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Welcome to The Guild Home of Giskard and his mods We host some of the best Quest mods for TES and Fallout here. And remember, we also host guides for them if you get stuck.

skyrimicon3 more days to Teg's 6th birthat and today we look at the monster quest mod known as DarkLore Grimoire. Every mages wet dream, Nexus has absolutely nothing that can touch this mod.

It adds so much that I must consider what not to tell you in this celebration of work here at TEG. As you can see from the 4 videos below, it covers a lot of ground. Even the guide for it had to break up the quests in to Guilds to keep them in order.

So lets stick to the basics and skim over its features and allow the videos to tell the story.

Darklore Grimoire was created because my Wizards of winterhold mod had become a mass of unwanted edits to keep players happy and I had serious doubts as to whether it would even be compatible with my future work at the rate it was going. It was stupid of me, I behaved like most Beth and Nexus modders do and just edited what I wanted to edit without thought of conflicts. When I woke up from that madness, Darklore Grimoire was my solution. 

Darklore Grimoire is my second attempt at a good College of Winterhold mod, it then expanded in to a spell overhaul mod and then added lots and lots of missing magic guilds and orders and today it is my defacto mage mod. Any magic feature I need goes in to Darklore Grimoire. Its scope is massive and its lore solid.

Despite the epic design, it is actually extremely compatible with other mage mods because of how i make my mods. 

I wrote guide to the mod HERE not so long ago and also made the V3 video below too.

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NewsIconMy Skyrim "TEG Demon Hunters" mod and my Fallout NV "End of Plot" mod have both been translated in to French and are available from the website.

Skyrim: TEG Demon Hunters mod Translated by Sita

Fallout NV: End of Plot Mod Translated by Sylom

Good work guys.

If anybody is wondering, I allow translations of my mods in to languages other than English because foreign speaking players never cause me any trouble were as English speaking players do. So one is allowed to edit my work, the other is not.

skyrimiconToday as part of TEGs 6th Birthday Celebrations we look at TEG Windhelm.

The history of this mod goes back to 2012. It is actually a reply to Stormcloak fans comments about Return to Helgen. Only TEG Windhelm works for both Imperial and Stormcloak sides from beginning to end where as Return to Helgen only supports both at the beginning and switched to an imperial mod for parts 2,3 and 4 of the plot.

Many players wanted to be Emperor but without joining the Dark Brotherhood, the saw their characters as good characters and did not think joining the Dark Brotherhood was right for them and wanted to be able to ask the Emperor nicely to stand down. Only no ruler ever stood down because somebody asked them nicely so it was a totally unrealistic request.

Many players actually see their characters as good characters as they hack and murder their way across Skyrim but stop short of joining the Dark Brotherhood which just confirms their own character is not good at all. In fact many players play characters that are not good by any stretch of the imagation but still believe them to be.

I call it BAD ROLE PLAY and refuse to support it.

I do understand the whole good character requests issue though and despite not supporting the "ask the emperor nicely to stand down" requests,I did want to offer players an alternative that was realistic and did make sense. So I made TEG Windhelm to compliment Return to Helgen. Together they are a matched pair, using both mods together is recommended but not essensial.

Many requests I have recieved for changes to Return to Helgen whilst unrealistic and unlikely to happen in Return to Helgen, have appeared in other mods in a more realistic setting. Such as the Morag Tong in my Solstheim mod for you NICE murdering assassins. I am actually very proud of that feature of the Solstheim mod and believe I delivered it with enough lore to make it a clearly different giuld to the Dark Brotherhood.

Which makes it perfect for role play fans.

So now there are choices that help you play good characters as well as bad in my mods.

Before I show you the video for this mod, check out this Guide to the mod.

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NewsIconI want to make a point about the Private aspect of the Guild and what is required to join TEG. Given how trollish players are, especially TES players I am very fussy who I want on my site. So I run a little test on new arrivals and absolute adherance to site rules is the test.

There is a sticky thread in the "Join TEG Requests" forum called "Read This First (Or come back in 2 months and try again)" that gives full instructions on what you are required to do to be accepted as a member here. The entire system shows me if you are willing to read the rules and follow them. That is all I care about, a little demonstration from you that you will follow instructions and not be a twat. The test along makes actually makes folks are are TWATS behave like twats because they hate being told what to do. So it catches a good 95% of them out immediately. It works very well.

IF you follow my instructions, membership is almost guaranteed, it means I do not really have to worry about you because you have shown willing and followed the rules. But if you skip a bit, membership is guaranteed to be rejected. If you come back before I purge your account in 2 months, you will be in breach of the 1 account rule and will have proven beyond doubt that you cannot follow the rules at all and I will bannned for it because you failed the TEST. 

If your app is rejected because you did not read the stickies and the rules, you must wait until I purge all these failed accounts in 2 months to try again. You only get this second chance because I know people rush registrations and skip stickies. If not for that you would be banned immediately.

Players have realise I used to ask them to behave when I shared mods publicly and they found it fun to ignore my wishes and misbehave. Today I they either do exactly what I say, or they do not get the mods. Players no longer find this so funny but that is not my problem, it has never been my problem. I always had this option and players that misbehaved where too short sighted and stupid to notice modders have options other than suffering their none sense. So there we go....

signed El Presidente Giskard :)

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