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Welcome to The Guild Home of Giskard and his mods We host some of the best Quest mods for TES and Fallout here. And remember, we also host guides for them if you get stuck.

IndieGameIcon1Look what got released 2 days ago, first Planety Annihilation comes out of Early Access, then SpaceBase DF-9 is announced as being released properly next month and now Wasteland 2 appears as well. The Digital revolution that Kickstarter and Early Access started on the PC is starting to pay us back boys and girls.

SteamiconHere is an exciting bit of news, I have followed this game for a while and played the alphas and betas and it has been lots of fun, if buggy early on, much better now.

News from the devs, Double Fine Productions, is Spacebase DF-9 is getting released next month. Guess I'll have to move it out of my Steam Early Access group. But where to put it... in Sims.... RTSGs.... problems, problems....

This game for me is a trip back down memory lane when these types of games were common place the first person shooters did not dominate everything. The era of Theme Hospital, Theme Park, StarTopia and the later Tycoon series. I played the best ones to death, absolutely loved them. Many years later I still play Startopia.

Spacebase DF-9 is one of those types of games, though I heard it compared to Dwarven Fortress, whilst I have not seen that game, I do know these types of games have been around for decades.

Anyway, you will all soon get your chance to build your own space station and make it livable for your crew and fight off aliens, gather resources and generally have fun. This has been one of the most interesting Early Access games on my list this past year and is about to hit Version 1...


They are releasing the full LUA source for modders too.... so Skyrim, you may just lose me to Spacebase DF-9..... maybe... I have been known to work miracles with LUA :)

skyrimiconI have started work on the next version of Solstheim, I wanted to sort out the Redoran Guard quests as a priority since they were a compromise of work arounds and the less annoying bugs when I made it. Originally I spent 6 weeks trying to solve the resurrection bug problems and then final 4 quests for the Guards were not pretty as a result of those work arounds.

So I went back and redid the guards quests, deleting the 4 affected quests and replacing them with 1 brand new quest that works has I originally wanted the Guards Quests to work back in Jan 2013 when I made this mod (Was called House Redoran back then).

The new quest has far more variety than the original 4 it replaces, it has more variety in its rewards because I standardized it for the Redoran Guard reward tables adding a lot of randomization to it, all Redoran Guard quests use that new table for rewards now. I randomized the number of enemies you have to fight so the battles are never predictable and made the whole thing a repeatable quest. I am thinking of increasing the max size of the randomly generated army to make the battles even more fun but I know Skyrim runs in to problems when too many things die at once. So that will have to be heavily tested. The current setting works fine and adjusting it means editing 1 line in the quest script, easy as pie.

Kept it nice and Simplez :)

You still get attacked by the Argonians, Pirates, Reavers and Ash spawn but they level with you now, the number of baddies changes and the reward as explained above. Its much better, more polished and very very slick now.

It is effectively what I orginally planned.

Oh and 1 new feature I did not originally plan on, the Redoran Guard Officer gives you a telling off if you approach him out of uniform. The only way he will give you jobs, is if your wearing a full suit of Redoran Guard Armour, no need for the shield though. I learned from the Elder Council mod uniform feature and added dialog options for each missing piece of armour so the player will know exactly which piece is missing.

The next job is to add more quests for House Redoran and the Temples.

skyrimiconDark Lore Grimoire V2 has been released on Steam Workshop and here at TEG for TEG forum members. Version 2 is a massive update and increases the file size considerably, at this rate it will not be long before the mod is too big for Steam Workshop.

New to version 2.... omg where do I start.

Brand new spell making and spell book making system, allowing you to create books purely to sell or to use for creating minions as a member of the Order of the Black Worm.  Also allows you to upgrade Dark Lore default spells to level 2 or 3.

Brand New Necromancer Guild, known in mod as The Order of the Black Worm
Featuring the Apocolypse Altar which you create your minions on and a Shade of Reverence device for turning grand soul gems in to Black soul gems.

Tel Mithryn has been expanded, how you can become a mage within House Telvanni and not just a goffer.

Lots of new merchants and other misc features, far far far too many to list, but when you visit Tel Mithryn and you noticed the hello and good bye messages sound very close to those used on Morrowind, you will start to understand the depth here in V2.

Oh and Version 2 comes with 22 brand new Quests. 12 for the Order of the Black Worm and 10 for House Telvanni.

All topped off with tons and tons of rich juicy lore for you to immerse your self in.

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