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Welcome to The Guild Home of Giskard and his mods We host some of the best Quest mods for TES and Fallout here. And remember, we also host guides for them if you get stuck.

CrashnBurnIconI must say the last few years have been very disapointing on the games front on the PC. We have had too many bad console ports and not enough games that properly supported the PC. Also when I ask for votes for our game game of year, players vote for what they own even when it is totally crap. Nor do voters factor in the whole PC site wants a decent PC game for its game of the year thingy....

So I end up with a long line of bad console ports nobody remembers 3 months from now.

So I am not going to ask for votes this year. I am going to use my own Judgement and select a game that works great on the PC even if it is just on the PC. A game that supports the PC good enough to avoid any console port accusation. To support the PC a game must have a decent save system, it cannot use auto aim and aids in completing quests must be optional and not lead the player by the nose, finally it has to be mostly game play, not movies and has to use standard PC controls such as Keyboard, Mouse and Joystick, not a gamepad.

Those are the vital aspects of any PC game for me, depth of gameplay is enough but not all games have it.

Games that I tried recently to make sure I had chosen well included the Shadow of Mordor and Styx, both of which are in my opinion terrible console ports. Making a long list of mistakes that would annoy real PC gamers, so they are not included here. Though I will add that The Shadow of Mordor will probably appeal to Assassins Creed fans. They will even be happy with it. Buy real PC gamers will probably find it very annoying.

Tropico 4 turned out to be disappointment this year, lots of good ideas but an island with rebels love their president and a population cap of 2000, made it in to a joke. They still have not fixed any of those issues. The Sims 4 and most of EA's releases have been terrible this year too. In fact EAs games have gotten so bad, and so over priced, EA has taken to giving games away on Origin simply for looking at Origin just in case you do buy something thats worth £20 for £60. I fear EA will be going bust soon at this rate.

Wasteland 2 impressed me greatly this year, at first anyway. It's humour and game play was interesting but not great. Also the money they raised on Kickstarter and early access should have lead to a much grander and more polished game game than they actually delivered. So whilst I recommend people try it. It is not my game of they year this year either. I get the feeling they abused the good will of players on Kickstarter to the point where they could have given the game away and still made a profit instead of selling it for £32.

Naughy naughty inXile.... You are clearly not a company that should be trusted on Kickstarter, there is such a thing as being too greedy in this economy climate.

Elite 3 is due out within the next few weeks but that does not give me time to play it or assess it, so its not included here. Also knowing what past games where like, it will probably be a serious bug fest for the first 18 months and so would not win a TEG game of the year for that reason only.This year only 1 game stood out as bring worthy of The Engineering Guilds game of the year and ironically it comes from a series of less impressive games that did feel very consoley to me. The developers are called Larian Studios and they basically, for want of a better word, "undumbified" this game, or "smartened it up". Turning a series of ordinary console style hack and slash games in to a real old school RPG.The game took me by surprise when I got it, having seen the older games in the series and not being too impressed by them. But this one turned out to be a real Gem of a game.

Yes folks, The Guilds game of the year for 2014 is Divinity Original Sin.


skyrimiconTime to look back at the mods made during 2014 for TEG members and remember these only got made because 7 years ago on 30 November I said no to trolls and the TES community that trolled all their best modders and took control of my own modding enviroment. Because I did that, this year you got these mods.

A happy modder is an active modder after all.

1) Return to Helgen V4 was released. Finally you could take on the Thalmor as Emperor.

2) Dark Lore Grimoire introduced the Order of the Black Worm and a real House Telvanni Settlement.

3) Solstheim saw the Redoran Guard missions redone and improved, they are now far better than they were and repeatable too.

4) The Vigilants of Stendarr got repeatable missions and a presence in the game as a playable faction for the first time.

5) The Fighters Guild arrived in Skyrim, not just a small guild but 3 entirely new Guild Halls.

All with their own quests...I estimate I have written about 60 quests this year, finishing off Helgen, adding much needed support to DLG, fixing the Redoran Guard quests so they worked as I originally wanted them to work. Adding more joinable factions. Adopting all 3 Official DLCs as a requirement for all future mods I make. 4 factions I wanted to add to the game where added to Skyrim. My list of factions to work on now is down to the New/Old Temples, Stormcloaks and Bards Guild. I am almost at the end of my Skyrim todo list.

skyrimiconI wanted to give my site users a little pressy for christmas for their support and understanding over the recent site changes. Its hard modding when every file you make increases the amount of abuse you get. So the changes where nessessary if I am to keep on modding.

So this is for TEG users.

Skyrim Fighters Guild V1.

Extract from the docs.

skyrimiconWhat has taken 16 days to produce, has 22 quests, 3 guild halls, 8 followers, 20+ NPCs, 3 merchants and a Guild Hall you have to buy and upgrade your self ?

Must be the new TEG Fighters Guild :)

Which has just had its last quest made for it and it passed the initial tests. All that is left now is to add the voice lines I have recieved from my 1 voice actor (had to scrap lots of ideas due to a lack of volunteers for this mod) and and then give it a full test run. Most NPCs will just have to use my voice instead.

Tomorrow the voice files will be processed and final testing will take place. I'll be wanting to make a video and write some docs for it for the release but I am on track for an end of November release date.

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