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fallout4logoWe are coming to a consensus now on the forums that Fallout 4 is a good shooter but a bad RPG. There are many reasons for this, the perk tree attempt to combine stats, perks and skills on one page and dropping many of the older perks and skills in order to fit them in, is just 1 of the reasons. 

So the RPG side of Beth games is dead and gone now. Fallout 4, follows the path I expected Beth to take after seeing how Skyrim turned out. Since Skyrim Bethesda have focused on appealing to casual gamers. Aiming to please the pick up and go crowd more than the hard core fans.

As a result Skyrim is played less than Oblivion.

Fallout 4 is another game made in that same mold. Clearly made for consoles and clearly game lore is less important than blowing stuff up.

So whether you will enjoy fallout 4 or not depends on how deeply your bothered about game lore, PC controls, the interface and the lack of RPG features.

I will finish by saying your interest in Fallout 4 will end when you get sick of shooting things. There is a burn out factor here that may see Fallout 4 becoming the least played Bethesda game of all time.

fallout4logoThis is not review, I am simply going tell you what my first impression of Fallout 4 is after 14 hours in game.

Speaking as PC user with zero history of console ownership (I dont like gamepads or most games made for consoles) I have to say this is a console game, the mouse support is dire, restricted at best to aiming and turning, other mouse functions are glitchy and you will soon be using the keyboard to do things because of the mouse issues.

Performance wise, my computer falls roughly in the middle of the games specs, Quad Core 3.4ghz, Gforce GTX660TI (2 gig onboard) and 16 gig of ram and I am able to turn most of the detail settings up to ultra and still achieve 60fps because the graphics in the game are in fact very dated but still good enough for this type of game. I would take features over graphics any day of week.

Gamepad functions are mapped directly on to the Keyboard so you end up having to press the E, R, Escape and Arrow Keys a lot, which is tricky because you still need to have 1 hand on the mouse and the arrow keys are not at the same side of the keyboard as the other common keys. Which tells me Beth did not do much testing on the PC.

Fallout 4s interface is probably the worst interface ever released with a Bethesda game I would say. It drops any pretence to support the PC and just pretty much forces the console way upon us whether we like it or not. As a result I spent the first 5 hours of this game cursing Bethesdas poor choice of interface as I found my self fighting the controls as often was I was fighting the super mutants.

The intro takes about an hour to complete, which is far too long and its not that interesting either. So long term replay value may prove to be the shortest of all Beths games. Especially since the game has felt rather shallow so far.

Most quests are pretty repeatative so far, mostly goffer quests, eg go for this, go for that, kill everything at this location etc. Some quests also give rise to questional lore inaccuracies, especially involving the Brotherhood of Steel. I got the impression this is a sandbox game not a story driven game because the story is weak, does not appear to know where its going and you quickly forget about it.

The world space is smaller but they made use of the 64bit CPUs superior processing abilities to pack a lot on to the smaller worldspace. So your basically walking through some pretty dense terrain, lots of houses, lots of NPCs shooting at you, it is a very busy action game basically.

The worldspace is actually pretty good, but it does feel very cluttered.DEspite what some reviews have claimed, there are elements of humor in the game. For example, I defended the US Constitution. You will get the joke when you do the quest.

On the flip side, it is a good action game, lots of shooting volved, and a fair few bugs too but less than most Bethesda releases which is a surprise. Also many of the character Animations are far better than Beth usually do despite what reviewers have said. The stone faced NPCs are not so stone faced now, more of a hard clay face but still and improvement.

Sadly the world appears to be static, you are never going to run in to a patrol of super mutants for example. All bad guys stand around waiting for you to come to them Max Payne Style. Outside scripted mission events, you should not expect any surprises. Inside scripted events you are going to see bad guys popping in to existance in a script like fashion. So searching an area first makes zero difference and when they say clear an area, they mean clear and area of the NPCs they just spawned, your going to find other targets still exist when quests are completed, so the area clearly is not clear when the quest is over and done with.

Beth have even started using the "Resident" title for eye candy NPCs and adopted some of the worst practices of other developers. But it still has a lot of original NPCs, so its not such an issue.

Over all Beth did a very amateur job on the games NPCs and Quests, the whole thing feels like Bethesda interns handled that part of the game. Character Animation and Worldspace designs are probably the games best side.

All of the RPG side is now squeezed in to the perks tree so its a bit of a joke now, just like Skyrim was.

When you factor in the lack of any real attempt at PC support, the fast action workspace and poor RPG support, what I said beths next game would be like back in 2011 after we all saw Skyrim has turned out to be true.

It is entertaining but it is going to piss off a lot of RPG fans, PC fans and Fallout fans.... only casual gamers are going to be totally happy with it. I think its safe to say Beth are now a console shooter developer.

