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This is the voodoo that I do! From 1980 to Present Day! Too many games to mention There is always a next project.

NewsIconGamers are perhaps the most ignorant group when it comes to new internet laws, not only do many believe no laws affect them. They act in a way that says they do not believe they will ever be caught, whilst posting the evidence needed for a conviction where anybody can see it.

Many outright ignore the law and many Admins and Moderators do not even know what the local laws are so cannot even enforce them.

Recently internet stalking and harassment laws have been modernised in most countries and many states, things are changing and the police are being trained in how to enforce these laws. Entirely new areas of law enforcement are appearing and arrests are starting to be made.

Trolls cannot run around immuned to the law anymore, and the evidence posted so far of their past crimes is not going anywhere, it stays where they left it waiting to be used against them.

To show you what sort of laws are appearing to help deal with online harassment, which has become a major problem for gamers these days. I have writen doc called "Harassment/Cyberstalking Laws vs Gaming Sites & Services." This doc explains which laws applies to which gaming site and explains how you can find out what laws apply to other sites so you can see whos actions are criminal and whos actions are simply bad manners or rude.

Remember, website owners cannot opt out of laws they do not like, it does not matter how powerful they are, they have to obey local laws and deal with criminal behavior on their websites. So knowing the law that covers a site gives you the power to insist a moderate deals with trolls even if they are his friends.


SteamiconSteams refund policy on purchases as recieved a major update today. They now offer refunds for a games for any reason providing the game has been played for less than 2 hours and you have owned it for less than 2 weeks.

This brings Steam in to line with companies like GOG who started offering similar refund features months ago.

falloutlogoFallout fans are preparing for an announcement from Bethesda concerning Fallout 4 in just over 3 hours time.

It has been 4 years since Skyrim was released and Bethesda have become a Console game manufacturer since the Oblivion days and have stripped down their games to the point where they are just hack and slash action games these days. RPG fans are not well supported by Bethesda any more and as we saw with Skyrim, nor guilds and other such niceties. There is even a question mark over PC support since Bethesda have not made much of an effort on PC versions of their games since they switched to developing for consoles and favouring the Xbox.

NewsIconIt appears that the Reddit Thieves have sent about 500,000 new users to this site, hi and welcome to you all.

Before you get too excited about the mods you heard about I should tell you that because of action's of thieves and trolls, I no longer share my mods with site visitors.






and THIS, plus 1000s of others like them found on Google for the reasons why a hard working modder has chosen not to share his work with you anymore.

I have spent 9 years asking to be allowed to mod in peace and asking to be allowed enjoy sharing mods with you all, yet today expecting those things has lead to be being branded an asshole and a cunt by many gamers that consider such requests unreasonable. They have used what ever reason their warped little minds could dream up to steal from me, they have attempted to hack my site, they have cyberstalked me for the best part of 9 years and made my life a living hell.

So the 30 or so epic quest mods I have made have been withdrawn, all they do is attract trouble when ever I share them with you all. So they are no longer available to anybody outside of my Guild Master Group and all future work will only be released to members of that group.

Last time I did this was in 2009 when Kvatch Rising was made, right after I caught Arthmoor stealing my work. It was 2 years before people outside of TEG even got to hear about the mods existance. Even then download access remained limited. At best they got read about things in my news, but download access was out of the question.

That is the situation you readers are in today, you can read about mods being made, but you will not have download access. 

Sorry but given what keeps happening when I do try and share mods with you all, I really do not see the point in sharing any more work with you.

TEG is now focused on mod making support, it is one area I am expert in and can offer unique help in. Neither TES nor Fallout has expert modding help available on a dedicated site which is why so much bad advice floats around. I can show modders workarounds for common edits that cause players endless problems today and offer design advice that will reduce the amount of bad mods you see by about 95% if people follow the advice given.

It all starts by accepting the fact that players are going to install more than 1 mod in their Bethesda games, and taking it from there. When you accept that fact is true, you design your mods to work with other mods by avoiding edits you know will cause trouble. I'll be here to explain which edits cause trouble and what work arounds exist that can be used instead.

It will mean a dramatic rethink in how some folk design their mods, after all there is reason why most modders cannot make more than 1 mod without conflicting with their own work, where as I have 30 large mods and no such issues.  That is not accidental, that is down to how I design and make mods.

The same check list I use to design my mods can be used to teach players which mods are high risk installs, if you look at my guide to mods and the conflicts they cause on this site, you quickly see certain types of mods cause a lot of problems and other mods should only be used 1 at a time or not at all.

So if you see several high risk mods in a load order or several mods of a single type, common sense rather than modding experience will quickly teach you what you did wrong. It is not rocket science but it has allowed me to run a stable modded install of Skyrim for over 3 years without a single crash whilst making dozens of large mods that simply work togethe without the need of special tools. 

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