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This is the voodoo that I do! From 1980 to Present Day! Too many games to mention There is always a next project.

IndieGameIcon2Happy Birthday to Folk Tale, it is now almost a year since it was supposed to have entered beta testing. In may it will have been in early access for 2 years. Which is a year longer than it should have been in early access and in my mind an abuse of the early access system.

The reason why it is so late is because after 6 months, they designed to redesign it and spent the next year offering little more than the original crippled release game whilst they revamped it all. Now it looks more like a Settlers clone than Folk Tale originally did.

The devs have said that the negative reviews affect sales and may affect the games development. I speak to them 18 months ago when they changed their plans and told them straight, they would lose the support of their customers if Early Access dragged on to long and it looks like they have.

To be fair though, they are working hard on the game and progress is now being made and they are sharing these updates with fans finally. So it is not a bad early access game to be part of. But it is taking a very long time to get finished.

city iconFor those who do not know my gaming tastes outside of Scifi/Fantasy games, I move city games, I have owned most of them over the years and can be considered a massive fan of city games. So I want to tell you of a game I rather excited about. 

On tomorrows horizon is Cities Skylines , A 64 bit city game by Colossal Order (Official Site) and Published by Paradox Interactive gets released on Steam. I cannot recall any other 64 bit city game on the market and I know the leap to 64bit makes a big difference to games. So this is why I am excited, especially since good city games are number crunchers and 64bit helps with that.

The developer previously made the rather boring Cities in motion. A traffic simulator and have now branched out in to a full city Sim in the style of the best Sim city games, the ones made before EA ruined the game. Whilst their past games are nothing to write home about, it did give them some valuable City game experience which by the looks of the videos on youtube, seems to have paid off.

I am expecting this to be a DLC fest after release, though I have no official comment to base that on. Its just city games make excellent DLC fest games. A well designed game could easily double it's money with addon DLCs. Trouble is, they are usually very poor value for money. For example the Cities Skylines Delux release comes with several major tourist attractions for £7 over the price of the base game. Such a package should be no more than £3 and that would be considered expensive, so £7 is an out right rip off. But City builder devs have for the past 6 years enjoyed ripping off city sim fans. Especially over Tropico and Anno games.

Neither of which even appear on my City game radar anymore despite being the best city games of their time.

EAIcon2In the first news item of the day, I have to report that EA have closed Maxis, makers of Sim Earth, Sim Ant, Simcity and others prior to EA taking them over and then pretty much ruining the developer with main stream titles like The Sims. Recent releases such as the Sims 4 and Simcity which disappointed gamers big time must be blame for Maxis being cut.

Still Maxis is not the great developer it was prior to EA taking it over, we lost their inspiring products a long time ago. Now they join Westwood and Bullfrog in the Electronic Arts Graveyard for classic developers.

Whilst I am on this topic.

Electronic Arts have become the most hated company amongst gamers for several years. Not only because of their over priced games, DLC milking and out right profiteering but their copy protection just annoyed the hell out of their customers.

For several years now their profits have remained the same whilst the price of their games has more than doubled. This is a sign that all is not well with EA and I predict they will either go bust of disappear in to obscurity pretty soon. They have not released a popular game now in at least 3 years, everything they have released has massively disappointed gamers which has led to record breaking low user scores on metacritics.

I checked the EA Investor site a few minutes ago and between October 2013 and October 2014, their profits have actually dropped. So the decline has started and the death of Maxis is just 1 sign of it.

EA is yet another company that has embraced the saturated console market and now appears to be suffering because of it.

skyrimiconI have recieved reports that 2 Karthwasten triggers from 2 different quests in my Skyrim Fightings Guild Mod and my the Palace of the Kings trigger the TEG Windhelm Mod are not triggering for some people. I have youtube videos online proving they do work and work 100% of the time for me the most reliable way, which is why I use this system and which proves something else is going on and it is causing triggers to fail to work.

I know that if you place a smaller trigger box inside a larger trigger box, the smaller trigger stops working or becomes highly unreliable and skyrim is full of massive trigger boxes. If a modder places a huge trigger box, it would break all other mods triggers that are inside it in the game. There are probably conditions which allow the smaller box to run such as running in to it whilst already fully inside larger trigger box but I need to run more tests on this to find out for certain.

So that is 1 known issue.

Another issue has come up before, that is SKSE.

In the past SKSE has broken in game triggers in this way according to reports I have recieved previously.  All those effected so far seem to be SKSE users.

I am still gathering information on this. But because players do not like answering specific questions when I ask then and tend to post pointless answers I have not asked for or simply did not even bother reading my questions, I have gotten absolutely no where with with this over the past 3 months. As a result I am unable to take this issue further. Unless people start being a lot more specific in their replies to this topic and start answering my questions FULLY.

I will add that Skyrim remembers a lot of things about scripts, so disabling SKSE AFTER it has been run is too late, as is disabling any mod that edits default game scripts, the damage is done the second you save your game with one of those mods or SKSE running. There is no disabling it later and getting away with it. It is "changed your save already"... Bye bye instantly invalidating all tests you run after that.

The only valid test is a game that has never had SKSE run on it at all. If the issue still happens and SKSE has never been used in that save, then its not SKSE (I do not use SKSE and I do not have this issue so I cannot test for it here).

If it works and SKSE has never been used then SKSE remains a possible source of the problem. If you only run SKSE and one of the mods effected and it still happens, then it is definitely SKSE causing the problem. Those are the only valid tests you can run for this.

The good news is that the TEG Windhelm mod has a trigger that runs the second the civil war is over as you enter the palace of the Kings in Windhelm and leave it. Giving an instant result in the form of a messenger, either legion or stormcloak waiting to talk to you outside in Windhelm. Skyrim Fighters Guild also has 2 Karthwasten missions that trigger it, the quickest one to get too is the one from the Solitude branch, the attack on Kwarthwasten.

I would point out that all my mods use trigger boxes to run, there is no alternative way of starting quests reliably anymore because Beth removed the older reliable options from the editor years ago. So this basically means you can run all my mods if unaffected you might as well uninstall them all now and give up if you are affected. There is no maybe it will work if triggers are broken in your game. Even Return to Helgen, DLG, Solstheim and every other mod of mine will be affected.

In short, help me find the cause or uninstall the mods and go and download something that does not use trigger boxes at all.

Those literally are your only choices here.

Post your feedback on the forum where others can read it and reply too it and do not spare the detail.

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