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This is the voodoo that I do! From 1980 to Present Day! Too many games to mention There is always a next project.

skyrimiconAnother new guide, this time for players with tips for modders included. This guide lists the type of mods you will come across and the typical conflicts they cause. Explaining how you should use such mods, what dangers to expect and how to spot an experienced modder or a noobie based on how they made their mod.

Skyim Mod Types and the conflicts they cause.

Hippos Singing Klingon Opera is a bonus feature of this guide :)


skyrimiconI have writen an overview of the most common Skyrim Events modders should learn in a new guide on this site. It includes examples of how to use them, tips on what to avoid, does and dont's intended stop you writing bad code that will stop your mod functioning reliably. How to write papyrus friendly events and how to avoid papyrus heavy commands that will break the game.

Skyrim Papyrus is a very buggy and flakely language to write scripts for, knowing the work arounds helps a lot and my work arounds have been used dozens of my quests successfully. So I know you will find this useful.

Common Skyrim Events Overview.

NewsIconYesterday 1000s of accounts got purged to ensure these fuckers and all their friends where gone from TEG along with all the lying bastards that came here for the mods not the guild. None these people respected the fact TEG was a private guild with private mods. They all lied and cheated to get in and get access to private mods. All of them thought they where some how entitled to private work made here for my guild members and said what ever they needed to say to gain entry. They faked friendship, lied about their motives for joining and did so by the 1000.  I have daggers in my back to prove it, placed there by so called forum friends.

So excuse me if friendship has not saved your account from being purged. 

Those who are banned will see a 404 error where the forum used to be or your email will not work here anymore, but that could be your spam filter too so check. Everybody else as just lost their accounts, you can make another account.

You will also notice the forum is entirely private now, you need an account on the forum to read the forum. Only this news page is public so visitors will only see what I want them to see. Everything else is entirely private.

Now I have some points to make.

First, The purge system is not a scalple, it is hammer..... So lots of people got caught in the purge, some did nothing wrong.

Second, Real friends and real guild members do not need to creep, ass kiss nor donate to prove them selves.... They know how to behave and make friends and earn a persons trust.  I'll be watching and inviting some of them in to TEGs private area.

TEG should be considered a Clan, at Clan level we will be having fun and doing things and sharing private work. Sometimes, when I feel like it, I may share something publicly, but there will be no automatic release of every new mod or update I make anymore.

I know this latest round of crap started during the Paid for mods farce on Steam when I said players might want to try being nice to modders if they want our cooperation. The thread brought people here and given how many mods I have released since October last year, the result was a shark like feeding frenzy only involving trolls and thieves instead of sharks.

I will not be making that mistake again.

Guild Masters will get access to everything I make, I will be working at my normal pace so that should be quite a lot of mods. Everybody will have to live with the odd scrap I throw out. The odd update for a mod, or version 1 of a new mod but without any hope of updates or fixes.

I only mod for users at the Guild Masters level now... only they should expect anything from me. 

As for other fans of games that are not TES or Fallout related. Until you make me regret modding for you as TES and Fallout fans have done many times. None of this will apply to you, most mods for other games will be public, as will the forums for those games. What ever those games may be. You will have to piss me off as TES and Fallout fans have done, before I treat your communities this way too.


NewsIconThe Night of the long knives is over folks.... 

TEG has been purged of all the assholes, I had to wait a few weeks to weed out some but taking the mods down helped flush them out. The second they where gone, many started mouthing off and revealed their true colours.

Half the knives in my back where put there people who called me friend, so this purge played no favorites, only those that used the site these past 2 weeks when TEG had no mods, who had filled in their profiles and generally understood my position survived. The rest are history.

They can sign up again but they will not get download access by posting anymore, they system was heavily abused by 1000s of TES and Fallout fans that ignored the private aspect of the guild and lied and cheated to get to the mods. So now mod access is by invitation only and I'll be far too busy modding to give most folk the attention they need in order to earn access.

And if anybody asks me for access, I am going to ban them immediately.  Those who used stolen work are also going to be banned the second I identify them.

I am not too worried about the mods, all the stolen mods will be out dated soon enough and then will be obsolete. So its not even a concern for me really.

Truth is I put on a bit of performance this month so I could find out who could be trusted and who could not. Now I know and I will making mods for the people I know I can trust.

The mods that got stolen will serve as demos for my future releases and the thieves that stole them will now serve as my hard working advertisement agents, who bring in more mod users to TEG for me. After all, all publicity is good publicity.

But like Moses, they can lead the people here with their bitching and flaming, but may not enter the promised land them selves. They are for ever banned from TEG.

I actually talked about this in my blog from 25th April entitled "Do not feed the trolls" before all this happened. If you read it, you will know how these trolls and thieves made them selves my servants the second they targeted me. If you did not read it, read it now.

I'll be modding as usual, but have made some changes to the site, the strict forum system is gone, it is not needed now the Guild is invitation only. People do not post to unlock the downloads anymore, they abused that system too much.

New arrivals may post on the forum and anybody that proves to me they want to be here after 1000 or so posts may get invited in to the private Guild area where I am making my mods. Most will be wasting their time though, I will probably not even notice them so they will be noobies for ever.

It would have been easier to get download access under the old system than it will be under the new system, but the abuse of the system by players and THESE THIEVES put and end to that.  So now your screwed.

TEG is a private site, the mods made here are PRIVATE, access is invitation only and I am very fussy who I send an invitation too after what happened.

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