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NewsIconNow the distractions are over and the point I keep making about the Elder Scrolls community being dangerous and unsafe has been made and proven beyond all doubt during these past 2 months. TEG will now getting back to normal. 

I still have not decided if I will get Fallout 4 or not, the Fallout 4 hype train was a train wreck before it left the station for me because of what Beth allows their communities to degenerate in too and the dangers they pose to Bethesada's own customers. Its like cancer that spreads to any site that supports Bethesdas games over time.

I am not sure I want to put my self at risk anymore.

Also I am now trying to decide if I should delete all Elder Scrolls mods I have made from TEG and off my local harddrive for good so I am not tempted to put them back online anymore. They bring the trouble here so when they gone, TES trolls, thieves and stalkers will have no reason to bother me or TEG again.

It does not matter if they are hosted here or else where, their very existance leads to trouble. So I think it may be time to destroy them utterly and be done with it.

I also thinking of closing down my youtube account and switching to a windows phone in the Autumn. I have not liked what Google as become. Forcing users to use their real name on Google+ has been a contributing factor to my personal life being put at risk by these TES sickos and Google seems to be in no rush at all to deal with the sickos on its own system.

That is going to cost them a customer.

I have already stopped using all other Google Services, I even use Bing for searches which is better because it shows me what i am searching for and not what Google knows I like.

Believe or not you can get by without Google quite easily and in my cases as is the case with Bing, it will be a better service you are getting.

These steps should make the net a safer place for me. You learn a lot about a company when your being stalked on their services and need them to help stop it. Facebook actually came out with top marks, Twitter not so hot, Youtube was a disgrace and Reddit... well they are just pirate site trying to pretend to be legit.

In the run up to Fallout 4's release I may make an update to the NCR mod, how big and how grand it will be has yet to be decided. I could go the same route I went for the Code of Steel mod and make a base camp for my mods NPCs. Or do a Foundation mod trick and provide addon ESP and ESM files to support the main ESP.

We all wanted something like that but bugs in Fallout NV meant it was not possible when the NCR was first designed. Now it is because the bugs are known so I may give it a go.

NewsIconThe same sick Elder Scrolls fan that tried to steal my identity yesterday also stole my facebook photos and made this video with them. I have reported the video to Google, so it may not stay up for long but this is Google we are talking about and user safety is hardly Google's primary concern. After all they forced users like me to use my real name and look what has happened.

Whilst you have a good laugh at it as I did, understand that  I am making the download area private again and will be resuming my private modding activity.

I told you all that allowing you to download my mods publicly leads to lots of trolling, flaming and other nasty things. Many of you thought I was exaggerating and lying. So when Reddit Thieves made my mods public without my concent, I went with it and have been showing you EXACTLY what I was talking about ever since. 

Now you know it was all true.... The proof is right here on TEG for the world to see.

Next time anybody says I should make my mods public or thinks I am being selfish for keeping them private. Tell them to read the news on TEG between 20th April 2015 and 11th July 2015 and say THAT is why Giskard mods privately!

Now TEG returns to it's PRIVATE GUILD STATUS.

Enjoy this Elder Scrolls Sicko's video whilst it is available.

I would like to send a heart felt thank you to all the Reddit Thieves and Sick Elder Scrolls fans from the Elder Scrolls community for helping me show the world what a seriously fucked up and dangerous community Bethesda Elder Scrolls community is. Remember it has always been like this.

Without your help people would still be denying this happens and calling me a liar. Now, thanks to your hard work, the world knows I have been speaking the truth for 9 years and will see Elder Scrolls fans in a whole new light.

So good work all round.

I'll now be getting back to my private modding activities without you lot.

NewsIconJust a warning for those of you that use facebook. A Elder Scrolls troll has decided to stalk me on Facebook by creating a fake account and pretending to me. It is the sort of behavior I expect from the Elder Scrolls community to be honest, it is why I do not like that community and consider Bethesda's gaming communities to be dangerous and unsafe for gamers.

The Fallout community is heading down the same road now Bethesda own the rights to that game.

If you get a friends request from THIS ACCOUNT, understand that is not me, that is the stalker's fake account. I only add people I actually know, not strangers or gamers i only speak too occasionally. The only place gamers can talk to me on facebook is on the TEG group it self.

You can view a screenshot of the fake account below if the above link stops working.

CLICK HERE see a screenshot of the fake account.

As you can see, I have legitimate reasons for disliking the Elder Trolls community and considering it dangerous and unsafe.

So when you see comments about me on other sites, links to files I am supposed to have uploaded, quotes I am supposed to have made on other sites, remember fake users have been posting that shit for 9 years all over the net because I will not let them post that crap here.

If you want to know the truth... Come to TEG and read my posts on TEG.

Just to give you laugh, the freak responded to my post about the fake user and did so with my own name, saying "do not worry, we will catch the guy". I said "That is him Russ", thinking what a twat, I really was not impressed. Then he deleted his comment leaving my comment pointing at my own post lol.

I was too busy laughing to be angry, the guy clearly has a sense of humour :)

Whilst it was funny, remember this guy is a cyberstalker, an internet predator.... So laugh, but don't let your guard down.

gamesicon1Legends of Eisenwald was released on Steam a few days ago after spending a year or so in Early Access. Legends of Eisenwald is a 4x game with some very basic RPG elements and walls upon walls of background text to read.

An interesting combination but one I find odd since those who like reading a lot of text, usually want some sort of reward for it, 

But in this case it is there to make up for a poor objectives system that fails to explain what you are supposed to do most of the time.

Despite this, it is an interesting X4 game, certainly different from most games of the same type that are now being done to death. It as a lot in common with Kings Bounty but looks less like a cartoon and more realistic. Though I found my self wasting a lot of time trying to guess what the game expected me to do next.

Worth a look though.

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