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This is the voodoo that I do! From 1980 to Present Day! Too many games to mention There is always a next project.

NewsIconThe Night of the long knives is over folks.... 

TEG has been purged of all the assholes, I had to wait a few weeks to weed out some but taking the mods down helped flush them out. The second they where gone, many started mouthing off and revealed their true colours.

Half the knives in my back where put there people who called me friend, so this purge played no favorites, only those that used the site these past 2 weeks when TEG had no mods, who had filled in their profiles and generally understood my position survived. The rest are history.

They can sign up again but they will not get download access by posting anymore, they system was heavily abused by 1000s of TES and Fallout fans that ignored the private aspect of the guild and lied and cheated to get to the mods. So now mod access is by invitation only and I'll be far too busy modding to give most folk the attention they need in order to earn access.

And if anybody asks me for access, I am going to ban them immediately.  Those who used stolen work are also going to be banned the second I identify them.

I am not too worried about the mods, all the stolen mods will be out dated soon enough and then will be obsolete. So its not even a concern for me really.

Truth is I put on a bit of performance this month so I could find out who could be trusted and who could not. Now I know and I will making mods for the people I know I can trust.

The mods that got stolen will serve as demos for my future releases and the thieves that stole them will now serve as my hard working advertisement agents, who bring in more mod users to TEG for me. After all, all publicity is good publicity.

But like Moses, they can lead the people here with their bitching and flaming, but may not enter the promised land them selves. They are for ever banned from TEG.

I actually talked about this in my blog from 25th April entitled "Do not feed the trolls" before all this happened. If you read it, you will know how these trolls and thieves made them selves my servants the second they targeted me. If you did not read it, read it now.

I'll be modding as usual, but have made some changes to the site, the strict forum system is gone, it is not needed now the Guild is invitation only. People do not post to unlock the downloads anymore, they abused that system too much.

New arrivals may post on the forum and anybody that proves to me they want to be here after 1000 or so posts may get invited in to the private Guild area where I am making my mods. Most will be wasting their time though, I will probably not even notice them so they will be noobies for ever.

It would have been easier to get download access under the old system than it will be under the new system, but the abuse of the system by players and THESE THIEVES put and end to that.  So now your screwed.

TEG is a private site, the mods made here are PRIVATE, access is invitation only and I am very fussy who I send an invitation too after what happened.

GalacticCvi3LogoTEG has a new guide to making new graphics for your Galactic Civ 3 factions available. It explains the files, file sizes and file types needed to fully customise your factions appearance in game.

Check out the new Guide HERE.


NewsIconI have put some of the older content from Respawn, Mechstorm and TEG back online again to replace the Elder Scrolls and Fallout stuff that is no longer supported here. The Galactic Civ areas are currently empty but will soon be getting new content.

Also I am sure you have noticed but I have replaced the slide show above too, some slides may be replaced again when I get the time to make better ones.

Now TEG has moved from Elder Scrolls and Fallout games and their endless trolling, there will be more variety of news here at TEG again, I'll be talking about new games, early access games and so forth. So watch this space.

GalacticCvi3LogoTime to answer some of your questions about Galactic Civ 3.

First is it different from Galactic Civ 1 and 2, well let me put it this way. I thought Galactic Civ 1 and 2 should have been called Solar Civ because there was nothing Galactic about them. I come from the Amiga and we had games like this that where galactic. So PC games from the same genre really did not impress me. Until now only Stars! felt galactic in scale.

Galactic Civ 3 is Galactic... its map sizes are huge, so yes its better than Galactic Civ 1 and 2.

The trouble is the AIs are set up based on previous game experiences so Stardock really are having to fix things on the fly now giant maps are possible and its creating some interesting side effects for the AI, such as an AI that gets so powerful that its power'Ometre trips back to zero and suddenly AI thinks it is weak and pathetic and surrenders. An issue that probably was not possible on the smaller maps.

So there are some issues like that arising now the game is out that need fixing.

Another issue is the way a large empire can ship spam you, literally sending every ship it builds to one point in your empire, leaving you on full time intercept duty. Usually 1 AI goes crazy but the rest behave them selves. Again, a side effect of the much larger maps.

So there is a great deal of tweaking to do be done.

I have 91 hours in Galactic Civ 3 so far and I am really enjoying it, so I think the game is worth while. I have dozens of new X4 games and most bore the hell out of me. I have abour 3 in early access that will probably never get played because there is nothing original about them. But Galactic Civ 3 feels like a return to the Civilization 4 days when games where made for players with brains, not just players with a game pad.

I am sure many of you can relate to that having seen your games dumped down, and dumped down some more until you dont even have to aim at the bad guys anymore. It is the Witcher effect, close your eyes and press fire like crazy and when you open them again, you will have killed any baddies, any bosses and anything else in the area because actually playing the game is optional and often not actually supported in modern games. So Galactic Civ 3 is a nice return to old school games where gameplay is a requirement not an optional extra.


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