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Welcome to The Guild Home of Giskard and his mods We host some of the best Quest mods for TES and Fallout here. And remember, we also host guides for them if you get stuck.

VoiceActorIconThere are 2 threads of voice lines posted in the VA Guild for voice actors have a go out. All the threads are for TEG Windhelm.

Windhelm Lines Part 2 (Bit parts, anybody can do)

Windhelm Lines Part 3 (More important parts)

Instructions are posted in the threads and in stick posts in the Voice Actors Guild. These are the lines needed for TEG Windhelm V1. Once completed and I have processed them, the mod will be released.

I recommend noobies try the Bit parts since they are small and easier to handle, a good way to try voice acting. The more important parts require somd degree of skill and should be left to more experienced voice actors. But feel free to have a crack at them if you wish anyway.


NewsIconI see a lot of interest in the NCR v3 mentioned in my blog the other day. The NCR being my most popular Fallout mod. I have plans to add a 10 quest story to the mod after I finish TEG Winterhold which will be very nordic in nature.

I would ask all users that are interested in the NCR V3 take the opportunity between now and when production starts to post their requests for the mod. Now is the perfect time to do it. So even if your just post your thoughts in your introduction post, I recommend to do it.

There is a high chance Fallout 4 will be Beths next project, and given my history of modding their games, and given that the TES scene seems to have faded already just as I am getting going. You might want to put your money on me and join the forum. I have a track record of delivering the goods long after entire communities get bored and stop.

VoiceActorIconThis is announcement for all my Voice Actors.

Lines for Guards and Followers in the TEG Windhelm mod are now available in the Voice Actors Guild in THIS THREAD. More lines will be posted over time in new threads as i get done with certain characters. So keep an eye on the Voice Actor Guild if you are interested in helping with the voice work.


NewsIconA 49 year old American troll came to this site believing he was some how exempt from the whole GUILD aspect of this site and had a right to download private work because he was some how special. He ignored rules to pm me and I ignored the rules and replied, I felt sorry for him, upped his access so he could download the file he wanted and come this afternoon when he got out of bed in his time zone, he would have woken up to surprise download access and the ability to stay fully upto date with all my mod releases.

Instead he posted a poison pill message on the forum right after pming me that question.  It turn's out he had found an older version of my NCR mod on Fileplanet and no longer felt the need to be nice or friendly. This 49 year old turned in to a 10 year old instantly and my users decided to he had to go and give him a -6 rep. 

I ban folk who get a rep of -5 or lower, so they voted him off before I even knew what he had done.

Which i am pleased about, I wanted TEG users to be able to vote out trolls they did not like. It promotes good behavior and respect on the forums when the guy next to you can chop your head off.

Whilst the troll is happy with the NCR V2.0 from 2010 and is now banned from TEG and has no way to get future updates. I just thought I was share this extract from The NCR V2.5 that TEG hosts :)

NCR Change log :)

NCR V2.2

Fixed misc minor issues with the start of the mod and reduced the odds of a gun fight happening in the mohave outpost that started after one of the final Fallout NV patches changed something in there.
Added Perks for Ranks, now rank support is fully implimented and can be used by other quests simply by checking for these new perks.
Lipsynced the entire mod using the Skyrim Creation Kit, its not perfect but its better than no lypsync at all.

NCR V2.5

Added several Military Police men at key locations around the Mojave to help players find quest characters. So if you get lost or need help, ask a police man. There is one in the Embassy, one in the tent at Camp Golf, one in the tent at Camp Forlorn Hope, One in Camp Mcarran and one in the Mojave outpost. Primm "join the NCR" quests are not mentioned. It would not sound right in a RPG mod to have these police men offer advice on quest options. Instead the police man directs all "Join the NCR" questions to Forlorn Hope.


Whilst I am talking about the NCR mod, be sure to read about my plans for TEGs 6th Birthday in my blog, its the one called The NCR V3 :)

Being a banned troll must suck about now :)

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