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fallout4logoPeter Hinds has confirmed that Fallout 4 will use for mods and not Steam Workshop.

You can read his tweet about it here.

This is not really a surprise because Bethesda want to support the Xbox and the only option for that is to either have Microsoft host the mods or for Bethesda to host the mods. Whether Bethesda have any idea how much resources mod hosting takes up is unknown but given how poorly Steam Workshop performed when it first opened and for years afterwards and I would not expect a smooth initial launch.

It takes time and more importantly money to set up a mod hosting system that can cope with the demand placed on it by millions of users. So it will probably delay the arrival of the Fallout 4 Geck.

Over all though, I would say despite its problems, Beths flirtation with Steam Workshop was a success and this should be too if they do not close it down after 3 years as most companies do when they try this sort of thing.

To speculate a bit about this.......

NewsIconYou often hear me talking about how the internet laws are changing quickly these days, usually in connection to trolls. But it is not just trolls and stalkers that trigger new internet laws around the world. In Europe especially new laws are coming thick and fast aimed at protecting European Citizens from the predators online, be they a troll or corportations.

The Council of Europe just took steps to protect Europes Net Neutrality, all services online will continue to have equal access to our bandwidth. No company will be allowed to pay an ISP for faster or exclusive access or be able to pay to have rivals blocked on some service providers.

Which is only right and proper in a free market economy.

See below for the actual document.

Council of Europe and Net Neutrality.

This will effect any service you use online, be it Steam, Origin, Netflix, Amazon Prime or Youtube. Those seeking to pass exclusive access laws would cause many of those services to degrade in performance or stop working completely. These guidelines will help stop that happening in Europe and once it becomes law, it will be illegal to do that in Europe.



fallout4logoIt is easy to mod Fallout 4 without the editor, but the fact is you end up editing default files which case massive conflicts in a system designed to support multiple mods later on. So its best to respect the system and wait for the editor so you can make 100% new content that does not conflict or cause problems.

The second the editor is released, there will be string of conflicts causing people problems as new mods have problems with the mods made without the editor. This is only true for Bethesda games of course, most games only allow you to run 1 mod at a time so this issue never comes up.

Beth announced their editor would be released early in 2016, I previously expected the next game not to be moddable at all because i was not expecting the next editor to work at all give how the game engine had become more and more buggy and unstable.

ChristmasIcon2015 marked my 10th year as a TES modder and was also my last year as a TES modder. I finally decided 10 years of abuse from TES fans was enough (Reddit users had a lot to do with the decision, see HERE).

It also marked my 35 year modding games generally and has seen a return of some of my favourite gaming genres and a general broadening of available games on the market. The game that impressed me the most this year was Satelight Reign, not a complicated game but one with excellent game play and stunning visuals.

So it was a bench mark year in many ways.

It started out pretty well, flowing on from several major updates to existing mods and the release of TEG Demon Hunter in 2014.

Dark Lore Grimoire established it self as my best mod for TES ever during 2015 by taking a lead in the polls and staying there all year. We hit the ground running in 2015 with TEG Windhelm and Skyrim Fighters Guild. Things where going very well.

3 other mods where planned to be made during the summer, all would have been out by now, it was a very exciting time to be a TES fan.

Then the Steam paid mods farce started and players started flaming modders whether they where involved or not. Reddit fans stole my private work during this time, work I shared only from TEG to avoid the trouble that public releases always brought. Trouble Reddit users forced on me after all my efforts to avoid it. TES fans always loved drama.

So all TES modding stopped at TEG as I took time out to think about whether i wanted to continue going through this shit for another decade, after all most modders leave after a single year of it, I kept on modding for TES fans for 10 years and they have never learned to behave or stand by their modders in enough numbers to make a difference.

So when very minor incident in October reminded me things would never change, I made up my mind and dropped TES support, removing all my TES mods for the final time. It was a very easy decision to make. TES fans had given me no reason to keep supporting them and every reason to stop.

TEG became a Fallout site after that and we now enter 2016 waiting for the GECK editor for Fallout 4.

Those who know my abilities will be very exciting by this fact because my RPG modding was at it best when stopped modding TES and from what I can tell, Bethesda put a lot of work in the core engine of Fallout 4 and now it makes a great base to build from.

The future for Fallout fans is factions... more factions... and more factions, 100s of new quests, new settlement addons, a foundation faction you can build your self from the ground up and recruit for as part of your settlements and much much more. Vastly more RPG options with consiquences that force you to choose thing or another with different rewards for each.

These mods are not going to go down well with the "Jack of all trade type characters", sorry but I dont believe all characters should be super humans capable of everything.

This is not a short term project for me and you will start seeing the beginnings of it within 3 months of GECK being released. The initial releases will be very buggy as i learn the new system but we will work our way through the problems and learn the new systems ways of doing things.

I am planning to completely RPGify Fallout in a compatible and friendly way. Each faction will offer RPG features of its own that you can earn and exploit just like my last few TES mods did. Cybernetic implants from the institute, new Armour paint jobs from various stores, your own research department that unlock quests and new features. Scratch in brand new factories to make larger items for you in your settlements.

Choices, consiquences are coming to town.... so choose your path wisely.

2016 is an exciting time to be a Fallout 4 fan.

Happy new year to all you Vault Dwellers and keep that Pipboy tuned to in to TEG  :)

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