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Welcome to The Guild Home of Giskard and his mods We host some of the best Quest mods for TES and Fallout here. And remember, we also host guides for them if you get stuck.

skyrimiconWork continues on my newest mod TEG Windhelm. Unlike past releases I have no predetermined number of quests for this mod. I am just making as many as I want to tell the story I want. So far there are 7 quests made of various sizes. Some larger and more complicated than others.

I am trying to make Windhelm feel a little like Kvatch Aftermath and a little like Return to Helgen.

The screenshot below shows one of the new Quests in action, this is a 40 man Sea Battle between the Eastmarch Soldiers and the Blood Horker Pirates, and yes it is as cool as it sounds :)

When you get to play mission remember you have to kill the pirates, not knock them overboard.

skyrimiconNews for my French readers.

Sita over at the Confrerie Des Traducteurs website has translated Telvanni Hall 1.5 though his page lists it as 1.05. Also he is working on TEG Demon Hunter and I have recommended he check out the Solitude Fighters Guild mod since it has proven popular since its release last month.

He is a little behind on the mods, especially DLG which is a large mod but very few people can keep up with me when I get modding so its not his fault. He does have my full support should he need it and he does pass on reports and comments to me from his sites members.

I was going to try the Monty Python French phrase book to translate this in to French but it said something about please squeeze me nipples, and that was clearly not an accurate translation so I am posting this in English instead :)

Enjoy the mods and keep your eyes on Telvanni Hall, you may see more intrigration between it and DLG in the future. Also I am currently considering a High King mod, so if french users have any thoughts on that, send them to Sita and he will pass them on to me. Or post them your self on the forum.

I would like to finish by saying i very much appreciate the friendly and pleasant responses i get from none english users, which is why you have my full support.

skyrimiconThe usual mod cleaning advice comes from people that are not modders, cannot make nor fix the mods they clean and would not know how to spot anything they broke anyway and that is just the mod cleaning experts.

This guide comes from a real modder that can make the mods he cleans, can fix the mods he cleans and has enough experience to see the damage cleaning causes and fix it. Eg me.

I am going to use a recent "bug fix" release of Telvanni Hall V1.5 to explain what I had to do to "clean" 3 unwanted edits out of that mod safely. In the process I am going to reveal the shocking amount of ignorance over modding issues the mod cleaning types show on a daily base as they tell others to clean mods too.

You are going see what happens AFTER a mod has been cleaned and what has to be done to fix it...... and what those mod cleaners never see nor look for.

Click here to read "The cleaning of Telvanni Hall (How modders do it)".

skyrimiconGuild members can now download and enjoy Darklore Grimoire v3, it is in the download area waiting for you all. I hope you enjoy it.

Darklore Grimoire V3 introduces the Solitude Mages Guild, a branch of the old disbanned Mages Guild that brought out their old hall and made it a stand alone Guild. Between it and the Order of the Black Worm and the 2 new perminant Quest NPCs (not members of either guild) that are there to provide support for current and future quests. Solitude is going to be a first stop for mages from now on.

Having Magic Guilds in Solitude is a real game changer for mages, you may never want to go to the College of Winterhold again.

I always found it odd when players of Return to Helgen asked me how that mod Started because they simply never visited Solitude, but if you think about it, the capital of Skyrim has NOTHING going for it. There is no reason to go there for most folk.

Well now there is.

Talking of Solitude, Skyrims single most immersive feature are the bards in the Winking Skeever.... Do you agree ? Let me know. Especially after your find self waiting for a quest giver to turn up and so are in no rush to leave.

The quests are none linear so it is entirely possible for half these quests to be on offer at the same time if you do things a certain way. I recommend after joining the Solitude Mages Guild, you do the Dark Fall Master Quest first. Since that unlocks the Master at Arms as a follower and he is very useful when doing some quests. Oh and he likes big explosions... so you have been warned. He is also a destruction trainer :)

From now on both the Psijic Order and the Synod both have NPCs that will be playing supporting roles for the guilds and orders already present in the mod. Get used to seeing them around and if they turn up in a Guild Hall, talk to them, it means they want something from you.


For those who have not noticed, I have done more work, released more mods, wrote more quests in the past 4 months since TEG went private than I did in the 8 months before that when TEG was public and I was dealing with Beth and Nexus Trolls every day.

That should tell you that a happy Giskard makes more mods than an unhappy Giskard. Which in turn means for all you that come here for the mods and not to cause trouble, the Private Guild System works and works very well. You get more of what you came here for and I get to enjoy sharing the mods with you all.

Final word of thanks to all my voice actors in the Voice Actor Guild, for 8 months of this year I had let the VA Guild slide because of the endless trolling when mods got released, that made it impossible for me to do anything more than Goffa Quests. It would have made DLG V3 impossible to make too had the Voice Actors both new and old not rally around in support and give me the lines I needed.

We still fell short on voice actors so several NPCs have my voice, but there was a hell of a lot of new dialog in DLG V3, I went a bit over board to be honest because I did not want the mages question line to be all about combat.

The end result though is a really cool Guild Hall, and the voice work provided actually works extremely well.

I am very thankful for the help the VA Guild gave me on this one and have made sure all VA Guild members that helped with this mod, both new and hold have download access and can enjoy the fruits of their labour :)

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