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This is the voodoo that I do! From 1980 to Present Day! Too many games to mention There is always a next project.

SteamiconSteam has done a U Turn on its paid mods idea after Elder Scrolls Trolls flamed modders in mass regardless of what side they where on. The damage done to the modding scene by Valve and by the Elder Trolls cannot be measured. 1000s modders and wanna be modders saw the flaming and just left, some taking their mods with them.

Far from getting the support of modders, the trolls have alienated us and Valve/Steam have proven yet again that they do not understand modders. An accusation I have leveled at them since Workshop first opened.

My door has always been open to Valve if they want to speak to a guy that has modded many dozens of games over the past 35 years. Its nothing new, modders used to have the support we needed from sites that supported us, but not anymore.

Players are now talking about donating, but we all know that is bullshit and will be forgotten in a week. Modders have had donation links up for years and 99.99999999999999999999999999% of you have never used one before. In fact I see people asking where the donation link on nexus is whilst posting on Steams forums. If they did believe donations where better, they would know where it is already because they would have used it already.

As you know my mods remained free but I supported the modders right to choose to sell his mods or not despite the fact I saw it as a bad idea. The reason being I cannot support a cause lead by trolls, I always stand against them. I did then and I will now.

Now players have pissed off 1000s of modders this week, from both the paid and unpaid camps, I expect LESS modders to be willing to share publiclly their work, not more. I know 1000s have already walked away, many more will be seeking to set up private sites like TEG.

TEG was founded because of past flames aimed at modders like me. You cannot even pay to download my free mods, I decide exactly who I want on my forum and if you are lucky, you then get to download them.

A policy is that only exists because TES fans love flaming modders and need very little excuse to do it.

Because of that policy and because I do not use Nexus or Steam for my Beth game mods, I get better support from players, more donations and generally am happier than I used to be when I was getting millions of downloads whilst posting on Beth and Nexus. It is a fact that going private has been better for me as a modder in every way.

I recommend it to other modders too, providing you are good enough.

skyrimiconOkay long story short, I have been watching Vikings the TV serious and jokes about the Normans decending from viking and invading England by cunningly waiting a few hundred years first got mentioned and I thought I could do this for skyrim if I changed a few names and decided to have the BOBs invade Skyrim.

Yes it is getting a bit silly.

Seriously though think about all that Viking Lore that had to be stripped out of Skyrim, is what Beth left behind really that nordic, does it feel nordic to you, is it better than what was removed ?

That is the question on my mind as I start my plans for the next 10 missions in my Fighters Guild mod for Skyrim.

Following on from the player being named Master of the Riften Branch, what should happen next. When I was doing TEG Windhelm I delved in to the whole TES nordic lore, what there is of it, and felt it is not really that deep, it needs to be deeper.

So I was thinking.

Supposed I started making my mods more nordic, suppose everywhere you went the legends of the ancient nords where known to the Nords of Skyrim and suppose as the master of the Riften branch, you finally had to deal with the legends and superstitions of the Nords.

Oh did I not tell you I am working on the next version of the Skyrim Fighters Guild.... Opps I do get a head of my self sometimes :)

I am actually still planning it out in my head right now and this is just 1 layer of depth to it, there will be many others.

Fact is recent releases have added a hell of a lot of depth to my work, I have improved greatly in some areas where I was not so hot in in the past and now I think it is time I tackled the NORDIC thing head on. I started doing this in TEG Windhelm. Might be time to delve deeper and have ancient heros of old play their part in future tales.

Did you know Old King Rubert battled a mud crab for 30 days and 30 nights in a storm until finally somebody gave him tooth pick to remove the bit of claw from between his teeth ?

Is truth.... :)

skyrimiconSince Beth allowed mods to be sold, all modders, even those with free mods have been flamed. In fact they flamed me 2 days ago on Steams forum and I do not even have any mods on sale. None of us asked for this, we where not told in advance about it or warned. We found out when the shit hit the fan.  Many Skyrim players have been busy ever since pissing off all the mod makers and alienating us and doing a pretty good job of it too.

1000s of modders have just walked away since this started and taken their work with them, they not coming back and most are not selling mods either.

During the flaming I saw the same old trolls that flamed me 7 years ago until I quit, stirring up people to flame modders today. They are part of culture that exists within the Elder Scrolls community that feeds on negativity. A tool maker decides any mod with edits he does not like is a dirty mod,  so all dirty mod makers get flamed by the tool makers fans. A modder makes a mod that conflicts with something, so that modder gets flamed. A modder decides to charge for his mod, so that modder gets flamed. A modder is a modder, lets flame him too, all modders are nasty after and deserve what they get. In my case they branded my work dirty and beths entire forum turned on me over it.

So I am speaking from first hand experience, I know the tactics they use and whos behind them. Some people have actually been at the heart of this flaming for decades and if you banned them from Steam, Nexus and Beths forum, the entire community would calm down and be a hell of a lot more friendly than it is.

Fact is these people have cost the Elder Scrolls community dearly over the years, they have drive away 1000s of modders, the damage they caused cannot be measured. Mods that never got made because the modder quit cannot be counted. So nobody even considers it.

But in 2008 they flamed me in this way for wanting to make my mods my way and not wanting to do it the way of a tool maker. I hit back by entering the nexus mod of the month competition and I won it 6 months in row with 6 different mods and every time I did, the trolls got worse until I finally quit.

What happened back then is explained HERE.

I stopped modding for the TES community in Dec 2008 over it and walked away. I opened TEG in April 2009 and modded for my own site users instead. Keeping most of what I did private. Nobody in the TES community has seen what a multi award winning modder has been doing since then. Only the trolls know because they come here and gaze through my closed and barred windows with envious eyes. Everybody else that supported them just think I quit and do not know me at all now.

And I like it that way because none of them are worth supporting.

My mods could make me rich, I have said they could make me a million easily if I did decide to sell them. But I am not selling them, I am not even sharing them publiclly because i am sick of the shit i get from TES fans when I do. I share them privately with people I choose to let in to TEG. Everybody else gets turned away, they leave with nothing.

The mods still got made after I quit, my site users still enjoy them, but the TES community does not. Millions of TES fans are denied them simply because I ask to be allowed to enjoy sharing my work and none of them were willing to pray that price. They all love flaming modders too much so have utterly alienatated them selves from me.

Today I have videos of most of my work done these past 6 years, you can actually see what the cost to the Elder Scrolls community has been for 1 particular modder named Giskard. But if you consider how many they have driven away this week and every week over the past 6 years. You will know just how sad and stupid the Elder Scrolls community truly is when it treats its modders that way.

This is my Youtube channel, it is full of videos for mods made by my over the past 6 years, most are private, most of you reading this will never get to download them. That is the cost you pay for supporting trolls or trolling modders your self.

My Youtube Channel with all my mod videos on it.

Today we remember the Australians and New Zealanders fought in Gallipoli. Some call it as terrible waste of life but had it succeeded, it would have opened up a third front and shortened the war. Our thoughts go out to our friends in the southern hemisphere today.

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