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 fallout4logoDue out on April 12 is the Wasteland Workshop for Fallout 4, check out this video for the DLC.


falloutlogo As you may or may not know, Fallout 4s new Survival mode just hit beta on steam the other day and people have been pretty much flaming each other over the details ever since. Not very mature..... Still many other Fallout fans are having no trouble at all talking about this like adults, which is good to see given my plans to mod Fallout 4.

Survival mode seems to have gotten tempers up and its not hard to see why, its called Survival mode but its features described the sort of gameplay survival fans love, only that is NOT what they got. As a result, its split the community, some like the extra hard game play, others do not, but its not balanced nor well thought out either. Pretty much every opinion you can imagine is mixed in to that statement and only a few seem to like it at all.

So there is no concessus, Survival mode is not going to be a massive hit.

The trouble is, some people want to save their games, survival mode does not allow that. I would argue that saving would defeat the point of survival mode. So I believe players that want a save option, do not actually want a survival mode. But when you need 3000 bullets to kill something, a save is needed and that is the problem when adding a survival mode to hard difficulty, you shoot your self in the foot, destroying the every experience you try to create.

Others want to be able to fast travel, limiting fast travel increases realism but can make the game pretty boring in the long run. Its not really a survival feature or a difficulty feature. So probably should be left to the player to choose and not added to any mode of play. After all, the player can simple choose not to fast travel anywhere at any time.

Its not hard to do.

fallout4logoLets face it, we all wanted Fallout 4 to be more of an RPG and what we got was a shooter. What makes it worse is the Automatron DLC shows this was not a mistake, Beth wanted to make a shooter and future DLCs are going to deliver more shooter style gameplay.

So if a modder does not try and add more RPG to Fallout 4, nobody will and without meaning to wave my own flag too much. There is only 1 person that mods Beths games that has done this before on a massive scale and that is me. It is why the trolls flamed me, trolls being certain tool makers and patch makers plus 1 or 2 other modders that saw me as a threat and did all they could to destroy me and my work for 10 years.

Well, I have some bad news for them, I am going to do it all again for Fallout 4.

If they dont like it, then thats just frekkin tough.

NewsIconI have just been told Nexus got hacked 3 years ago, the details I was given were slightly confused but thats not important, I am not a Nexus user so I am not getting this information first hand.

The point it raised is what is important here anyway and that concerns recent changes to EU law to protect users when that sort of thing happens.

EU sites like Nexus and TEG are subject to those new EU laws from Dec 2015 and the changes to the law give us gamers more rights than we had a year ago.

Allow me to explain.

In Dec 2015, the EU passed several laws to protect its users from having their details stolen whilst generally tightening and improving other digital laws linked to internet use. We got the right to send digital products back for example, digital music, digital books, digital games, digital movies etc. Which is why we can now ask for refunds suddenly on digital games we do not like.

Steam which is not an EU company even offers the same thing, play a game for up to 2 hours and ask for a refund and you will get one, play it for 1 second more than 2 hours and you will not.

We also got the right to be forgotten by a company or site providing their is no legitimate reason to keep a users details on file. Being banned from TEG is a legitimate reason btw.

Another requirement was that a company that got hacked, had to inform its customers that their accounts may have been breached within 24 hours of the event.

Quote from the EU website.

The right to know when your data has been hacked: For example, companies and organisations must notify the national supervisory authority of serious data breaches as soon as possible (if feasible within 24 hours) so that users can take appropriate measures.

Link to an official summery of the law introduced in 2015.

Stronger data protection rules for Europe.

If you just want to read some news report about this change, just read this one.

One of the many things the EU did for you to protect you from nasty companies and hackers out there that the UK Government did not deem nessessary.

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