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Welcome to The Guild Home of Giskard and his mods We host some of the best Quest mods for TES and Fallout here. And remember, we also host guides for them if you get stuck.

skyrimiconIt has become increasingly clear that more and more of you now own the Skyrim DLCs as well as Skyrim it self. Judging by the interest in my mods, I would say 4 out of 5 of you own all the DLCs these days which makes it more practical to support DLCs in mods now than not too.

Currently Return to Helgen is my biggest mod not to require any DLCs and that is more or less complete barring a few bug fixes.

Solsthiem and Dark Lore Grimoire are my second and third most popular Skyrim mods respectively though I rarely hear feedback about either of them. Helgen gets the lions share of feedback I have noticed.

Games2IconI keep getting reports of NPCs such as the messenger, thalmor agents and others not disappearing when they are supposed too from players and need your bug reports on this to work out whats going wrong.  I also need to know if your current game was started with Helgen V4 or in Helgen V3 since mod corruption in V4 lead to some major rewrites of the mods code to fix it and those fixes may have led to problems for those who upgraded from V3 to V4.

Remember folks, people stop playing Skyrim and then return years later, updating their mods but sticking with the same character which is why this issue comes up. Oblivion was far better for in mod patches to fix this than Skyrim is. Skyrim does not like dramatic changes, only a new game seems to stop most issues I have found.

Anyway.....On to the issues in question....

IndieGameIcon2BBC click just posted a report about a new British game called "No Mans Sky" from a tiny indie company that took on the leaders in the game industry and won. The game it self generates its content in a similar way to the older 8 bit games because the company that made it only has 10 staff and cannot afford to build 1000s of levels in the more modern and all too limiting and linear way.

Which means everything you see is generated according to a set of rules on your computer rather made in advance in a level editor by a human.

This is real old school stuff .... but this is not a retro game.... this is modern and you are going to love it.

Click here to read all about.

NewsIconJust a heads up people about Youview in the UK. It sounds good but it has to be one of the most buggy, unrealiable and these days obselete ondemand/TV guides available to UK TV viewers. The idea behind Youview was to marry the ondemand market with a standard TV guide and it looks pretty cool when you see it.

Very flash.....

Trouble is, it bugs out all the time and just complaining about it on the Youview facebook page gets you blocked because they really have no interest in listening to customer complaints. Especially when you ask where is Netflix or Love Films which was promised to all Youview users nearly 2 years ago. Netflix at least appears to have become something they offer with Ondemand TV packages in the UK but not all Youview users.  Love films is no where to be seen even today so you purchased Youview to get those services, well tough.

Now on to the reason for this news item.

The hardware is fine usually, typically it is made by somebody else other than Youview but the software... geeze. Youview users may have already experienced the purple loading screen issue or the loss of sound when loading or changing channels, their Youview box just not booting at all some times. You may have lost all your programs when forced to reset the entire box to get it to load. Or the remote seems to become unresponsive so you change the batteries half a dozen times until you realise it nots the remote, it the Youview box.

Youview is also an always online system, fetching most of its data over your internet connection.... which may explain why it has so many problems.

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