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NewsIconThe BBC is reporting that new anti Troll Laws are on the way for those who make fake accounts in order to harrass somebody on social media.

As you know I have been the target of that sort of thing since 2008, members of the Elder Scrolls community stalked me for making you mods for the best part of a decade. Since they started many new harassment/cyberstalking laws have been introduced to combat their behavior and this is one the latest new laws set to hit the UK soon.

You can read the BBC News report about it here.

As I keep saying.... the law has caught up with the trolls, today trolling comes with a very real threat of imprisonment.

I often see trolls laughing at the thought of being caught, they do what I call the invincible dance. Because they not smart enough to have seen a day coming when Anti Troll laws would criminalise them. Which is exactly what has been happening over the past 5 years.

2015 saw more trolls that came here dealt with than any other year because website owners could not ignore reports of illegal activities anymore. The BBC had more stories of Trolls being prosecuted in 2015 than any previous year. This new law grants me even greater power to deal with the most common source of harassment I see,  the fake account maker.

fallout4logoI have written a guide to help you total noobie modders get started modding Fallout 4 once the editor is released in April.

There are many noobie mistakes new modders make due to their lack of experience & there many time wasters that just have not learned yet that they are never going to make a mod because they clearly do not like doing the leg work. As an experienced modder, I can spot the later type of player fairly quickly, and I know where the noobie mistakes come from.

So I have written a guide to explain how to avoid learning bad modding practicies in the first place, who tends to give the best avoid for new modders, how to find it, why the wiki can be a mixed blessing and the importance of planning a mod and updating that plan as you learn more.

I also cover how making smaller mods soon build up your modding expertese until you can make a larger mod with the knowledge you have gained.

Remember "Keep it simple because it will get complicated all on its own"

Total modding noobies can read the new "Making your first Fallout 4 Mod" guide here.

fallout4logoLooks like Todd Howard has given a time frame for the Fallout modding tools, it will be April by the sounds of it. Only just within the "early 2016" time frame given last year and also becomes the longest gap between a Beth games release and the release of the construction kit for that game.

This time it is understandable because they are going to be hosting mods them selves, so its not just a simple release of the editor we are talking about here.

Also Beth has stated that the console support for mods will follow about a month later.

You can read all about it HERE.

My own mods will not be on Beths service if it is linked to their forums. Their forums are dangerous places, full of trolls, out of control stalkers and cause of a great deal of trouble thanks to Beths poor moderation of the forums.

I will be using any other system they employ providing it is well moderated and well run and does not enforce major restrictions on me as a modder. That means, it is likely that my mods will be available to console users for the first time.

I would point out though that if everybody uses consoles to use mods, the number of gamers on the PC will shrink and Beth will stop supporting the PC completely in time and then nobody will get any mods because you need the PC to make them. So I would not see this as a good solution, because its not. At best it allows console users to see whats good about owning a PC.

fallout4logoWe have a new Fallout 4 Settlement Guide available that explains the basics and some more advanced strategies for building and controlling your growing Empire in Fallout 4. Explaining how to use smaller settlements to help larger ones and provide bases for defensive or offensive strikes against near by enemy settlements.

Read the new Fallout 4 Settlement Guide HERE.

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