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Welcome to The Guild Home of Giskard and his mods We host some of the best Quest mods for TES and Fallout here. And remember, we also host guides for them if you get stuck.

gamesicon1Dawn of War required Gamespy for its multiplayer which now its shutting down and with it all of Dawn of Wars multiplayer features.... Well that would be the case except for 1 thing. Relic wanted the game to keep on working in multiplayer so have released major patches for their ANCIENT Dawn of war games to keep multiplayer working long in to the future.

Well done Relic.

Ubisoft's Watchdog becomes the latest treble A game to crash and burn after getting above average scores from the professional reviewers and low scores from the actual players of the game.  PC Gamer gives this game 87, Game Informer 85 but the players give it a 4.8. How wrong can the pros be....

Turns out the game is pretty average, works okay for most folk but looks like it was made in 2005 if some of the reports are to be believed. As one player put it, 95% hype 5% gameplay. And remember this is the £40 game they sold about 7 different special edition versions of.

Check it out on metacritics for your self.

NewsIconThere seems to be some confusion about my mods so let me be clear.

If you come here looking for linear quest mods, eg mods that basically only work one way and force you down a single path. Then I am afraid you are on the wrong website. If you are playing my mods that way or expect them to play that way, then you really do not understand them at all.

The guild offers mostly lore based dynamic mods with the odd linear mod like Telvanni Hall.

So if you think "I'll try that mod next time I am a mage"... you really do not understand my mods are supposed to be enabled and remain enabled regardless of what you are playing because they add so much more to the game and enrich your game play experience regardless of what character you are playing.

One more thing, the quests are writen to appear at exactly the right time for your game, in exactly the right place, where ever you would expect them to be is usually where they are. Because they are NOT linear, you will find pauses between some quests whilst events else where in Skyrim take place. Once you finish certain default quests needed as background for my quests, my quests appear, expanding the gameplay as if they where part of the default game them selves.

So events in Skyrim trigger new quests in my mods, there really is no point waiting for them, you have to get out there and do something for many of my quests to appear.

gamesicon1As you know Skyrim produces dark faces on NPCs added by Mods. It does not always happen I found but when it does, it is always to custom NPCs and my mods contain literally 1000s of custom NPCs. Not being part of the TES community means I do not always hear about these things unless I stumble across them my self first. When I do find out about them I check them out my self carefully.

I found the files needed to fix the Dark Face Bug in mods like mine doubles and in some cases trebles the size of the mod. Steam only allows me 1 gigs worth of mods total, or a 100meg per mod. So I cannot add the fix to the main archive of Return to Helgen if I want Steam to host my mods. So it has not been included so far. I have prefer letting players create this simple fix them selves but some seem to be struggling.

So to save you time on Return to Helgen, I have uploaded my own personal copies of the Return To Helgen face gen data and added it to the Return to Helgen download page. The archive contains a readme that explains how to install it. Basically though, you just extract the archive in to your Skyrim/Data folder and you are done.

Download the Return to Helgen Dark Face Bug Fix.

This will not fix the issue in my other mods but it will fix it in Return to Helgen. I'll consider providing similar fixes for my other mods if there is an interest in such fixes.

This fix should also work on all translated versions of the mod too.


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