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Welcome to The Guild Home of Giskard and his mods We host some of the best Quest mods for TES and Fallout here. And remember, we also host guides for them if you get stuck.

skyrimiconJust to keep everybody informed about my plans for christmas. I will be doing a little light modding over the Christmas period, preparing locations for quests, level design stuff like that because I do not want to find my self in a position were I miss christmas because I spent too much time in the editor.

I am hoping to be ready to start making quests for Dark Lore Grimoire V3 early in the new year, which is when the voice actors will be required. But I am playing this by ear since I have no idea at this point just how much time I will spend modding between now and then and Elite is due out tomorrow and I am hoping it will be good.

For those who do not know, Dark Lore Grimoire is getting a special update for a Solitude Mages Guild, an independant guild that went it alone when the Mages Guild disbanded. Its plot line is worked out already and will involve the Thalmor, a lost Legion and a Dwemer ruin as well as a little politics. The Guild Hall will operate a lot like mages supply shop even for none members since serving the community was part of its charter with old King of Skyrim.

The Guild Hall is actually all finished, here are some screenshots of it, click on them to Enlarge the Imagines.


One of the biggest let downs in Skyrim is the fact each cell only supports a limited number of lights before the lights start producing odd side effects, so all levels have to have general lighting site because any attempt at artist lighting is going to trigger those side effects. Big shame that.

skyrimiconTo bring back the Mages Guild in any form into Skyrim, is a major breach of the game lore. So bringing back the Solitude branch in a way that was lore friendly, required a great deal of lore knowledge and an understanding of how it all interconnects.

Several large holes in the lore would need to be worked out, questions about what happened to the branches after the Mages Guild was disbanded needed to be asked, and loreful answers provided before such an idea would fit within the framework of Elder Scrolls Skyrim lore.

What follows is a book I wrote from the new Solitude Mages Guild feature in Dark Lore Grimoire called "History of Solitude Mages Guild" that explains it all.  It spices things up with my own explaination as to why the Mages Guild was disbanded after the Oblivion crisis based on events at the time. Another black lore hole Bethesda created but never explained, now filled. At least with my theory on it.

I think you will find this interesting, post your comments and lore corrections on the forum in my Workshop thread HERE. You will also find an explanation of the Daedric Workshipping issue from the 3rd Era before the Oblivion crisis made it worse in that thread too. Docs taken from my Origin of the mages guild research when I first studied TES Lore for my first TES lore mod.

The Skyrim Mages Guild is still work in progress so this is the best time to post corrections.

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According to Steam, Mount and Blade Warbands: Viking Conquest is due for release on 11th Dec and the 31st Dec. No idea why they have 2 dates but the Taleworld site says the 11th which could be as soon as 2 hours away.

For those that are not familar with Mount and Blade Warbands, it became out game of the year in 2010 after 1 person recommended it and slowly over a period of months, got everybody here hooked on it. By the time game of the year vote came, there was several great games out that year but nobody cared about them, they all voted for Warbands.

It was a real modern classic with unmatched gameplay.

A series of sequels failed to achieve the same success, mostly because they introduced sudden death firearms which made battles in to "hide behind the tree" affairs.

Mount and Blade Warbands: Viking Conquest  is the first Mount and Blade game that looks like it returns to the original winning formula since 2010 and there for has a lot of people rather excited. Since we have no news of Banner Lords yet, this is the next best thing. Of course it is based on a previously released mod which will upset some people but so was Warbands I believe and everybody loves that.

The feature list sounds pretty good so far.

Update: It turns out the Viking conquest DLC was released in a very buggy state. There are serious questions of quality too.

skyrimiconI wrote a little guide those having problems starting quests and triggering quest updates for quests you know work for other people. Papyrus is a bit of a lightweight when it comes to handling code and bawks at the slightlest thing. Modders have to learn to write papyrus scripts which has a steep learning curve, then they have to learn to work around papyrus problems which has an even steeper learning curve.

Add to this we have a long list of work arounds from Bethesda for bugs they simply did not fix and your in a world of hurt when running too many mods.

So here is a little player/modder guide that explains it all to you. I tried to keep this simple but it is a complicated topic.

Click the link below to be enlightened.

Why Quests & Triggers stop working for some players.


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