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skyrimiconI thought you might like to read how I make my mods and outlined the process for the current Telvanni feature in Dark Lore Grimoire as an example for you all. The article is called The Rise of Tel Mithryn and it goes in to detail, some times extremely technical detail surround the thought process that is required to mods like mine. I know for fact 99% of modders do not think this way because 99% of modders have a hard time getting 1 mod to work with other peoples mods, let alone make dozens of mods that will.

So I know this will be a real eye opener for many players that simply have no clue as to the sort of deep thought that goes in to my mods designs. The article includes some of my lore notes for the Telvanni too and an explaination of what these things told me about the Telvanni and how they will effect the mod. That part is interesting even if the rest goes over your head.

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