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CrashnBurnIconEven though we have had some good games this year, I think we can all agree none have been truly outstanding. We appear to still be catching up to what we used to get every year during the golden age of gaming in the late 1980s and early 1990s, before the large publishers decided all we wanted was Call of duty clones or hack and slash RPGs games made to a formula for the next 20 years.

In fact the last really great year for games was 5 years ago and that was 1 tiny island of goodness in 20 years of crap.

People tend to nominated the 1 new game they played during a year as their best game despite having nothing to compare it too. Technically that game is also their worst game of the year since it is their only new game that year and a game of year vote is not asking for the players worst game, but his best one for that year and that requires the player own at least 2 new games so one can be their best game and 1 can be their worst game.

The reason for this is gamer boredom.... they way the treble A games or Terrible A games as I like to call them are all made to the same formula and any thing that dares to be different simply does not get published is why that happens.

In the past when I let such results stand and a bad choice won the game of the year at TEG.

Come 1st Jan the following year, nobody could even remember which game won our game of the year.

But when a good game wins, like Mount and Blade Warbands did back in 2010, it not only gets remembered but the entire forum started playing it because of word of mouth alone. That was a real game of the year winner than most of the forum did not even know existed until 1 user talked about it when it first got released and kick started interest in it.

The thing is a game of the year should be the game you could not put down that year, a new game that you absolutely loved to bits. If your nominating a game that was merely okay to play, then you are missing the entire point of a game of the year vote. This is not a "most okay game of the year" thing, this is the best game of the year we are looking for.

I admit it is not easy to choose such a game when the standard of games has been so low for so long. The world is full of Call of duty clones and hack and slash games passing them selves off as modern RPGs (which they are not) because all the large publishers make them and we all call them Treble A games. Well been there done that, boring boring boring.... they cannot even implement decent controls in them so why should these Terrible A games even warrant a mention. There is nothing Treble A about them other than the £50 to £65 price tag for 10 hours of game play.

CrashnBurnIconWe have started talking about TEG's game of year on the forums, any registered forum member who has unlocked the forum by posting an introduction can take part and talk about their favourite games of the year so far. The chat about this sites next game of the year is held HERE.

Just one word of warning, I expect people to have actually played the games they nominate, and if a game turns out to be seriously bugged, it will be dropped from the game of the year list because TEG will not have a buggy game as its game of the year. Hype will no doubt make Fallout 4 a strong contender, but even that will not save it if it is released seriously buggy.

So far the following games have been nominated

Satelite Reign
Cities Skylines
Pillars of Eternity
Wasteland 2 The Directors Cut

This year whilst not an outstanding year for games, has seem some pretty decent releases, 2010 still remains the best year of this century for PC Gamers with lots of strong competition for the game of the year title which Mount and Blade Warbands won without any hype at all. A game everybody recognises as a classic today so the right game won and it won based on word of mouth alone.

fallout4logoI am sure you noticed that I have pretty much stopped modding Bethesda games since the Reddit trolls did their thing, it was just too much trouble for me to work my ass off making mods very few others could make, then get flamed and ripped off by assholes that produced nothing.

So there have been NO new mods from me since April for that reason.

You would have had at least 3 new mods had I continued, so those Reddit trolls mentioned HERE owe you gamers 3 large quest mods so far by my calculations. These are 3 mods you absolutely would have had today, if not for them flaming and stealing and stalking mod makers after the steam mod sale farce. Fact is, I was never part of that but they still targeted me because I wanted to mod privately away from that crap.

Make no mistake, their behavior did harm the modding community and you players have paid the price for it.

So for Fallout 4 I only intend to make 1 mod.

1 mod only attracts 1 mods worth of trouble, but the larger a mod gets the more likely it is that the official editor will corrupt it and harder it is to find and fix that corruption later. So this plan may need revising later or I may need to rethink how I make and package it.

I have made huge advances in how factions are created in Bethesda games and I will be focusing on improving them even further in Fallout 4. See my blog about Fallout 4 factions later when I write it.

I will probably use Steam Workshop for hosting if it is supported by Fallout 4 but I suspect with Bethesda being a Microsoft sock puppet, they will use a Microsoft service for mods this time around so Xbox users can download them too. If that is the case, knowing how shit microsoft services are and how short a life span they tend to have, I may not bother uploading to the Microsoft servers at all.

I have seen Microsoft run good services for as long as the service was their favorite new thing, then watched those services decline the second something else became their favorite new thing. So I know what happens if Bethesda go that route.

I do not mind supporting both Steam and Microsoft though, or Sony if they get something sorted. Providing it does not harm the PC in anyway. If it does, consoles will get no support from me.

Also when I do my usual large battles, not being a console owner would make it hard for me to know what the consoles can handle, so my mods may prove too much for the consoles anyway. After all, I am developing on a 4 year old Mid Range PC that is still faster than the new generation of consoles and I am hoping to upgrade my PC next year so it will be every faster after than that.

Truth is though, I now have several off line hobbies that simply do not bring in as much crap as modding does, so I am not as active at modding as I used to be because of the endless trouble.

Also since most of the trouble comes from Elder Scrolls fans, I have stopped modding Elder Scrolls games completely now and will be focusing on Fallout games which still have trolls but they are no where near as bad or as dumb as Elder Scrolls Trolls.

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