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Welcome to The Guild Home of Giskard and his mods We host some of the best Quest mods for TES and Fallout here. And remember, we also host guides for them if you get stuck.

IndieGameIcon1This month there are been a few updates on the early access games I monitor so lets take a look at them.

Age of Decadence is now about 50% done and all quest lines are now in the game and working. So thats a good mile stone for the dev team behind this game. This game looks a lot like Divinity Orginal Sin in what it is attempting to do. But the shear wall of text you wade through puts me off. I do not think its going to be as good as Original Sin.

Folk tale also got an update, you can watch the Folk Tale video blog here. This game is only just starting to feel playable after a year on early access. A classic example of going to early access far too early.

Galactic Civilizations® III got more multiplayer maps, music and bug fixes this money. Thats about it though.

The Godus team are now working on mobile versions of the game but honestly, Godus is a really dull game currently, not something i can recommend.

Legends of Eisenwald had its scenario editor moved to the stable branch this month, good news for modders. It also has or is getting Steam Workshop support. What a shame Steam Workshop does not support real modders due to its stupid limits and lack of features.

Note to devs, if your serious about supporting modders, support modders in asking or Steam to remove its stupid 100meg per mod limit and 1000 meg total for all our mods limit and help get steam to increase the doc size for docs for mods on Steam. Right now modders like me have a choice, I either keep my existing popular mods online and simply do not support new games, or I remove my existing popular mods to support an unknown game with no reputation for mod usage. Take a guess whos going to lose that argument..... So support modders trying to get changes made on steam.

Maia is a nice game that allows you to establish a base on planet and run it, it has had various updates and fixes. The devs for this game do not make much of a fuss about their updates and often release major updates without much notice. So you cannot trust the news with this game, you have to load the game and take a look. Definitely a mover and shaker most months... One to watch.

Planetry Annihilation got a major update that the devs are quite excited about. They put out a warning to make sure all players eyes are firmly fixed in their sockets because they didnt want any eyes popping out when people saw this update lol. Big performance gains are to of the list of improvements but also lobby improvements and others. This game must be getting close to release now. It is in my opinion the new Total Annihilation.

Space Engineers got a pistons doors and blocks update.

Spacebase DF-9, lots of important fixes here. This is another mover and shaker, must be close to release now. One to watch.

Starpoint Gemini got some bug fixes and a new camera mod.

So a good month for early access customers :)

featurediconI think I have found the Guilds game of the year for 2014. Divinity Original Sin is a hard core RPG right out of the old school books, bloody hard too, not terribly well balanced though. I am currently filming its features and getting a feel for it ready to make a new video about it.

The pros gave it a review score of 87 on metacritics, players gave it 91. Which is pretty good. It is a little buggy but does not crash and you should save often when playing it, preferably with more than 1 save so you can step back to older saves as needed and you will need too.  I got the impression if you do not successfully finish all quests, your going to find your self at too low a level to beat bad guys later on.

Or and did I forget to say it supports coop, my bad :)

Also do not make the mistake of buying the older Divinity titles believing they are anything like this. They are not. Divinity commander is just shit and Divinity 2 is an out and out action RPG. Divinity Original Sin is a pure hard core RPG in its own right. Its in a totally different league to the other Divinity games.

Divinity Original Sin is a kickstarter game that means its crowd funded and has been made the way fans wanted it to be made. As a result it does not suffer from the dumped down mainstrean Skyrim or Torchlight problem.

Last game that came anywhere close to Divinity Original Sin was NeverWinter Nights 1, but even that I would say has to step back and make room for Divinity Original Sin which in many ways pisses all over it. Not in all ways though. Story telling still puts Neverwinter Nights a head of Divinity Original Sin but thats the only area.

skyrimiconIf you are a user of Bash Boss or TES5Edit understand you are part of a system that is known to cause random problems with mods. Understand nobody can fix user stupidy so you might as well not bother asking for help because you are just wasting everybodies time when you do that and I value my time greatly and do not like it wasted by fools.

For those who want a perminant fix to their problems, try this.

When 2 mods conflict, remove 1 and keep the other.

Do not use tools to spot the conflicts, play the game and use your eyes in game..... they are far more reliable and will spot REAL issues instead of possible issues. Plus some conflicts are delibrate and if you fix them because some stupid tool told you to, you will break the mods that relied on those conflicts.

And I use and abuse conflicts to create new compatibility features all the time so you really dont want to be messing with my mods that way.

Today we look at competative gaming, the world of the pros. This video was made by Valve and shows how gaming has become a profession for some people and how the prize money has risen in to the millions. Interesting stuff. 

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