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fallout4logoLooks like the Metacritics User Score for Fallout 4 has settled down at 5.4. The professionals gave it an 8.4 which just goes to show how out of touch they are with gamers these days. Which is why I do not read any of the professional reviews anymore. I prefer hearing what users think and that means ignoring all the 0 votes and all the 10 votes and reading what all the other users that scored between 1 and 9 had to say.

The key point to remember about user scores is the more votes that get made, the more accurate the score becomes because it all averages out.

I said on the forum that Fallout was a 3 for Fallout fans expecting an RPG and a 7 for those who just like shooters. The average score for both would be a 5. So I was pretty close to the Metacritics user score there with that assessment. Also pretty much all user reviewers are saying the same thing now. The complaints about the UI, poor plot, lack of RPG features is universal. Not much disagreement there at all.

Fallout 4 is also TEGs game of the year via popular vote, it is not my first choice but I did vote for it because it is a rather good open world adventure, or as I said earlier today, a rather good "create your own advanture" style game. It would have been excellent create your own advanture had the RPG elements not sucked so badly.

Still most agree the open world is very good, definitely its best feature.

So there we have it, a month since release and the users have spoken.

Fallout is worth a 5.4 over all... I must agree... its not the sort of game most where expecting. Though I did expect this sort of game because of the dumbed down nature of Skyrim. So yet again I was proven right.

Despite the 5.4 Score, I do recommend it to those who like open world adventures, even though its lacking that all important RPG element.

NewsIconThe results of TEGs game of the year Vote are in and whilst we had the usually "only buy Treble A games so thats all I am voting for" aspect of voting going on, some niche market games made it in to the top 4 and for me are the real winners this year. Niche market games usually never get a mention despite being great games.

2015 has been a reasonably good year for games with the digital age starting to really make it self felt now with releases like Pillars of Enternity, Divinity Origin Sin Enhanced Edition and Wasteland 2 the Directors Cut all being released this year and filling the hole in the RPG market left by Bioware and Bethesda.

Also 2 of those 3 games where updates to games released last year and existing customers got them for free. Something that just does not happen with disked versions of a game.

Another thing to note, 3 out of the 4 winners are 64 bit games and the one that is not, only got in to the top 4 because of hype, it certainly did not merit being in the top 4 in my opinion.

This years vote of course sees 2 Treble A games leading the pack, it was a close fought race between the Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 with the votes swinging back and forth. The Witcher 3 took a lead as the disapointment of Fallout 4s missing RPG features took hold, a general feeling that Bethesda had let us all down reflected the voting pattern early on.

However that changed as people started to play Fallout 4 and realised this new shooter was actually still fun to play as a shooter, so the vote swung back in Fallouts favour.

Most agree Fallout 4 is not the best Fallout game made so far and does let RPG and Fallout fans down some what, but as of today, Fallout 4 has earned enough votes to be TEGs game of the year 2015.

So well done Bethesda.

NewsIconIt has been a hard 10 years modding the Elder Scrolls game, the more mods I made the worse the trouble got. Made worse by players that could not believe their beloved community was that bad.

This year Reddit Thieves took their turn to cause trouble and instead of silently taking it or just giving my users the highlights as I usually do. I started a thread and let my users see it happen in real time.

Nobody could deny how bad the Elder Scrolls fan base was after that, it changed everything. 1 incident out of 1000s, it was not even the worst incident. The worst one happened on Beths forums, the second worst one happened on Nexus. The Reddit affair was just a spat in comparision. But it was enough to make a point about how difficult and stressful it is supporting Elder Scrolls fans.

Nobody has questioned my decisions since then, I have had their full support and that has helped a lot.

With this new found empathy for my position as a modder has come a far better and more relaxed mood for me and my users on the forum. Its not about persuading anybody anymore, we all know the truth, it cannot be denied. Things have moved on to far more friendly topics.

My forum users dont need me to have fun, counted amongst my members are several people perfectly willing to take a lead role in starting fun projects. Which get credited to me because its my site and I allowed it, but fact is, we built todays TEG site together. So whilst they enjoy the community I created... they actually made it what it is.

I am still dealing with trolls and other issus as always, so I do not usually have the time to fully immerse my self in my own community, wish I could but time is short most days and I am busy making stuff with what little spare time I have.

Currently that is a new 40k Ork Army for Warhammer 40k 7th Edition Rules.

My users decided to thank me and my wife for making TEG and the mods by making this video as a thank you message. The fact that they did this, should tell you how different TEG is from most gaming sites. Its not often a community thanks its host. Usually they are too busy flaming the host.

So the video speaks volumns about TEG and its membership and whilst I deeply appreciate the message in the video, the fact they made it at all means more to me than the message it self.

Truth is, it is little things like this that kept me modding for TES for 10 years despite of all the trouble.


fallout4logoLooks like Fallout fans have spoken on Metacritics and given Fallout a 5.4 user score (and falling). Which is exactly half way between my 3 score for Fallout fans wanting to know what Fallout 4 is like and my 7 score for everybody else wanting to know what Fallout is like. Taking the average, I would say my own review score pretty accurately mirrors the scores for both groups on Metacritics today.

The professional reviewers score of 85 looks out of step with the users hands on experience of the game... AGAIN! It begs the question, who are the pros writing the reviews for, it is certainly not for us gamers or they would care about the topics we care about and their scores would reflect our interests more often than they do.

Fallout 4 in many ways is a vast improvement over any previous Bethesda game, not least it was far less buggy at release than normal. But also the world it self is a major improvement technically, over any previous game. Since that means the sandbox game is a major improvement over past Bethesda games, that is a pretty big thing. The locations for example are nearly all unique with a few exceptions and there are lots of them.

I could give you a run down on new editor features right now based on what I have seen in the game so far and what would have had to be improved in the editor for it to work, but I am not going too, not right now anyway. Just take my word for it, Fallout 4s world has seem some pretty heavy changes over past games.

But everything else is very repetative and most of the skills and rpg elements have been thrown out of this game, so the score does not surprise me. A developer should not dramatical change the nature of a game as Beth have done and not expect this sort of backlash from existing fans.

So I stand by the score I gave in my review that was.

7 if your a casual gamer.

3 if you are an existing Fallout fan.

If you are like me and see Bethesdas RPG qualifications slowly being torn up and thrown away after Skyrim, you will not be surprised by Fallout 4 and there for will not be as angry or hyped as some folk seem to be. I am not even expecting Fallout 4 to be very modable but I am quietly hoping it is. After all, releasing an Editor does not mean a thing if that editor does not work on half the games content because of bugs.

Still, Fallout 4 is far less buggy than previous Beth games... so there is hope the engine and tools for the engine will be less buggy too.

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