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Welcome to The Guild Home of Giskard and his mods We host some of the best Quest mods for TES and Fallout here. And remember, we also host guides for them if you get stuck.

CrashnBurnIconIt looks like EA's latest release, the Sims 4 has crash and burned with sims fans with a low 3.9 on metacritics which I would expect to fall even lower. Users say the game looks okay but only has about quarter of the features it should have. Which to be honest is a common complaint with the first new sim game before all the expansions are added. Which costs the gamer about £300 in DLCS to fix typically. Currently a 156 users are happy with it and 268 are not.

Interestingly I checked some of the 10 voters out, some of them have only ever voted a 10 and only for EA games like Plants and Zombies, Titan Fall and the Sims 4. Others voted 10 for some truely terrible games by other major publishers, there are also a hell of a lot of first time voters voting 10. Typical of throw away accounts.  I strongly suspect publishers have staff vote 10 for their own games. Or Staff do it so they look better on release day because most of these votes are day 1 votes before anybody really knows the game.

Normal gamers would own more games than that and would have voted more realistically for a greater variety of games.

In recent years EAs antics have led to their prices doubling, a major focus on after release DLCs which are usually way over priced for what they are yet EA's year profits have not risen. Which tells me they are either wasting a lot of money or they are making about half the sales they used to make. Could be EA are in trouble, perhaps there will be a fire sale of their licenses in the future and better developers will be able to release the games EA have been ruining or have not developed at all since taking over.

They are still making a huge profit but if their solution is to raise prices when they sell less games, then EA's end will be very sudden when it comes.

Some comments gathered from Metacritics about the Sims 4:

1. Create-a-sim has been nerfed. You only have around 5 patterns or colors per furniture/piece of clothing
- No more thousands of combinations of patterns to customize clothing
- You don't have a color wheel as well to edit

2. You are back to dollhouse mode like in Sims 1 and 2.
- No more open world like in Sims 3. You have to go to a loading screen even just to visit the people next door.
- Loading screens are signs of a bygone era. This is unacceptable considering Sims 3 got us past this already.

3. Character interactions are much less and just weird.

This game, for starters, at least feels like a full game, even with what's missing from TS3, I really think it holds its own as a Sims base game. The UI is beautiful and the graphics, OH GOOD LORD THE GRAPHICS. I'm running on an NVIDIA GTX 770 and 16G of RAM. The game runs amazing and at extremely high framerates.
The new build more is amazing. Window height, wall height, roofing tool, fences, etc etc etc. I don't like how almost all the doors are white, but aside from that its great. Very easy to use, which is usually a complaint I would have about EA dumbing down the game. This time, even if EA thinks I'm a monkey, they did it right. A huge improvement on a mode that hasn't seen a real update since TS2.
Admittedly, I was disappointed in buy mode. Very limited, but the style selections are nice.

Those are just a few comments from metacritics.
Truth is, the Sims 3 open world caused the game to seriously lag, so I can see why that has gone bye byes, but the lack of choice in cloths, furniture, building materials, standard jobs etc, all point to EA designing this game to be a DLC fest. A major cash cow where you get the things you should have had by buying over priced DLCs again. Standard practice for EA these days and probably why their prices have doubled but their profits have remained the same. They should try dropping their prices, listening to fans and being less greedy, their game sales may increase again then and their profits may rise.

Check this out, its due out this month and I have never heard of it. The games called Ancient Space.

VoiceActorIconI have posted the voice lines for my voice actors in the Voice Actors Guild here at TEG. Since it has been a while since lines have been posted, I am not expecting a massive turn out. In fact I am expecting to be disappointed by the turn out and thus have made the third party voice work my plan B. Plan A is do all the lines my self and I already have done that.

For those that want to try voice acting for me here are the important details.

Voice Actor Help Sheet that tells you how I like the lines done, packed and named etc.

And of course the lines them selves.

Dark Lore Grimoire V2: Black Worm Lines Part 1.

The deadline is 1 week from as usual, that is midnight on 10th September.
Also there are a lot of lines for noobies in here so its a great opportunity to have a go at Voice work if your new to it.

I am now working on clean upquests for the Order of the black worm to make things better after the Orders main quest ends. Additional voice lines will be posted for that once I have done them. These are extra quests to add to the 12 already created for DLG V2.




NewsIconFirst, Voice actors should start monitoring the Voice Actors Guild. I have 1 quest to do before I start posting lines. I'll post a guide about voice acting and what is needed just before the lines are posted. Also there may be 3 more parts after the main quest lines are done.

Now for site news.

The recent change to members only went as expected, from barely any forum sign ups to dozens of new arrivals each day. Some folk where banned for having dodgy IP results and I would like to explain that now before moving on to other topics.

In the past TES fans have used proxies and other systems to gain access to my site and use what I give for free, to cause trouble here and else where. I have found that if I insist everybody is tracable to an ISP that I can report them too, there tends to be no trouble because nobody can hide behind their computer screen like trolls like to do. Since this is a UK site and falls under UK law, its pretty easy for me to insist ISPS act where as on my older sites which where not so easily defined, it was much harder to get any action at all. Now I can just call 999 and report stuff. Easy as pie.

So that is what I am doing. Making sure every single user is tracable to an ISP because it cuts down the trolling and makes everybody accountable for their actions.

The software tracks this automatically so when your ISP changes, I can see it and your full ISP history. If there is anything dodgy about it, I can ban the user on the spot.

Since trolls are not good listeners and since past attempts to make them see reason always failed, I do not even bother explaining the whys and where fores anymore. It would just be a waste of time to try, so I do not.

I have made an exception here since I have returned to a members only system. That system is only 30% activated, it is the lightest security method this site has. The full security set up kept everybody I did not like or want here at TEG away from everything I made between Dec 2008 and dec 2010. TES fans simple missed out on everything. But this current level of security is appropriate for what happened and will send the right message.

And its benefitting TEG greatly as you can see.

TEG is not run on a "trust the user basis", where as my Respawn and Mechstorm websites were. They were great sites, friendly, lots of mods for many different games got made there since 2000 when Respawn opened. Respawn or Mechstorm could have built the entire Morrowind landmass and filled it with quests within 12 months. Trust and support of players would have allowed that to be possibly on those sites. But TES fans could not be trusted, they destroyed both those sites in 2008 shortly before I quit.

Being open and trusting websites that had modded many games before moving to mod the Elder Scrolls, they had absolutely no defence against the Elder Trolls. Despite modding for over 34 years, nothing had prepared me for the criminal and out right hostility of the TES community towards it is modders that gave them cool stuff. But then again, I had never used a website where the staff them selves played such a major role in the trolling or support of trolls.

TEG does not trust you and I do not use either of those sites anymore so do not have access to their resources.

Trolls that attack this site end up without an ISP, without Email addresses or reported to the police which is a 999 call for me and that is it. Trolls have learned it hurts to attack TEG. But TEG is never going to able to take on such a large project like Morrowind without the TES community or major hosting sites.

Even though I and the teams I build could have handled it easily within 12 months without any problems at all.

Security comes at a price and we all pay it.

Still you do get a lot of large quest mods instead of 1 massive morrowind worldspace, so its not all bad :)

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