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This is the voodoo that I do! From 1980 to Present Day! Too many games to mention There is always a next project.

NewsIconI want to make a point about the Private aspect of the Guild and what is required to join TEG. Given how trollish players are, especially TES players I am very fussy who I want on my site. So I run a little test on new arrivals and absolute adherance to site rules is the test.

There is a sticky thread in the "Join TEG Requests" forum called "Read This First (Or come back in 2 months and try again)" that gives full instructions on what you are required to do to be accepted as a member here. The entire system shows me if you are willing to read the rules and follow them. That is all I care about, a little demonstration from you that you will follow instructions and not be a twat. The test along makes actually makes folks are are TWATS behave like twats because they hate being told what to do. So it catches a good 95% of them out immediately. It works very well.

IF you follow my instructions, membership is almost guaranteed, it means I do not really have to worry about you because you have shown willing and followed the rules. But if you skip a bit, membership is guaranteed to be rejected. If you come back before I purge your account in 2 months, you will be in breach of the 1 account rule and will have proven beyond doubt that you cannot follow the rules at all and I will bannned for it because you failed the TEST. 

If your app is rejected because you did not read the stickies and the rules, you must wait until I purge all these failed accounts in 2 months to try again. You only get this second chance because I know people rush registrations and skip stickies. If not for that you would be banned immediately.

Players have realise I used to ask them to behave when I shared mods publicly and they found it fun to ignore my wishes and misbehave. Today I they either do exactly what I say, or they do not get the mods. Players no longer find this so funny but that is not my problem, it has never been my problem. I always had this option and players that misbehaved where too short sighted and stupid to notice modders have options other than suffering their none sense. So there we go....

signed El Presidente Giskard :)

skyrimiconContinuing the 6th Birthday Celebrations here at TEG, we look at the work done on the Fallout New Vegas mod known to all but AIBeachChest as "The NCR Mod". AIBeachChest calls it "Join the NCR" in his review for some very strange reason.

Obsidian did a goog job on the NCR in Fallout New Vegas but it was all designed to end at some point so I made my NCR mod a repeatable quest NCR mod. Which oddly turned out to be one of my most successful mods ever. Usually repeatable quest mods are not that popular but I guess in a game that was designed to end, having missions that did not turned out to be a winning IDEA.

Over the years I have updated this mod many times, older versions where uploaded to Fileplanet by me but 2.2 and 3.0 have only ever been available from TEG. In fact the NCR V3 release was made about a month or so ago, so it is brand new.

I have also made many videos for each version to show off its features, the last video was made for the NCR V3 recently. Strangely most folk only view the NCR V1 video and do not check for newer videos.  So here are all 3, plus a work in progress Idea i had for the marshels at the end. It originally had the theme to the "Good the bad and ugly" on it but Youtube removed it, spoiling the video which was supposed to play out like a scene from that movie.

The NCR V3

This is the most recent release and introduces Viper Squad and starts making use of the Rank system introduced previously in V2. When you reach a certain rank you get to lead your own squad on special search and destroy missions or just taken them with out as you explore the wilderness. They can die but they always respawn. This idea was the main feature of the Version 3 update. Medics also got to tag alone on combat missions for the first time and earn brownie points for doing it. An important feature for medics who previously where a role in name only.

Click READ MORE to continue.

skyrimiconTo celebrate TEGs 6th birthday on April 17th, we are going to have a week of special news about the work done here at TEG over the past 6 years with a special focus on newer work. I was going to make the downloads public this week but it always ends with trolling when certain tool makers and patch makersa notice, so I changed my mind.

The first news item is about the Skyrim Fighters Guild, below is a video showing the mod in action and this is the Skyrim Fighters Guild Guide that explains all about it.

Now some little background on the mod it self.

This mod is a bit different from anything I had done before, it actually has primary objectives and hidden secondry objectives. The player earns points for finishing a mission and bonus points for any secondry objectives the player does without being told to do them. Secondry objectives tend not to be listed, you either spot them during the mission or you do not. The points are added up and if the player has enough, the player gets promoted.

