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Welcome to The Guild Home of Giskard and his mods We host some of the best Quest mods for TES and Fallout here. And remember, we also host guides for them if you get stuck.

skyrimiconI am nearly at the half way point of the Fighters Guild Mod now, with 13 out of 30 quests done, not including 2 quests that handle stuff in the background.

It was a difficult mod to start because most missions sound pretty boring but after the first 5 quests I figured out how to make them far more interesting and went with it. Now its actually a rather exciting mod and is coming along better than I had expected.

The first 6 quests see you opening a second guild hall in Markarth, to go with the first one in Solitude. Each offering quests that are unique to its own hall. For example most quests offered in Markarth are related to markarth politics, the forsworn and the silver-bloods. The Solitude Branch is more broad minded.

Now the quest line is moving forward, I am thinking about changing the plans for the final 5 to 10 quests, eg making it a 35 quest mod instead of a 30 quest mod and have the player establish the 3rd Fighters Guild Hall else where and build it up and run it.

I feel even with the changes that make things a lot more interesting, its important to pull a crazy ivan every now and again and change direction completely :)

skyrimiconOn the anniverary of my last mod released to the TES community 7 years ago now, and because even after all this time I still get trouble from them so will not be silent about this. I like to remind players of what they lose every time they drive a modder to quit. Many modders never make any more mods so you never see what you lost after they quit. I am a special case, you can take tally of the damage caused to your community the day they drove me away by looking at the mods made here and asking your self, why are these not on Nexus for all to enjoy.

"IF" you are lucky enough to be amongst the 1% of TES mod users that know about TEG (I keep TEG off the TES community radar delibrately), and "IF" I accepted you as a member of my forum (which is not a guarrentee). You can even experience the mods 99% of TES fans will never see or hear about because of past and current activites.

Today, I want you think about this.... the price on your community of supporting mod trolls who ever they may be (User, tool maker, Patch maker, developer). I want you to understand the price you pay and continue to pay for supporting them. In the end the content creators you call modders, stop supporting you, stop making you cool stuff because if it, after that, you never see their stuff again unless you are lucky as TEG users are in this case.

So keep that in mind as you click read more.

skyrimiconJust a quickie to let everybody know I have started work on a Fighters Guild mod for Skyrim. It will be a traditional Fighters Guild faction, with relatively minor quests mixed in amongst the good ones. For this reason I have set my self the task of making at least 30 quests for this mod and using all the Oblivion Fighters Guild Faction Ranks.

So you will be promoted up the ranks as you complete jobs.

It is also possible to fail some jobs, so success is not guaranteed.

The Fighters Guild, the Fighters Guild NPCs and Merchants and the first 2 quests have already been done.

Not to the voice actors guild, there will be lots of work for this one, especially minor parts. So get practicing guys. If there are any female volunteers available post your readiness to help in the voice actors guild and identify your self as a female voice actor and I'll see about creating some parts for female voice actors.

CrashnBurnIconExtra Credits published a video on harrashment online, basically how to deal with trolls. It focuses mostly on console gamers but as you know the issue is an issue on the PC too. Here at TEG we operate by denying the trolls a voice. By removing their posts, accounts and anything else they abuse. We remove them from the equation.

Recently TEG has implimented a reputation system that allows you to vote a users reputation up or down, this allows others, including me the site owner to see if you did so fairly and if the person really is being a twat. From that I can make a judgement call on whether I want that user on my site or not regardless of whether they broke any rules. After all, smart trolls piss people off without breaking any rules. We all know it.

But many companies cannot be bothered and many users silently lurk online these days because of the few assholes that spoil it for everybody.

The Extra Credits video is an interesting look at this problem.

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