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Welcome to The Guild Home of Giskard and his mods We host some of the best Quest mods for TES and Fallout here. And remember, we also host guides for them if you get stuck.

skyrimiconIf you are a user of Bash Boss or TES5Edit understand you are part of a system that is known to cause random problems with mods. Understand nobody can fix user stupidy so you might as well not bother asking for help because you are just wasting everybodies time when you do that and I value my time greatly and do not like it wasted by fools.

For those who want a perminant fix to their problems, try this.

When 2 mods conflict, remove 1 and keep the other.

Do not use tools to spot the conflicts, play the game and use your eyes in game..... they are far more reliable and will spot REAL issues instead of possible issues. Plus some conflicts are delibrate and if you fix them because some stupid tool told you to, you will break the mods that relied on those conflicts.

And I use and abuse conflicts to create new compatibility features all the time so you really dont want to be messing with my mods that way.

Today we look at competative gaming, the world of the pros. This video was made by Valve and shows how gaming has become a profession for some people and how the prize money has risen in to the millions. Interesting stuff. 

IndieGameIcon1There are a couple of new arrivals on steam today.

WARMACHINE: Tactics (RTSG Early Access)

This basically sounds like the old Warcraft RTSGs but is made by an indie developer called WhiteMoon Dreams. These types of games tend to have no Skirmish game and are entirely story driven..... normally.... There are a lot of fans of this type of game out there. I like them too but I do prefer Skirmish over single player campaigns.

Risen 3: Titan Lords (RPG)

Whilst not a big fan of the Gothic series the Risen Devs also made, I do like the Risen series, I like its crafting options, i like its story telling and I like its human. They are not as highly polished as Skyrim is but the I find them just as much fun. Some folk do not like them, they tend to be stuck on the Treble A games i find which is a mistake and limits your options. I favour gameplay and find the Risen series has the combination of gameplay and depth.

Alien: Isolation (survival horror)

This one is a survival horror based on the Alien films and looks quite good, but at £40 it has to be THE most expensive survival horror game on the market.

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skyrimiconI have updated the docs for Return to Helgen based on user reports. Previous reports that the Civil War Overhaul mod worked with Helgen appears to be wrong. The users just got lucky it seems and played CWO just the right away to avoid the problems. So this has now been added to Helgen docs.

Return to Helgen Conflicts.

The Civil war overhaul mod is known to have completely rewritten the civil war quests and in doing so changed quests this mod monitors and uses to trigger it is own quest updates. As such it is not compatible with Return to Helgen. This mod checks for the side you join in the civil war and sets it self up accordingly but only does so once. It also checks for the end of the civil war but does not edit the civil war quests it self.

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