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This is the voodoo that I do! From 1980 to Present Day! Too many games to mention There is always a next project.

NewsIconSince the trolls are very active right now and quoting each other as sources to encourage others to flame modders like me. I wrote an article of my own that shows 2 examples of what a modder like me has to go through to give you cool mods.

Most players think they understand what it is like, but you will find this shocking and it is just 2 examples out of thousands I am showing you.

Recently the Skyrim paid for mods issue give these trolls a reason to pretty much flame every modder and go on a rampage. So you have seen how they behave during the past 30 days. What you may not know is they are ALWAYS like that towards mod makers. They hide out on sites that allow that sort of behavior, sites like Reddit, they steal, they cyberstalking and they plead their innocence when caught red handed before doing it all again.

It is time players understood where I am coming from and why I am the way I am. Remember this all because I made mods like Kvatch Aftemath, Origin of the mages guild, Return to Helgen and others. They flamed me for making them until I quit, then they flamed me for quitting, then they flamed me for making mods privately. 

If I never made those mods, these trolls would not be doing this.

Read this and you will understand.

If people ever ask what it is like to mod a Bethesda game.... point them at that article.

NewsIconI found it suspicious that my site was suddenly getting a lot of new arrivals so I checked my logs and found this on Reddit along with links for 2 other known troll sites high up on my referer logs. It appears they have been quite busy since the Steam Paid mods mass flaming of modders and are now looking for new modders to flame, apparently they chose me this time. Too bad they do not know me that well. My love of trolls is famous :)

Anyway, this is what I am talking about.

Reddit: Giskard Mod collection

US and UK law call that theft and Cyberstalking/Harrassment.  But Reddit is in Singapore so we have to look at their laws for what actions can be taken. A 5 second search revealed this. Imagine what I could reveal in 30 minutes.  I'll be looking to this later and contacting Reddit about those involved in that thread.  But first I'll gave them a chance to run their mouths off a little more. Might as well let them spoon feed me the evidence.

Trolls have the IQ of a hamster btw..... Which is about 20. Dogs have an IQ of about 60 and normal humans are between 90 and 110.

One of the devs, a guy named Brad Wardell wrote a guide on the first 5 turns in Galactic Civ, designed to show you what the game is about quickly GalacticCvi3Logoand also a walk through. Odd having a Walk Through for a x4 game which is basically a sandbox space game but there you go, he wrote a walk through.

You can read both on his "Little Tiny Frogs" website.

This game has so much going for it and lots of plans after release, simply creating a new faction and the ships to go with it is going to be fun. I have already seen screenshots of Darlek and Startrek races being modded in to the game and the games not even released yet. It will be getting Steam Workshop support which is great for these little race mods, not so great for serious modders like my self though.

And there is a an important tip for you, see Steam workshop as a convient place to grab those tiny mods for your game from, stuff people turn out in 5 or 10 minutes, or a well rounded race mod. But look else where for the bigger cooler mods.


Galactic Civ 3 has been one of the stars of the early access scene, a clearly defined professional path from start to end with a release date within a GalacticCvi3Logoreasonable time frame and feedback going in to making real changes to the game. Each release has been playable so you never had to suffer demoaware passed off as early access betas.

The current version is the Beta 6 which Stardock say would normally be the version 1 release for most games but they wanted fix the normal version 1 issues before actually releasing Galactic Civ 3 so this is still a beta and not the final release. They call this their release candidate.

Within 2 weeks the final release will be made and they have said they will be continuing to add features until they run out of money because they are an independant developer and can do that. Truth is, Stardock has always treated its customers well and rank as one of my favourite developers right now for that reason.

You can read about the current Beta 6 release HERE.

If you are wondering if I would recommend this x4 game, the answer is yes, its not your normal done it all before x4 game, it has far more depth than that.

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