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Welcome to The Guild Home of Giskard and his mods We host some of the best Quest mods for TES and Fallout here. And remember, we also host guides for them if you get stuck.

NewsIconSome visitors seem a little confused by the whole private forum and downloads thing so allow me to explain it nice and clearly. My primary motivation is to enjoy sharing mods with you all. Having tried several different ways of doing that, I have found this is the best way.

A private forum and private download area for those who want to be here, also has other advantages such as more feedback, it is easier to recruit voice actors that allows me to make more mods, donations are also up but trolling and abuse is down. Also a happy Giskard makes more mods than an unhappy Giskard so those who sign up for the mods, get more mods from me this way.

When the forum and downloads are public, feedback is none exitant, donations are none existant, voice actors are impossible to recruit and trolling flows from Beth and Nexus directly on to my forums where they make sharing mods with you a horrible experience. So an unhappy Giskard makes less mods and you get less of what you came here for.

So you see, I have a massive intentive to keep things as they are and it also benefits my regular forum members too who get a steady steam of first class quest mods from one of the Elder Scrolls busiest mod makers.

I realise this upsets some members of the TES community that some how feel they have a god given right to all mods but honestly, at the end of the day, the trouble they cause me means its not worth my while supporting them or sharing mods with them. A position THEY put me in ironically. 

Mean whole I continue to turn out good mods every few months regardless. More because I am not dealing with trolls constantly.

That is why TEG has the system it has and it benefits every single forum member on this site because at the end of the day, they get more mods as a result of it.

VoiceActorIconWhilst the Voice Actors Guild here at TEG is still waking up, the early signs are that it is way out of practice and so Mr K has been put back in charge of the VA Guild to get them up to speed. The part 1 lines have now been done and of course I was once again let down by a lot of voice actor volunteers who will have a second chance to deliver what they promised in part 2 before I start branding them as time wastes and ban their asses from my website.

It is sad but voice actor volunteers are the single biggest reason why large quest mods die and disappear or get released with no voice lines at all. They are destructive, harmful and no friend of the modder or the mod user. People write quests expecting the volunteers to be ready to do the lines, when they dont, most modders have voice lines and no voice actors, mods they cannot release, they just wasted their time making the mod.

VoiceActorIconI have posted some lines in the Voice Actors Guild for several NPCS for the Solitude Mages Guild feature of Dark Lore Grimoire. Part 1 of the lines can be found HERE with an audition for the Master of the Scrye HERE, I want the Master of the Scrye to sound a lot like a really bad fortune teller.

A Help Sheet to explain how the Voice Actors Guild works and what is expected of you can be found in the Voice Actors Guild on the forum HERE.

To get on my private forums and access the Voice Actors Guild you will need to agree to these rules HERE. I may need voice actors but not at the expense of allowing trolls on to the forum. I am not that desparate.

The lines are for the first quest and the initial voice lines for characters that will probably not get additional lines added to them. But there are another 9 quests and several NPCs that will have lines added to them that have not been posted yet. The Master of the Scrye being 1 of them.





skyrimiconThe year is 1st Era 699.

Kagrenac is deep within Red Mountain working on his profane experiment to create a Dwemer god.

The elves have hidden away the Heart of Lorkhan in a small Dwemer city called Lodhost in order to prevent nords from getting their hands on their heros heart. Lost in an ancient battle eons ago.

Battlemaster Dhark gets word that the Nords know the heart is in Lodhost and are on their way to take it back by force. Orders to spirit the heart away to Red Mountain where Kagrenac eagerly awaits the chance to study it, are given. Lodhost is told to destroy the Nord Army at all costs and prevent it following the heart back to Red Mountain, which has other problems to deal with.

Over a period of days the Nords besiege Lodhost and finally break through the gates and storm the Dwemer city and are never seen again.

With the nord army missing or destroyed, any hope of following up spy reports that the heart had been taken to Red Mountain where gone. The heart was lost to the Nords again...

A few months later Dagoth Ur approached the nords under a flag of peace and told them of the Heart and its role in the battle against the Chimer. Telling them they could have the Heart back if they joined him in battle against the Chimer. Which they did and once again suffered a defeat at The Battle of Red Mountain in 1E700. During the same battle their Dwemer allies disappeared entirely.

For centuries Scholars asked what happened at the Battle of Red Mountain, what happened to the Dwemer, why were the nords defeated. These questions would shape the future of Skyrim for eras to come.

But Lodhost, a minor battle in the scheme of things, was forgotten, becoming a tale Nords told to their children to teach them not to trust an Elf.

Eras later Dragons returned to Skyrim and Mages at the Solitude Mages Guild got in to an argument about the truth behind the childrens tale of Lodhost. Little knowing where that disagreement would lead them.

Below are 6 screenshots of the lost city of Lodhost for you to enjoy.... now about to be populated with bad guys and have quests written for it.

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