Speaking for my self, I got the game I expected to get, Bethesda did not surprise me in anyway. So I am neither happy nor disappointed.

fallout4logoFallout 4 is due for release at midnight tonight and I have been reading some of the reviews by people that dont live with their heads up a developers arse. From what I have gathered there will be no surprises for old Fallout players in Fallout 4.

The game is just as buggy as we expected, the NPCs are just as shallow as always, the game world is just what we expected it to be so the same old rules apply to purchasing this Bethesda game as applied to all others released so far.

I hear it lacks the humour of Fallout New Vegas since Obsidan played no part in this, but that means the game will be balanced better since Bethesda does a far better job of balancing games than Obsidan and balancing such a large game is the real trick anyway.

In fact most of Obsidans games from Never Winter Nights 2 on wards all had balancing issues, including Pillars of Eternity.

I read the new city management system is clunky, annoying and feels bolted on, but fear not, Bethesda always over complicated these things. Their way is not the only way to do it. If Fallout 4 turns out to be any good, I'll show you what I mean by that.

Overall though be on the look out for disappearing pit boys, lots of crashes, dogs that swim on land (funny, we have seen that bug before) and the usual predictable stuff we all expect from Bethesda, a company that always makes the same release day mistakes, game after game after game.

If you think you will hold off on buying it for that reason, give it until Feburary, by then Beth games are usually playable. Or give it until next August, that is usually how long it takes for most issues to be fixed.

Just remember, not all fixes are backwards compatible with your saved games, so unless you start a new game when each new patch is released, you may not benefit from the fixes at all. So if dont see an issue fixed after a patch says it is fixed... that could be why.

In fact a tip I would give to all Beth game fans is restart with new characters often, try out different styles of play since they make a massive difference to how their games play out. Beth tend to be good in that area. Avoid sticking with the same character for years.I still people playing my mods with characters 5 years old and talking about issues I fixed long ago because their old character was used in an old version of my mods and the bugs got saved in to their characters saves. Where as newer characters dont have the same problem. It is an issue with Bethesda games, especialy when papyrus is involved.

You will appreciate the game more when you see how different it feels if you specialise your character in one area instead of trying to be good at everything. When your forced to stay in character, everything changes.

At the time writing is there are already 32 Fallout reviews on Steam and game is not even out for another 9 hours. All of them are saying things like "OMG OMG OMG its Fallout 4" and giving it max scores. Guess people are excited or something lol.

I am avoiding all spoilers so I can enjoy my first impression of the game without any expectations, nothing I have heard so far comes as a surprise to me, in fact it is everything i expected and brought the game expecting it to be this way. Which is not a bad thing, a bad thing would be buying a game and getting something entirely different. That feeling like you got mislead in to believing it was the same old thing you liked then ended up with something totally different.

Which is a problem other developers have but not so much Bethesda who stick to their own formula for games.

Over all... it sounds like business as usual from Bethesda.

NewsIconThis was posted on my forum by Ron today, I felt it was interesting so here is a cut and paste of what he wrote.

Earlier this year, a Harvard Law School student launched a petition to the US Copyright Office to allow for abandoned online games to become exempt to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. This would mean that games abandoned by publishers with dead DRM servers could legally be cracked and played again. The EFF was trying to make it legal for owners of non-MMO titles to circumvent DRM in order to keep playing the games they own and this week, they succeeded.
Now thanks to the US Copyright Office’s ruling this week, games that have a single-player component that requires online authentication to access can be modified or copied if the publisher has formally shut down the servers for longer than six months.
Unfortunately, this ruling only covers single-player components. It is still technically not legal for users to modify or copy multiplayer content, even after publishers abandon the servers. This is something that the EFF was fighting for but couldn’t quite achieve.
The new ruling also keeps console modification illegal for those wanting to circumvent defunct DRM practises tied to the hardware itself. However, if a museum or publicly accessible, non-commercial institution wanted to modify old console hardware in order to make a game playable for demonstration purposes, they are free to do so. Those of you who are interested can find the full ruling, HERE. Obviously different parts of the world will have different laws when it comes to copyright protection and game preservation, this ruling covers the US.
I hope this movement gets implement all over the world
Link to Article : Protection for Fair Use
End of cut and paste.
Given what large publishers like to shut down the servers of their online authentification systems every few years so games we paid for stop working, this gives customers some way to keep playing those games after that happens. I must admit this was on aspect of the digital age I did not like and considered to be unfair.
Though I do think if the game was abandoned and all official servers shut down, then the multiplayer side of the game should have been included in the rulling. Still perhaps it will in future if this change to US law works out.
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