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Welcome to The Guild Home of Giskard and his mods We host some of the best Quest mods for TES and Fallout here. And remember, we also host guides for them if you get stuck.

 The Order of the Black Worm turned up in Solitude today and opened up shop, some say they will be recruiting from citizens of Solidute shortly but they only want the best. None of that useless trash other magic orders accept.

I felt like sharing this with you all, just a quick video showing work done so far on one of the Order of the Black Worm features. This scene shows a group of skeleton warriors, skeleton archers and skeleton mages fighting for me when I attack the Solitude Guards. I always felt Necromancers where not Necromancers unless they could raise an army of undead to help them. Well now you can.

This is the Dark Lore Grimoire: Apocalypse Altar in action. Having created these creatures rather than summoned them, I now get to use them as cannon fodder in any battle I care to start. Muhaaaaa

skyrimiconSita sends me some info about the translation of my older work to the French language. Here are the links and info about it. Sita has been translating my work in to French for years with my full permission because translators have never caused me any trouble unlike english tool makers makers or english speaking users in the TES community.
This is what he sent me. Remember Sita is the only one of these who has worked with me, the rest have my permission but have never talked to me.

Développement de Cyrodiil (CURP 2.6)

Temple de l'Unique (Not by me)

CUO - Bravil (Not by me but another admin from our community)

CUO - Bruma (Idem)

CUO - Chorrol (Idem)

CUO - Leyawiin (Idem)

CUO - Royaume d'Almar nIb  - Yes I found my dictionary. ;)

Currently the translation of Cyrodiil Upgrade Overhaul is finished, but I have to perform a series of tests to ensure that the translation is perfect. (I learned about the CS by translating the documentation so thank you very much).

Kvatch Rising is almost finished, I have 300 entries to translate. (keys, some quests and dialogues).

The Council of Elders will be delayed because my laptop died. Luckily I have a backup of the translation, but it is not the most recent.

Tales from the Tomb V1.3 also nearing the end and will have to undergo the same series of tests than others.

I have been working on the Order of the Black Worm's primary building in Skyrim for my Dark Lore Grimoire mod.

All the eye candy is done except of the under handed dirty stuff that they do that the mod will support. That will of course take place in a secret room so visitors do not see what they get up too. I have several items I need to make and script for that area so it is not built yet but when it is, it will be added to the Order's building which will be in Solitude near the Hall of the dead. I plan on an altar for coverting Grand Soul Gems in to Black Soul Gems like Oblivion used to have and a Skeleton Horde creator. These will be dump NPCs, Skeletons that do not talk but follow you about like lap dogs. I may add an AI of some kind to them for control purposes, but I have not even considered how that will work yet, probably a series of spells.

As lore fans know the Order of the black worm attacked the Mages Guild in Oblivion but were never actually an outlaw Order, they were always legitimate. Only the Mages Guild had issue with them and they are long gone.

So, they will be returning in the next version of Dark Lore Grimoire, they will be a joinable order that offer quests and other things for you to enjoy. I have already made the robes, banners and signs for them. So they look like a joinable order.

Retexturing of models has been on hold since Skyrim was released due to Steam Workshop enforcing size restrictions in modders. But I am no longer willing to limit my self in that way for Steam Workshop. If they do not want to support real modders by removing those restrictive upload restrictions, then real modders like my will just stop supporting them, or in my case, I'll allow the final size of the mod to decide if it goes on Steam Workshop or not rather than allowing Steam Workshops restrictions to limit what I do with my mods as I have been doing so far.

Steams Loss if the mods exceed 100meg...not mine.

So what is this about then, what am I up too.

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