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This is the voodoo that I do! From 1980 to Present Day! Too many games to mention There is always a next project.

NewsIconReddit conducted a survey in march and found most people could not recommend Reddit to their friends because of hateful material found on the site. 50% of those surveyed said they where "extremely dissatisfied" blaming the "hateful or offensive content and community,". 35% said the moderators where too heavy handed.

You can read about changes to Reddit HERE.

Notice the date on the news item is May 14th, guess what else happened whilst Reddit was making a big push to stop online harassment....

Whilst Reddit was making its big push to clamp down on harassment on its servers... this was happening. First Reddit users planned and eventually actually stole my private work on TEG from threads on the Reddit site. Then they harassed me for not liking the fact they has stolen my private work. Then when me and my users reported these things to Reddit Moderators, they moderators found nothing wrong and moderated us, the victims of theft and stalking.... Which caused the Stalkers and Thieves to dance around celebrating on Reddit.

All the while this big push was supposed to be going on...... Did anybody notice a big push in any of these Reddit Threads where theft and harassment was so openly being displayed ?





THAT is not the action of a legitimate website, it does not say Reddit is clamping down on this sort of thing, it says the above announcement is a bad joke. It says Reddit is NOT a safe site to use.

Until 2012 Reddit supported phedophile's and in 2014 it hosted photos stolen from Apples Servers. This year it allowed the theft of my private work and the links to the stolen mods are still on Reddit today. The users responsible have harassed me and my users all over the net, all organised from Reddit. In fact I blocked The Scout on Steam just yesterday, he is one of those responsible for the theft and the harassment.

Neither I nor my users has seen any evidence of this big push on Reddit.

Mean while, every time they come here they are breaking the UK Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 as well as other laws connected to the theft of private data (my private work).

Reddit putting out this announcement out is like Piratebay announcing their support for Copyright holders....  It is sick joke. I do not believe Reddit is a legitiment site. I think far too many illegal things are allowed there for it to ever be seen as a legitimate site. Their actions in support of thieves and stalkers prove it.

skyrimiconThere is new tutorial for Skyrim modders on TEG that helps you set up a completely custom NPC with its own outfits, classes and combat styles. This was written to help one of TEGs users make her own mod and is now available for all TEG users to read.

Skyrim NPC Creation Tutorial.


NewsIconSince the Reddit thieves stole my mods, the thieves have been busy little beavers advertising TEG everywhere for free. I could not pay people to work this hard to advertise TEG for me. See my blog dated 25 April, "Do not feed the trolls" for details on how you can make trolls work for you after they force them selves on you.

Last month TEGs readership rose by 500,000  because of them, this month it is already over 1 Million and it is only 8th June. It looks set to hit 4 or 5 million by the end of month. Usually summer sees a slow down in visitors to websites. Typically at this time of year the unique visitor count drops to 1.8 million. I am expecting to beat that before 12th June this year and I am not even working on a major project right now.

So the thieves have actually brought in, or will bring in 2.2 to 3.2 million more visitors this month than I would have gotten had they done nothing.

Getting the visitors is not the same as me supporting them of course. I did not want these extra visitors and I have not promised them anything either. Most will be here looking for help after downloading stolen work and will be banned when I identify them as supporters of thieves. The rest will be wondering what all the fuss is about.

Since I have an audiance of 1 million users right now thanks to Reddit Thieves. I am going to unlock the downloads for everybody with a forum account so you can download the mods directly from me and know they are safe. I'll be checking all new registrations for known trolls. I will be looking at every new registration and if I see anything I do not like, an email address that looks dodgy or points at a site that shouts PIRATE to me, your account will be banned on the spot and your access to TEG cut short.

There will be appeal.

If a known thief and troll is spotted, you can be absolutely certain I am dealing with them even if I say nothing.

Understand though, I am only sharing mods that where made prior to today with you.... all new ones will be Guild Master only releases and Guild Master level is invitation only.

As Beth works on Fallout 4, I must decide if i even want to get involved in another Bethesda game knowing how bad the users are. Should I decide too, you will have to be a Guild Master to download my work for that game, if it is even moddable.

Only users that agree to my terms will be allowed to be Guild Masters and allowed near my new work.

My Terms are as follows.

1) You will make sure I can enjoy modding for you, or you will be left with nothing.

2) You will make sure I can enjoy sharing my mods with you, or I'll make sure you never get another mod from me.

3) You follow the site rules to the letter and without complaint, this is my home online, you will be good house guests or I'll kick you out. 

Anybody that wants access to my future work, will happily respect those simple terms or they will miss out completely.

Finally I am not supporting anybody below Guild Master level..... so if you have trouble, you are on your own.

You players have a lot to prove before I'll trust you again.

skyrimiconI have been making fixing to TEG Windhelm since its release, hoping to solve some of the corruption issues the mod suffers from. TEG Windhelm V1.5 contains all the fixes made todate.

Guild Master Users can find it in the TEG Download Area.

Be warned though, these fixes may be not backwards compatible & I have not performed full tests on older saves yet. Just new saves. The fixes are many are varied and are linked to how NPCs are handled for the most part.

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