fun thing to do. You go from being normal and annoyed, to almost hoping some idiot will try something today so you can have some fun.

Mean while players expect you to care about them after a vast majority of players that claim to like your work, giving you nothing but shit. So you stop careing about players. You start to consider all players to be trolls automatically until they prove otherwise. And players being players never see what they do as wrong, so do not understand the response they get is merely a response to the attitude they give the modder.

Which may explain why Bethesda are assholes to their own fans, their fans are hardly friendly.

Moving on.....

The other day, I got hack and slash from the devs who made Spacebase DF-9 because I got that game on early access and it was not what they wanted it to be. I did not want hack and slash so went on steams store page and found a user from my friends list who had it on their wish list and gave it to him.

After thanking me, the guy said I should have asked what he wanted because he wanted the Bioshock pack more.

Needless to say the guys been dropped from my friends list but that experience pretty much is how Mod users treat modders every day. We give them something cool for free, and we get that sort of ungrateful response from people that see us as some sort of commercial entity that they paid money to for a product. When in fact, they paid us nothing, are entitled to nothing, and wonder why they get told to piss off when they take that attitude with modders like me.

The other attitude online that needs addressing is the way users think a ban is a sign they can come back with a new account and cause more trouble. On TEG I report such people to what ever service they use. Which is like putting a giant spot light over their internet activities with their service provider. So if they have anything else going on, people will suddenly be looking and will see and will act. So best not troll if your a torrent user, you may find your downloading habbits get noticed.

On a similar topic, have you noticed how professional developers do not seem to care that most modders are forced to use pirated versions of 3d studio max to mod their games because they do not have the £3100.00 being charged for it. Yet care very deeply about their own products being pirated. Something for you to think about.....

A user recently commented on how professional devs become detached from their users and to be honest I can understand why. I should become more detached than I am but I feel it is rude to ignore questions so it is hard for me to do that. I did start a player answers player questions forum when some folk said they would help in that department but I barely see either of those people so that still ended up with me answering most questions. It is hard to be detached in those situations.

Still, something needs to change, a cold heart is needed for modding these days. A clear separation between my modding activities and the fans that use my mods because over familarity makes some folk wrongly believe they can treat me like shit. Truth is, It happens so often I have an automatic response to it.... Which to me is a sign of how bad it really is.

Fact is, you cannot give anything cool to people these days without being flamed for it for one reason or another. Its not feedback, its not even fair comment, its just plain nasty, players taken their bad day out on the first person they see online which is usually a modder.

Within the TES community the issue is people that do very little like to feel important, so they make a tool, or a pretty badly designed mod, then milk it to death until the community hero worships them. At which point they seek to protect their status as leaders of the community but if all they do is post on a forum, that is kind of hard when faced with modders that are as active as I am. So they have 2 choices. Work harder or start attacking the modder whos status is rising due to his hard work.

And they normally choose to attack the rising star rather than get their head in to the editor and earn the reputation they have stolen on the forums.

That is the root cause of organized flaming from the TES community, the players being bitches at modders over petty things is the other. But the latter is pretty common these days in many communities. The former though actually crosses a legal line and turns in to cyberstalking/harrassment. Depending on what country your in, the name changes.

Cyberstalking is not the "follow somebody around" crime people think it is. It includes stirring up trouble for an individual so others attack that user online. The attacker and those stirring up the trouble from some other forum are all guilty of the crime in the eyes of the law.

Things have changed in other areas in recent years because those who do the work, actors, comedians, royality, modders find it increasingly impossible to be online without having their lives turned in to a nightmare. So the laws are coming to deal with those who act badly online. Proscutions in the UK are up for example, they make the news every week here. Especially Twitter trolls.

If you are paying attention, you will notice, nobody is complaining about the new laws. 10 to 15 years ago there would have been a rebelion online at the very suggestion of such a thing.... But things are so bad now, most folk who matter, want these laws. So here they are....

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