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Welcome to The Guild Home of Giskard and his mods We host some of the best Quest mods for TES and Fallout here. And remember, we also host guides for them if you get stuck.

skyrimiconI thought you might want a sneak peak at the new quests made so far in Dark Lore Grimoire V2 as I talk about an issue one forum user raised and how I handled it.

Below is a list of quests, all the completed ones are new to Dark Lore Grimoire V2, more at being made for House Telvanni, so this is not a full list of quests that are coming to DLG V2 in the next release. The biggest difference between the Order of the Blackworm and House Telvanni mages is House Telvanni have a much more interesting set of quest options than the Order had, which lets face it typically revolves around raising the dead most of the time.

One user pointed out (rightly) that you more or less join House Telvanni as part of the Dragon Born DLC whilst doing Neloths quests, knowing I would get questions about this, I altered the text on the quests slightly to be clearer about whats happening and will now explain it here for you.

Given that House Telvanni have a strick set of entry requirements that Neloth does not even ask about, it is very very very hard for a lore mod maker to consider a sword hand a member of House Telvanni when nobody even asked him if he could cast any spells at all.

So I consider the Neloth offer as that of being a servant in House Telvanni, his servant, not a mage of House Telvanni, eg one of the ruling class.

In Dark Lore Grimoire, Shurak (Neloths Mouth), tests to see if you have the mage skills House Telvanni wanted in Morrowind. He is making sure you know your mage craft before allowing you join him as a Telvanni Mage, not a servant but a mage. You are going be getting mage related quests, not sword play quests. Everything on offer here follows Morrowinds version of House Telvanni and in many ways improves upon it because its not all goffer quests.

Skyrim may be missing Mysticism, Intelligence and willpower, all things House Telvanni require, but I managed to run the tests against what is in Skyrim, even though Skyrim is stripped down. So your magic skills are going to either open doors or lock them shut for you. Your not getting to join House Telvanni with a sword in this mod, you will have to have some sort of magic skill in the schools they are interested in and at least 150 magicka reserve which is what replaces the intelligence and willpower checks.

There is no mistaking your self as a hired sword here, you know your a Telvanni mage because you will be treated like one.Your not simply joining House Telvanni, and I am not simply accepting another stripped down membership system as being okay, as I had to for the imperials, you are becoming a Telvanni mage here and your going to be facing Telvanni mage issues, such as assassinations, spells, daedra, the works.

This is a morrowind style Telvanni quest line I am making.

skyrimiconI thought you might like to read how I make my mods and outlined the process for the current Telvanni feature in Dark Lore Grimoire as an example for you all. The article is called The Rise of Tel Mithryn and it goes in to detail, some times extremely technical detail surround the thought process that is required to mods like mine. I know for fact 99% of modders do not think this way because 99% of modders have a hard time getting 1 mod to work with other peoples mods, let alone make dozens of mods that will.

So I know this will be a real eye opener for many players that simply have no clue as to the sort of deep thought that goes in to my mods designs. The article includes some of my lore notes for the Telvanni too and an explaination of what these things told me about the Telvanni and how they will effect the mod. That part is interesting even if the rest goes over your head.

VoiceActorIconI would just like to thank my voice actors who provided the Order of the Blackworm dialog lines, you all exceeded my expectations. Especially given the gap between projects. I really did not expect to get most of the lines done but you came through for me. Another 100% volunteer = lines delivered rate in stead of the usual 9 out of 10 forget they volunteered and leave a project to die rate as seen else where.

Special thanks goes to.

Loki the Weaver, who nailed the part of Morley.
Mr K for several parts.
Euther for taking on the biggest role.
Brewtiful for several parts and a rather fine Khajiit that was going to be an imperial but after hearing this, he suddenly grew a tale :)

And to players reading this, understand, its very rare to have a 100% delivery rate from voice actors, its very rare to get all the voice actors needed for a project, so my voice actors are very special people. Whilst I did several parts my self. I think the success of the VA Guild on the Order of the Blackworm dialog clearly shows a firm hand and a system that does not commit new VA users to doing lines unless they are important lines works best with TES players. Projects get done and time wasters do get a foot hold.

It might even be worth revisiting my Oblivion mods and getting some of the less well acted parts redone.

Now for news of the next project, it will still be Dark Lore Version 2, but this time it will be Telvanni characters that need doing. I believe I come the closest to a traditional Dark Elf voice so I'll probably do most of the voices but any lines that are available will be posted in the Voice actor guild once the quests are done.

There will be these parts initially

1 Slave Merchant (no imperials to enforce the law here lol)
4 Telvanni Mages

Also I am thinking of redoing the Redoran Mercenaries protecting the Telvanni Settlement and there will of course be NPCs added for quests.

skyrimiconDue to popular request, I am adding the Telvanni to Dark Lore Grimoire Version 2 before releasing the mod. Tel Mithryn is being expanded, mostly on the inside with some buildings close to the main mushroom to serve as props for the enlarged settlement. So its impact on Solstheim's worldspace is very small and should only affect the immedate location where the buildings are. As seen in the picture below.

The first step to avoiding conflicts is not to make the edits that cause them.

After some trial and error I managed to get about 10 new interiors for the Telvanni settlement using the 4 rooms available from the Dragon Born DLC. As you know Skyrim is lacking in resources so the DLCs are nessessary but even they do not provide enough so I had to make do. But I think I did pretty frekkin good my self even allowing for the lack of resources. As you can see in the screenshot below, I have added various morrowind style shop banners to the mod to make up for some of the missing stuff.


Currently I have 4 private residences and a room that will either be a slave bit or a jail to do and the NPC creation can begin.

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