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fallout4logoWhat Fallout 4 Automatron delivers is a new workbench for crafting robots that uses up a lot of resources so you are going to run out extremely quickly and a short uninspired quest line.

Leaving random bot bad guys in the wasteland for you to shoot at and gather resources from when you are done with the story, if you can call "shoot this, shoot that, kill the main bad guy" to be a story at all.

Is it worth £7.99... Not for quests or the uninspired story, there is only about 1 or 2 hours of gameplay in the DLC, so it fails my value for money test by a large margin.

Taken as part of the original game though, it works rather well but what it supplies is pretty much what the default game did to death already. Eg combat, crafting and grinding.

What Fallout 4 needed is not in this DLC at all.

Fallout 4 is lacking a good story, lacking any kind of half decent RPG options, it is entirely combat and grinding and half the world does not respawn fully anyway, so once you get to level 45, your pretty much searching every corner for something to shoot at.


Assigning Robots to Settler jobs seems to be a bit Gitchy and does not work for all Robots. My first robot did not support such a feature and could not have its AI turned on for it. My Second robot could have an AI turned on for it and did work as a settler. Not sure why they were different, might have missed something.

I guess there is more to this than is explained in the DLC.

Since this is working, I am changing my thumbs down to a thumbs up.


fallout4logoFallout 4 Season Pass holders may notice Automatron is listed as NOT installed. For some strange reason Bethesda did not automatically enable it so this is what you have to do.

Right click on Fallout 4 in Steam and go to View Download Content, from there you untick Automatron, then retick it to force the download process to start.

A 475meg file will then start to download.

Have fun building your self an Army of robots :)

BTW it is aimed at characters of level 15 and over.

fallout4logo It is official folks, Fallout 4: Automatron will be released on the 22rd March 2016....


fallout4logoScarecrow posted some Survival mode details over on Steams forums HERE.

He says he will keep it up to date and has named his source as the Official Beth Twitter Channel. So its probably accurate.

This is a cut and paste of his findings so far, remember to check his post linked above for up todate information on this.

Survival Overhaul Feature List
This list will be updated, with each new announcement from Bethesda.


Is the struggle of this world merely a pleasant game for you?
Do you long for a more brutal take on a life lived post apocalypse?
If you answered "Yes and yes!", then Survival difficulty is for you!

Survival upends many of the rules of life in the Commonwealth for maximum challenge. For a full list of these changes, see below.

To enable Survival, press [Pause], select "Settings," then "Gameplay" and choose "Survival" from the "Difficulty" options.

Manual and quicksaving are disabled. To save your game, you'll need to find a bed and sleep for at least an hour.

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