The location of the first Fighters Guild Branch is just outside of Solitude near the stables. This one is called the Solitude Fighters Guild. The second is in Markarth and opens as part of the Fighters Guild plot line and causes the missions to branch off so the mod stops being linear and starts being dynamic at that point. The final branch if the Riften Branch which becomes the players own branch once the player reaches the rank of Master and will be getting new missions written for it in the future.

It is possible to unlock the Riften Guild before you complete all the other missions, if you manage to do all the secondry objectives and earn all the bonus points. So you can get access to all the Riften features before you finish all the Fighters Guild missions in Solitude and Markarth.

The mod unlockes new companions and provides trainers as well as new merchants. It also contains full support for all the Oblivion Fighters Guild Ranks.

The missions come with their own back story which adds a lot of depth to them to them and makes the world feel more alive in general. This mod also adds to the on going story of the mysterious happenings around Morthal which has been an on going plot line in several of my mods for some time now. Even I cannot remember which mod finally tells you whos behind it, they merge so seemlessly.

Solitude Fighters Guild being right outside of Solitude means its perfectly placed for players to dive right in. This mod and the Dark Lore Grimoire mod makes Solitude feel like the capital of Skyrim again. Between them, they make Solitude a first stop for Fighters, Mages and Necromancers. They really a changing experience for those who role play those types of characters.

Skyrim has always lacked guilds and one of the focuses of the work done here at TEG was to add more guilds to Skyrim and in that regard my work reached critical mass last year when it all started to feel complete and rounded. Though there are many missions and quests to make. Especially for the Fighters Guild.

First time I played this mod as a player instead of a mod maker testing my work I was pleasantly surprised just how well it worked. Initially when designing it, I had a problem making Fighters jobs sound interesting but thanks to an idea I had to use every mission to tell a story, I need not have worried, it all came together brilliantly.

It marked a change in direction for me in quest making involving goffer missions, this idea has been used many times since to the benefit of the mods concerned. Even TEG Demon Hunter which is a repeatable mission mod used this system and it worked great in that too.

The Skyrim Fighters Guild is currently one of my personal favourite recent mod releases here at TEG and one I am particularly proud of.

skyrimiconI have 2 more guides for you today. This time for TEG Windhelm and TEG Solstheim. The guides spell out the mods secrets and requirements as well as the usual quest list but try not to offer quest spoilers.

The Solstheim guide should shed light on the background lore and role play opportunities, especially for the Morag Tong for those who did not notice the various aids to role play added to that feature of this mod. It also explains which mods TEG Solstheim directly supports (DLG) and which mod features (Telvanni quests and locations) from other mods are considered important to TEG Solstheim to complete it and make it feel whole.

TEG Windhelm whilst a story mod that allows you to become Jarl of Windhelm and eventually High King, has another place within the Skyrim Upgrade series I am making. That is as an end of Civil War plot story for the Stormcloaks and an optional end for the Imperials. The start of the Civil War plot is provided by Return to Helgen Part 1 which supports both the Imperials and the Stormcloaks.

Both mods tell the same story, one as a fort governor, the other as Jarl. Naturally you will want to start as Governor and get promoted to Jarl and then High King so knowing the sequence to play these mods in is important.

As explained in the guide, neither mod is a civil war mod so there is a great big hole in this story that can be filled with a Civil War mod in the future. A mod I am planning out and should work with other Civil War mods if my plans work out. I do not edit default quests and do not need to edit Bethesdas Civil War quests to make a civl war mod. So the entire issue of compatibility becomes mute, its a none issue.

For me at least.
What other modders choose to edit or not may be an issue for them, but that is not my problem.

The chances are high that the Civil War features will be added to Return to Helgen and be given to the player by the Commanders assistant as part of Return to Helgens Part 1s quest line, since Return to Helgen already has the required support for it built in.

You can read the TEG Windhelm Guide HERE.

You can read the TEG Solstheim Guide HERE.

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