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ChristmasIconHere is to the new year and a fresh start. 

Whether your celebrating the end of a good year or kicking a bad year in touch, you all have a reason to celebrate something and as you do remember this.

Tis the Season to be Jolly... so dont be troll... show you are not one of those mentally disturbed individuals that go around pissing everybody off at Christmas and spread a little joy amongst those who know you.

Merry Christmas Everybody :)

ChristmasIconI have no plans to take part in the Christmas Sales this year, mostly because I am collecting Warhammer 40k stuff now and any games that i liked from this year I have already purchased. Lets be honest, games from the past 10 years have been slowly getting dumbed down until there is little more than a cut scene left, so I find my self buying less and less games as a result and the ones I do by are mostly a disappointment.

However, I'll try and give you some good recommendations for this christmas.

First Up:

Pillars of Eternity is £13.99 (60% off).

I would say this is the start of something good, but its not a great game in its own right. People are voting it higher than it deserves right now because the games they are used too have been shit, but games from this genre include Neverwinters Night 1, Baldurs Gate and others and sadly this not up to those standards. But its still a decent game.

As with all the recent top down view RPGs, it makes the mistake of too harsh a difficult level, so you may end up stopping before you finish it. In fact Wasteland 2 and Original Sin both has the same issue and only 2% of customers actually finished those games. But both of those where updated in 2015 with Enhanced/Directors cut versions that addressed some of these issues, the update was free to all existing owners. Obsidian has been closely linked to the other 2 devs so I am expecting a free update to Pillars next year to fix this. Problem is, Obsidain have never been very good at getting the difficulty level right in their games. So it may not happen.

Skyrim Legendary Edition is £4.99 (75% off)

This edition includes all the DLCs, so it is a great time to pick up the game at a bargin price.

Elite Dangerous is £9.99 (50% off)

This game is the same as the classic Elite only given an ultra modern make over, probably one of the most advanced flight sims from a computer perspective released in recent years. But its still back and forth gameplay that the X series made obselete in over 15 years ago. Stunning game to look at though and recently Elite Horizons was released that allowed Planetary landings. Which should add a great deal to the gameplay.

Xcom Enemy Unknown is £3.74 (75% off)

This game got the bases completely wrong but did a great job on the squad based combat which whilst based on static maps and is not random so the reply value is low. Actually is a very tactical experience. also Xcom Enemy Unknown 2 is due out in Feburary 2016. So if this is a good time to see if you are going to like the series or not if you have not tried them yet.

Cities Skylines is £9.99 (60% discount)

This is a new game that did rather well in TEGs game of the year vote, really good considering it is a niche market game. It is the best and most advanced city game currently available. All it needs is a giant dinosaur and it would be perfect. Well worth a tenna is your a city game fan. Probably not if you are not. But £10 is a good price to pay if you have never tried a city game before and want to see one of the better ones in action.

Satellite Reign is £7.58 (67% off)

This game did not do so well in our game of the year vote because it is an indie game and not a treble A game that got hyped to death. Yet it is worthy of your attention. This is a Syndicate style game, only better. Squad based combat with RPG elements that involve upgrading your squad so they become better at doing missions. The game is set in an open world, a city to be exact which you explore and do missions in. It has been a long time since we saw games like this, for the past 15 to 25 years we have see various incarnations of Quake and Doom endlessly recycled as Call of duty or Battlefield. So all games literally where the same. But this one marks a welcome return to something thats great fun and totally different.

This one I personally recommend to all Squad game fans.

Wasteland 2 The Directors Cut is £14.99 (50% off)

Fans of the original Fallout will love this, and the Directors cut fun tunes and rebalances the original Wasteland 2 release from last year making it better. One of the recent crop of new RPGs to hit our shelves since Bioware fell of its throne and broke its kneck. Only 0.2% of players finished this game. So you may find it too hard to finish.

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition is £20.09 (33% off)

This is another one of the recently released Bioware style RPGs. All 3 are recommended here but all 3 suffered from the same initial problems with difficulty. Yet all 3 show signs of wonderful things to come. This Enhanced version solves some of the problems the original had with difficulty that stopped most people finishing it. Sadly looking at the stats, even less people seem to have finished this version than the original. So I guess they did not completely solve the problem because only 0.1% of players seem to have completed it.

The low completion rate is a problem for Wasteland 2, Divinity Original Sin and Pillars of Eternity, they all have a stupidly insane difficulty curve that sees you being forced to abandon your current party and restart after 30 hours of play. So your choices are not as flexible as they first appear because if you dont get your party exactly right, your going to run in to a brick wall. When I played Wasteland 2 the Directors cut, I stuck with the default party and had a much easier time of it. but when I used a custom party of characters i created, i really struggled. And that seems to the problem all 3 games have and if they ever learn to balance their games all 3 will do very very well in the RPG market.

Until then, consider them a challenge.


ChristmasIconWell it is almost Christmas week, I hope you have all got your christmas shopping sorted out and are ready to have fun this Friday.

I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas before things get mental and remind you that once the Fallout Editor is released, we will be having some fun here at TEG too during 2016.  I am avoiding making any edits now because the only mods that could be made that are of interest to me involve directly editing content, which is a bad idea for a Bethesda game where multiple mods can be run and may all conflict with each other. So I would rather wait and just play the default game and get a feel for it.

As Christmas Week is about to start, I thought I would leave you with the official TEG Choir, all set to sing you some Christmas Carols.


fallout4logoLooks like the Metacritics User Score for Fallout 4 has settled down at 5.4. The professionals gave it an 8.4 which just goes to show how out of touch they are with gamers these days. Which is why I do not read any of the professional reviews anymore. I prefer hearing what users think and that means ignoring all the 0 votes and all the 10 votes and reading what all the other users that scored between 1 and 9 had to say.

The key point to remember about user scores is the more votes that get made, the more accurate the score becomes because it all averages out.

I said on the forum that Fallout was a 3 for Fallout fans expecting an RPG and a 7 for those who just like shooters. The average score for both would be a 5. So I was pretty close to the Metacritics user score there with that assessment. Also pretty much all user reviewers are saying the same thing now. The complaints about the UI, poor plot, lack of RPG features is universal. Not much disagreement there at all.

Fallout 4 is also TEGs game of the year via popular vote, it is not my first choice but I did vote for it because it is a rather good open world adventure, or as I said earlier today, a rather good "create your own advanture" style game. It would have been excellent create your own advanture had the RPG elements not sucked so badly.

Still most agree the open world is very good, definitely its best feature.

So there we have it, a month since release and the users have spoken.

Fallout is worth a 5.4 over all... I must agree... its not the sort of game most where expecting. Though I did expect this sort of game because of the dumbed down nature of Skyrim. So yet again I was proven right.

Despite the 5.4 Score, I do recommend it to those who like open world adventures, even though its lacking that all important RPG element.

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