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Welcome to The Guild Home of Giskard and his mods We host some of the best Quest mods for TES and Fallout here. And remember, we also host guides for them if you get stuck.

TEG Windhelm has been released and is in the download area on the forums right now. skyrimicon

It is available to everybody that behaves them selves and follow the forum rules, a surprisingly easy task, IF you read the rules and intro forum stickies, bloody difficult if you did not. Though you would think I was asking the impossible if you saw some of the trollish comments I recieve from folk that believe good behavior should be optional online. What a shame it is my site and I disagree.

Given how often I release large quest mods or updates for existing mods, membership of TEG's forum is worth the effort, and getting banned seriously sucks.

VoiceActorIconNote from Mr. K, the leader of the Voice Actors Guild here.

We need more Voice Actors, to help Giskard make his large Quest Mods. There is a need for more NPCs, with their own voice, we would like to be able to have all the NPCs in a Quest to each have a Voice Actor, and not have 1, or 2 Voice Actors do 5, or 10 different NPCs.

If you have never done any recordings for a Mod, it's a lot of fun, and a challenge to do. We all help each other, and everybody in the Voice Actors Guild is helpful, and polite. So don't think you would be embarrassed, or harassed about your recordings, even if you are terrible at it. We all had to start someplace, and for most of us, it was more of a Level 2, or 3, not anywhere near a Journeyman Level.

The first time I was playing a game, and started talking to a NPC, and not expecting them to have my Voice, they used my Voice to talk to me, that was a real thrill, and even the last time I encountered my own voice in-game, it was still a thrill for me. So give Voice Acting a try, I bet you will have fun.

So check us out, in the Voice Actors Guild. Your Education in this small, but important part of making Mods, is about to begin.

VoiceActorIconThere are 2 threads of voice lines posted in the VA Guild for voice actors have a go out. All the threads are for TEG Windhelm.

Windhelm Lines Part 2 (Bit parts, anybody can do)

Windhelm Lines Part 3 (More important parts)

Instructions are posted in the threads and in stick posts in the Voice Actors Guild. These are the lines needed for TEG Windhelm V1. Once completed and I have processed them, the mod will be released.

I recommend noobies try the Bit parts since they are small and easier to handle, a good way to try voice acting. The more important parts require somd degree of skill and should be left to more experienced voice actors. But feel free to have a crack at them if you wish anyway.


NewsIconI see a lot of interest in the NCR v3 mentioned in my blog the other day. The NCR being my most popular Fallout mod. I have plans to add a 10 quest story to the mod after I finish TEG Winterhold which will be very nordic in nature.

I would ask all users that are interested in the NCR V3 take the opportunity between now and when production starts to post their requests for the mod. Now is the perfect time to do it. So even if your just post your thoughts in your introduction post, I recommend to do it.

There is a high chance Fallout 4 will be Beths next project, and given my history of modding their games, and given that the TES scene seems to have faded already just as I am getting going. You might want to put your money on me and join the forum. I have a track record of delivering the goods long after entire communities get bored and stop.

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