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Welcome to The Guild Home of Giskard and his mods We host some of the best Quest mods for TES and Fallout here. And remember, we also host guides for them if you get stuck.

skyrimiconI am getting a hell of a lot of questions suddenly from players who are playing Skyrim or Oblivion again. Most questions are answered by reading the mods guides and it would be a great help if players actually looked for those guides before emailing/pming/posting questions to me about it.

I am just one guy, there is no team behind these mods to help me answer your questions. So please look for your own answers before messaging me.

I am currently having to put Dark Lore Grimoire in a go slow developement lane because I simple do not have to the time to work on it because what little time I have is spent on answering these questions. So it is impacting on my modding activities.

SteamiconLooks like Risen 3 is being released in a few days, I was expecting it in September so this was a nice surprise. The Gnomes are returing to Risen as well, as are the Guilds, Crafting, Magic and all the other stuff.  Pre order customers get a few extra quests to enjoy, including the Gnomes hehe, love those Gnomes.

Steams Risen 3 page has tons of videos about it explaining all the games features and its worth watching them all.

For those not familiar with Risen, the Risen series are the black sheep of the Treble A games normally. They never seem to achieve the polish of other games but usually produce far more depth than other treble A games which is why they have such a large following.

Risen 1 was by far the best with its deeply inspiring guilds, Risen 2 was fun but was missing some stuff, Risen 3 brings it all back and even some stuff from Gothic, the original RPG series made by Piranha Bytes.

skyrimiconReturn to helgen V4 is going down well with all those who have tried it, though there is group of TES fans that seem to play a lot of action RPGs like (like TES became with Skyrim) that simply do not get the whole RPG thing and had to be told the mod was not for them. Some made an attempt to learn how to role play, others have given up. Too much thinking involved for them.

For everybody else, the mod seems to be a bit of hit.

All comments from those who finished mods quests have been very positive, everybody seems to be enjoying it. The quests have recieved lots of comments too, people seem to be enjoying the story and the lore presented the mod. Also I noticed an increase in RPG style gaming amongst my mod users which is good to see. The mod seems to be encouraging it. Which is what I had hoped for.

I always try and report my successes and failures even handedly without hype or ego unless I am promoting a new mod, then there is a lot of ego because EGOs good for promotion of stuff. But the rest of the time, it is just presented as i see it. So it is nice to report something positive.

Of course the downloads are not that great because I only make mods for TEG and Steam but that is a choice I made to stay away from the Elder Trolls community. They miss out on my work and I miss out on their trolling. I think I come out the winner there, dont you :)

I am happy with that situation even though it does limit who even hears of my mods.

On the flip side, Return to Helgen seems to have joined Kvatch Aftermath, Origin of the mages guild, Kvatch Rising and The Elder council as one of my best mods based purely on the feedback you players have been sending me.

I am now seeing about getting Dark Lore Grimoire up to speed so it can join those classic mods of mine too.



I have a message for PC developers.

Once the price for your games exceeds £35, I start thinking twice before buying them.

During times like these, good value for money is important to gamers. When we see we are being shafted by developers and publishers, we kick off. You lose your target audiance and your sales drop. As EA are finding out. Their prices have doubled but their profits have not. One day they will price them selves out of the market entirely.

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