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Welcome to The Guild Home of Giskard and his mods We host some of the best Quest mods for TES and Fallout here. And remember, we also host guides for them if you get stuck.

NewsIconDragon Age: Inquisition has been slammed on the PC by over 2300 voters on metacritics. Whilst professional reviewers like IGN and the usual suspects gave the game 84, actual EA customers who brought the game gave it a 5.8 on metacritics user score. Which means the pros not only got it wrong, they got it badly wrong.

Ignoring the bug reports, complaints range from not immersive, bland filler content, poor controls, terrible tactical camera (all bioware RPGs have this problem) to several other things.

Mean while some of TEGs facebook group members love the game but they are nearly all console fans. PC users seem to hold a vastly different opinion to them. Funny thing is, except for the PS4 user reviewers that gave it a 7.4, all other consoles slammed the game too. So even those playing it on the console think its shit.

Another turkey from EA this christmas....  maintaining their 100% record this year of releasing nothing but crap and totally misunderstanding their own customer base. EA will not be with us long at this rate. An interesting fact about EA is their prices have doubled but their profits remain roughly the same. I would say that is a sign of a company in trouble. Investers should note the normal price for PC games is between £25 and £35, not £65 as EA would have us believe.

Note: The more users vote, the more accurate the result. 2300 means the result on metacritics should be very accurate now.

skyrimiconOk Boyz and Not Boyz.... This is da plan for 20fifteen, okayz.

We will be hitting the ground running in the new year with a Solitude Mages Guild Addon to Dark Lore Grimoire. I want this to be less combat, more dialog so I need all the voice actors I can get signed up in the Voice Actor Guild on the forum. Especially female voice actors.

Dark Lore Grimoire will rival, if not exceed Return to Helgens number of quests once this is done (it already does but most are not visible to the player, these will be). DLG will become my biggest Skyrim mod so far. Completely replacing the Wizards of Winterhold in every way. Especially since I am adding similar dwemer levels to DLG, which is the only thing WOW has that DLG does not have.

I have a lot of great ideas for Skyrim and Oblivion but after replaying Oblivion for a few days two things leap to mind.

1) WOW I did a fantastic job on the Cyrodiil Upgrade. You do not see it when your working on it, it is only when you take a break and see it as players do that it hits home. Trouble is answering player questions about my mods means i never get to forget the features and enjoy them as players do. I have to remember every detail and that means I never get to enjoy my own work. Not usually anyway, it has taken over 6 years for me to be able to enjoy my Oblivion mods again.

IndieGameIcon2Procedural generated worlds have been around for decades, in the 1980s they were pretty common. In the early 90s the rise of 3D saw the large publishers doing away with randomly created worlds in favour of pretty eye candy levels that showed off 3D gaming.

So we went from an infinite number of levels and game play that lasted 100s of hours, to a handful of very pretty levels in games that where over and done in less than 6 hours.

Minecraft has not been around that long but it introduced voxel generated worlds, that used building blocks, and in doing so opened the door to a brand new style of game, something I call the World Builder games for want of a better name, but that includes various space exploration games that use the same system to generate worlds to explore in space that are also in production.

Where the world could be generated randomly, bringing back the 100s of hours of game play many of us enjoyed on a regular basis in the 80s, with the ability to literally make the world what we wanted it to be, block by block Minecraft style.

The World Builder genre is marriage of Minecraft and Procedural generated worlds. It has spawned endless indie company games that use this system. Everything from Zombies apocolypse games, to colonising alien worlds games to dinosaur survival games are in production right now. A whole new wave of games that have never existed before are about to hit the shelves.

Yet this is just the tip of the ice burge... what happens when the next Crysis game lets you build your own basis and offers upgrades and missions based on what state your base is in, the next thing to die will be linear game play when that happens.

Or what happens when the next multiplayer game that allows you to destroy the enemy base whilst building up your own and boosts or zaps your teams power based on your success or failure... capture the flag will never been the same again.

NewsIconJust a little warning, the Virus writers, hackers and spammers are out in force over the festive season and one little trick they like to do is send you vague WTF messages over steam chat followed by a link to a picture which is actually a virus.

So far this has been done twice to me, both where German users. It could be the individuals got their accounts high jacked, but that does not help us. So keep your own Steam account secure and do not follow links sent to you by strangers that you did not specifically ask for.


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