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Welcome to The Guild Home of Giskard and his mods We host some of the best Quest mods for TES and Fallout here. And remember, we also host guides for them if you get stuck.

skyrimiconThe Skyrim Fighters Guild V1.2 has been released and is available on the forums, this release is to address an issue with the Mighty Radcliff quest reported to me by Diamondman, knight_shoruko. Thanks guys.

The original quest worked fine in testing but broke when released. I suspect it worked for those who had finished the Civil war quest line but not for those who had not because my trigger box was inside the civil war trigger box and i suspect that caused the game to disable my trigger.

It is literally a box inside a box... with the box in the middle being ignored. A Skyrim bug basically.

Let me know if this bug affected you. I wish to know if you had done the civil war quests or not, just to confirm this theory since it is important information for a modder like me to know. I have suspected this for years but never been in a position to prove it until now.

The Mighty Radcliff quest has been moved to the bridge near the Windhelm Stables that leads to Anga's Mill. Safely outside any other triggers and does work now.

IndieGameIcon1Elite is a fully fledged PC game, one of the first since 2010 when console titles took over our platform. Joystick control is a definite advantage and if you look at the dev videos of them testing the game, they all use PC joysticks, not gamepads.

Not all joysticks are the same, some like my Cyborg Fly 5 Flight Stick look cool but are really crappy controllers. So buying the rignt one matters.

Unfortunately the default keys are a mess, and are labeled using names that have no meaning to us, so we have no idea what they keys do until we set them up and press them and blow the crap out of some station. Add to this that the video tutorials refer to keys you assigned for features and you have a lot tutorials that assume you know the game, which makes the tutorials pointless.

There is no getting away from the fact this game needs a paper manual, in an age when paper manuals no longer exist. Devs should start building their manuals in to their games, so we can read them in game where we need them to be. I spent 4 hours just trying to work out the basics and I spent a further 4 hours watching other player sin multiplayer messing up in the same way I did at first. You cannot avoid looking like an idiot, the game is not easy to get in to.

At first the missions and traveling feels really boring until you work out that the blue text saying its safe to drop out of hyper/super space or what ever they call it will drop you right next to your destination if you press it now.

IndieGameIcon1Elite Dangerous has been released as of 12 noon today (16th Dec 2014). To download it I had to do my account on the Elite Dangerous Store website and download the "Elite: Dangerous Single Player Combat Training" file. Then select Elite Dangerous as the file to be installed.

None of which was explained when I pre ordered the game last night.

Also Elite was due to be released at £50 but they seem to have had second thoughts and released it at £40 today. A good sign. I got the pre order price by ordering at Midnight last night so I am happy with that.

I noticed they are already selling new skins for the ships for £2 and £3 each and each skin is for 1 ship. Probably the ones you get for free with the pre order. But it raises a issue for me on kickstarter games generally.

Developers get their games crowd funded, when they get reach the target amount, they go for extended goasls so bring in more money than they said they needed to make the game.

Then they use keeping their backers on Kickstarter happy as a reason for selling a game at inflated prices. Prices that are often £15 more than normal PC games. Excluding EA games which go fort £60+ and tend to be shit. In fact there is a golden rule forming with these expensive games these days. The more you have to pay, the worse the game is.

Its like they want to make as much money as they can on release day because they know within 24 hours metacritics is going to down vote them and after that they will be forced to drop the price.

Either way, I think a lot of big name developers are abusing Kickstarter so I'll be sticking with early access on Steam I think whilst taking note of the companies that are worst for it and avoiding them in the future. Unless of course they gain a reputation for putting the kickstarter funds to go use. In which case I may just over look their apparent greed and give them a chance.Business is business but taking the piss our of your customers gets noticed....That is a general comment btw, not aimed at Frontier for Elite, just something I have noticed.

skyrimiconJust to keep everybody informed about my plans for christmas. I will be doing a little light modding over the Christmas period, preparing locations for quests, level design stuff like that because I do not want to find my self in a position were I miss christmas because I spent too much time in the editor.

I am hoping to be ready to start making quests for Dark Lore Grimoire V3 early in the new year, which is when the voice actors will be required. But I am playing this by ear since I have no idea at this point just how much time I will spend modding between now and then and Elite is due out tomorrow and I am hoping it will be good.

For those who do not know, Dark Lore Grimoire is getting a special update for a Solitude Mages Guild, an independant guild that went it alone when the Mages Guild disbanded. Its plot line is worked out already and will involve the Thalmor, a lost Legion and a Dwemer ruin as well as a little politics. The Guild Hall will operate a lot like mages supply shop even for none members since serving the community was part of its charter with old King of Skyrim.

The Guild Hall is actually all finished, here are some screenshots of it, click on them to Enlarge the Imagines.


One of the biggest let downs in Skyrim is the fact each cell only supports a limited number of lights before the lights start producing odd side effects, so all levels have to have general lighting site because any attempt at artist lighting is going to trigger those side effects. Big shame that.

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