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This is the voodoo that I do! From 1980 to Present Day! Too many games to mention There is always a next project.

NewsIconIt is hard to trust players when many of them sneak in to TEG under false pretences to cause mischief.

I had some starting posts with "I know this is going to get me banned but"... which is a confession that they are about to break the site rules and do not care. Basically the sort of person TEG does not want on its anti troll forums. These have been moved to a special group with limited access and will be dealt with in due course. 

Others have said they are sorry to see me go, only I am not going anywhere, they are, now the mods are gone they are leaving. Which says they did not come here to join the guild in the first place. So their access has been limited to all ranks below Adapt.

The second the mods where removed, the naughty little boys and girls revealed them selves. Now I know who they are, I have dealt with them. I also purged 1500 acounts of users that did not want to be here. 

Auto promotion to Guild Master on the site has been disabled too. Now Guild Master is an invite only group very much like the Mechstorm Team group back in the Mechstorm days. All the cool stuff will be happening at this level now.

NewsIconI have posted a reminder of my permissions for my TES and Fallout mods since I fully expect the Elder Trolls and Fallout Trolls to openly rip them off now I have quit. They usually drive away talented modders before claiming their work as their own, then spend the next 3 years living of the kudos they get for making tiny changes to the mods once every month or so.

These people DO NOT have my permission to do that and I want users to understand most will do things to my mods that I have openly said was dangerous. So when they do, when they break my mods understand this. They do not have permission, they ignored the advice of the guy that made all the mods, all the mods did work before they got their hands on them and they are draining you of kudos they simply do not deserve.

If anything, they cost you a real modder and replaced me with a talentless troll who is not going to make you the sort of mods I would have made you. So do not thank these people, they did not do you any favours.

You could have had a Great War mods for Oblivion involving the Thalmor vs Titus Medi, a whole new quest line for the Skyrim Fighters Guild and a Civil War mod this year if not for them because those where my next 3 projects before I quit. Now your getting nothing...

These are my permissions, they have not changed since 2008 so if you read them before, you will know what they are now.

Click here to read the permissions for my mods.

You can ignore me and support those who try and rip off my work if you like but understand this, they will do this again to other modders you like and you will lose more of your favourite mods until Skyrim looks like Oblivion where only trolls mod and rehash the same old classic mods for kudos and no original work gets made anymore.

Always support original mod makers, we are the producers of new mods... without us, you have nothing to look forward too.

GalacticCvi3LogoExcept for the banners above which will be updated at some point AFTER Galactic Civ is released (which is today btw). TEG is ready for Galactic Civ 3.

I have cleaned out all the Elder Scrolls and Fallout material, told those who think I could stay and keep on being flamed and robbed so they can enjoy my mods where to go, and made various changes to site to allow for the fact no other community is as nasty towards its modders as the Elder Scrolls/Fallout communities. 

So much of what was nessessary just to keep on modding for the Elder Scrolls and stay safe whilst doing it, is simply not needed at for other communities. No gaming community is as bad as the TES one in this department.

TEG is now closer to what Mechstorm before TES trolls forced me to close it, but unlike Mechstorm and Respawn that where closed because of TES trolls in 2008. TEG is hosted in the UK and falls under UK law with full logging and the usual security turned. I am hoping to return to the days when modding was a fun communal activity on my site and move away from the Fortress TEG situation that had to exist in order to mod TES games.

So I am looking forward to leaving that behind and modding in a more friendly enviroment again.

I may even form a modding team and create a total conversation, perhaps a Babylon 5 total conversation or something similar. I will see....  First I intend to enjoy the full game when its released. I already have over 50 hours in the early access release.


NewsIconYou have all seen a fine example of Elder Scrolls fans behavoir again this week, even if you had your head down a toilet for the 9 years I have modded Bethesda games, you should be starting to understand why I went private. Why I rejected this shit after they did it over on Bethesda and Nexus forums to me when I still openly supported TES fans.

Some of you are still deluding your self in to believing a majority of TES fans are good, they are not, a majority of TES fans I see are thieving trollish scumbags. If there are any good ones amongst them, they are hidding silently in a corner letting thieves run their communities and drive away their best modders.

Since March we have had players flaming modders in mass for simply being modders because a mega cooperation decided to sell mods, we never got asked, but we got flamed for it anyway regardless of whether we where selling mods or not. The same trolls you supported back then when you kicked off over the paid mods, formed groups to steal paid for mods on REDDIT under threads labeled "ModPiracy" and Reddit allowed them to do it. Many of you spoke to them as if there was nothing wrong and considered your self a good person. Which should tell you even an axe murderer in the Elder Scrolls community would pass as a good person.

After you all got your way and went back to your nice little lives, those sort of groups did not disbanned, they kept on rampaging across modders websites like mine, we have had to deal with them ever since the Steam Paid mods issue. It has never ended. You supported them, cheered them gave them a manidate to continue and they have done.

They have been looking for new targets since then and they found TEG. They came here, the stole my private mods from my private area of this site and thought it was funny. Many players talked to them and called me a cunt whilst those thieves where breaking in to my site and stealing my work. Again, those TES and Fallout fans consider them selves to be good people.....  Which shows the sort of warped mentality that I have had to contend with for the past 9 years.

Making over 35 large quest mods is an achievement nobody in the TES or Fallout community as matched either on their own, or as part of a team. My reward for working my ass off has been that I am now the most flamed modder in TES and Fallout history and most folk just took it for granted that I would keep on modding for them under those conditions.

Well, they invaded my santurary and stopped it being fun to mod for you so I am now stopping. I have had enough.

The process of removing all support for all Bethesda games from TEG has begun. The mods have already removed and so have the forums. Guides and tutorials will follow over the next few weeks.

I'll leave you with my youtube videos so you count cost of supporting trolls and thieves..... Was it worth it!

PS I have just been told the people that stole my mods recently also made an account on a Russian Child Porn site in my name..... I said this before and I'll say this again, one day this will lead to somebody being killed or dying.... they really do not know when to stop.


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