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Making mods since 1980 Modding Bethesda games since 2006. 34+ large quest mods for Bethesda games. Only available and supported from TEG.

NewsIconWell folks, things have settled down in the top Giskard's mods poll and the 3 mods I expected to win are now 1, 2 and 3 in the Poll. Since this is an on going poll and players can delete their vote and recast it at any time, this should be considered a snap shot of my best work TODAY... perhaps not tomorrow but for today, definitely.

At Number 1 is Dark Lore Grimoire for Skyrim.

A Skyrim mod that upgrades the College of Winterhold, adding tons of new features, quests and wizards, leaving my older work the Wizards of Winterhold completely in the drawer labeled "Obselete". Truth is there is reason why I switched and made a new wizards mod and that is because Wizards of Winterhold was made whilst Beth was fixing Skyrim and many issues that got fixed, remained broken in older mods like that one. The Navmesh bug being a prime example of a fix that is not backwards compatible. WOW suffered heavily from those old issues.

DLG also added a joinable Solutide Mages Guild. Which is a game changer for any mage fan, just being able to get mage support from solitude without going to the college is really good. Also a joinable Order of the Black Worm, as well as expanding the Telvanni Settlement in Solstheim and providing a joinable House Telvanni with full support for wizards and not just Goffers as the Dragonborn DLC leaves you with. Eg Go for this, Go for that... Goffers...

DLG is possibly my biggest mod to date and single handedly fills in the mage hole that Beth left in Skyrim, it really is a must have for all mages and adds so much to the game.

At Number 2 is The Elder Council for Oblivion.

This is my biggest and best Oblivion mod so it is only right it sits at number 2. It puts the Empire back in to the White Gold Tower, allowing you to be a Legioneer, to rise up the social ranks of the Empire and even visit special towns in Valenwood and complete a quest line that leads to the crowning of Titus Mede as Emperor.

All strict lore except for Emperor Titus which was based on information available at the time the mod was made which as since been clarified and is slightly different from what TEC presents it as. EG Titus was a Warlord not a Legion General. Minor stuff.

This one remains a fan favourite and was actually made as a thank you to my supporters who supported me during the worst of the flaming on Beths forum after Elminister and co started riote in my mod threads that has lead to years of trouble (Cyberstalking is what the law calls it) for me that persists today.

As those who know the mod can attest, it is one of my best works and rightly so, you do not say thank you by making a crap mod.

At Number 3 is Return to Helgen for Skyrim.

Return to Helgen takes the player from humble soldier all the way up to Emperor and slides in to the default game perfectly allowing the player to choose his path and exploit openings such as the assassination of the emperor. You get to work with the Penitus Oculatus, you meet Knights of the Nine and take on the Thalmor. This is high action mod packed to the brim with lore, battles and dialog. From a story/action/lore point of view, I have not seen anything as good as this for Skyrim.

It has suffered with many issues relating to early development whilst Skyrim was still buggy and dozens of quests and features have had to be removed to stop the issues affecting the mod. But a solid mod design from day 1 means it remains one of the more compatible Helgen mods todate and even supports the Stormcloaks who get a whole fort full of features to play with.

So technically, not that any player would notice, it is not my best work. But it is certainly the most fun mod I have made for Skyrim.

fallout4logoI have decided TEG will support Fallout 4 and will support Steam Workshop "IF" mod support is decent enough and worth while. I will also try and support consoles IF supporting consoles does not harm the PC version. If it does, or looks like it will, then no console support will be offered.

As for Steam Workshop, that 1 gig limit on all mods still exists and that means I could not upload all my mods to Steam even if I wanted too because I have more than 1 gigs worth of mods. So Steam Workshop will be my Demo Zone, where I let you see Version 1 of a mod, possible only 1 mod at a time. May be more... I'll decide later.

I do not want a dozen mods leading to 12x more trolls bothering me as usually happens. Letting people believe I am a one mod wonder has massive advantages for me and TEG. It means I will get the normal amount of trolls bothering me instead of 1000s. Mean while, I can release other mods here at TEG that users that come here to support me can download. A nice reward for nice people that come here to support the mod maker.

NewsIconI found a rather informative video for all you gamers wondering about Windows 10. Short version, Windows now uses the Xbox system for a lot of stuff you guy from the Windows app store, otherwise it makes no difference at all. However apps written for Windows 10 must now conform to some stricter rules that allow them to use your multicore system and actually be supported by Windows. So there are some improvements, just not frame rate differences. Though I saw else where that DirectX 12 does respresent a boost to gaming performance.

NewsIconWhilst I am still asking my self if I want to mod another Bethesda game after all the crap I got for modding the last 4, and given that now I am activily doing other creative hobbies such as model building, painting, drawing, Photography etc to get away from that endless nightmare. I have been asked would I support the consoles in future work if I do mod Fallout 4.

First, now Steam has removed the limits on mod sizes (but not the total size of all mods I can upload), I may start supporting Steam again for PC users if I mod Fallout 4. But given the max size of all mods allowed from any single modder is 1 gig, you will find older mods disappearing to make room for newer ones on Steam. So Steam will at best only ever host my newer mods, not old favourites. TEG will be the only play they will all be available on and TEG will remain private.

For console users my answer is this....

If the game supports the PC properly, to the point where the PC does not have to pay for the limitations of the consoles. Then yes I will try and support consoles too in my work. Given I use a lot of stock resources and tend to know not to go mad with texture sizes (a noobie mistake to be honest), my mods should work on the next gen consoles but I would have to see the new modding system first.

I personally am not console user and do not follow console news so cannot test my mods on consoles and do not know what Sony are planning either, so you are going to have to tell these things and help me out. Also supporting console users will get flamed, so I expect your support if you want console support to be "MY PROBLEM". If I do not get your support, I'll wash my hands of this and then Console Support will STOP being "MY PROBLEM".

If the game is a terrible PC port then NO, I will not be supporting consoles at any level, I may not even buy the game.

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