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fallout4logoThe word is that the Fallout 4 Geck will not be released until next year, which is probably for the best because mods made now will inherit some of the early game bugs and as I found out with my Wizards of Winterhold mod for Skyrim, even after Beth fix those bugs, a mod that inherited them remains affected by them long after the bugs are officially fixed.

Add to that most people should get used to the default game before adding mods to it, at least that way they will appreciate the mods when they do install them.

Trouble is, after the first place through I found my self having a very hard time seeing any reply value in Fallout 4, so I am expecting a sharp drop off in interest in Fallout 4 after people played it through once.

You would expect the 4 different factions to offer 4 different play throughs but honestly, they do not because all 4 have the same "go there and destroy something", "go there rescue that, oh and destroy something whilst your at it" feel about them and its repetative, very very repetative.

Settlements are repetative too, and pretty dull. Its hard to build that flashy bar we saw in the early dev videos because there are no flashy bar signs to use from what I could see. You just have boring mundain stuff like chairs and stuff. Settlements are a token gesture at best, if you want Settlements, there are plenty of new indie games offering this sort of game play and many do a better job of it.

This is raised the question is Fallout 4 even worth modding, after all its just another shooter now, there is nothing in there to hold my interest.

Shooters tend not to rank as my favorite games, typically I play them once and move on and even then, I only play the ones people rave about for years once and move on, they are not even on my to buy list normally. I get the feeling Beth want their own shooter and are turning Fallout in to that shooter.  Abandoning everything Fallout is in order to compete with Call of Duty in a flooded market place.

fallout4logoI waited until I had played Fallout 4 for 80 hours before writing this review in order to give it a chance. Now I have hit the 80 hour mark i have writen a review that I feel fairly takes in to account how players feel about it on TEG and what we seem to agree on.

You can read the TEG Fallout 4 Review on the forums.

Speaking as a modder, I would say consider Fallout 4 to be Skyrim without a decent main plot or side quests and with all skills and most perks removed. Which means modders like me have a clean slate to build on, but the game it self is not going to impress RPG fans.

So my first job will be to design a system that places RPG elements back at the heart of the game. Fortunately I did a lot of work on exactly that for my Skyrim mods and was doing rather well when the Reddit fuckheads pulled their crap and put me off modding that game after that. But I'll probably continue that work in Fallout 4 if Fallout 4 supports my kind of mods. Which is open for question.

One thing is for sure, there has been massive changes to the navmesh system.... the old system would not have supported settlements like Fallout 4 does.

fallout4logoWell I finished Fallout 4s main plot and now its time to talk about the game again.

First the game has very few side quests, so whilst it took me 50 hours of normal play to finish the plot (could be done in less than 5 hours I believe), I would normally be at 70 to 90s hours for almost any other Beth game to reach this same point.

Also many quests use a white arrow system like Skyrim, only the quests fail to explain what is expected of you when you arrive at the quest location. Especially Institute ones, in one case you are told to go your quarters, so you do and the quest does not update because your supposed to talk to father only it does not mention that. That happened several times during the institute quests.

Steam forums are full of people calling these bugs, I call those posting the bugs SPECIAL Vault Dwellers lol. If you played Dark Lore Grimoire you will know the joke and should not have been overly affected by this over sight on Beths part because you will not have been following the arrows that closely to start with :)

Also I do not feel like the existing gameplay is going to be very good for repeatable gameplay because your already doing the same thing for settlement building time and time again in the same game and it is not that much fun to start with. Nearly all the missions are repeatable too and involve going somewhere and blowing the crap out of it.

Aductions being one of the few different types of missions which involves going somewhere, blowing the crap out of it, then rescuing somebody. Or recovery missions where you go someplace, blow the crap out of something and bring something back.

You get the idea that blowing the crap out of something is pretty much the main part.

Another point I would make is that the game only really seems to get going after you deal with Kelogg, so its worth playing up to that point even if you choose not to do the main plot.

Which to be honest is not a big deal because it is a pretty light weight plot and does not give you a reason to care about any of the factions. Without the additional gameplay that arrives after Kelogg, the game feels rather dead and I suspect if you follow the main plot to the end and beyond, you end up back at square 1 with the same dead feeling game. So you may have good reasons for not playing the main plot all the way to the end.

Interestingly I recognised the trick Beth used, speaking as a modder now, Stealth should work in this game because there is actually only 1 target that the mission requires you deal with most of the time and the quest arrow is directly over it. Everything between you and it is what I call "Quest candy". So try Stealth and go directly for the target, you may be surprised.

skyrimiconI am aware that Pinkertonius (aka ArtInPinkerton) has created what he calls a patch for my Tales from the Tomb mod and uploaded it to Nexus as "Rathunas Tales from the Tomb".

I have not given him permission to directly edit my work and the only way for a patch to affect my work is if he directly editted it and merge the result in to a separate mod he labels a patch. ESP files are mods not patches and this is mod theft, plain and simple.

Patch is just a name thieves use to hide the fact that they edited somebodies mod without permission.

Speaking as person with 34 large quest mods to my name and a great deal of PROVEN mod making experience, unlike our noobie patch maker here. I must tell you all to ignore Pinkertonius advice to clean the large complicated quest mods he lacks the experience to make or fix because the mod corruption that cleaning causes can really make a mess of your game.

Permission for any patch maker to do that to my work was withdrawn in March 2008 when Elminister, Vorian and Devakm used my older permissions to flame the hell out of me just to launch their own version of my Kvatch Aftermath mod.

Whilst none english speaking modders still have those older permissions because they did not piss in the horses mouth, English users lost those permissions and will not be getting them back.

That flaming led to me quitting the TES scene on Beth and Nexus and me dropping support for those sites 8 years ago. The trouble they started still affects me today 8 years later and keeps getting stirred up when ever people Pinkertonius that pull this sort of none sense. So I am expecting a new wave of trouble over this.


Especially since patch makers lack the skills to make the mods they are directly editing and could not fix what they break even if they wanted too. It is not like they test to make sure my mod still works afterwards or even know why something got deleted in the first place. Most barely know their way around the official editor.

I tend to know when a new patch has been made by the sudden influx of new bug reports for mods that have not had a bug in over half decade. As soon as the first 2 issues are reported, I check my logs and sure enough, some fucking retard has made another patch and told people to clean my mods again.

Shortly after that, those patch makers forget about the patch they released, leaving users to come to me for help. 6 years after the idiot made his patch, I am still forced to deal with the fallout he caused. Mean while the players take the word of the total noobie patch maker over the word of the highly experienced 34 large quest mod making veteran and flame the modder for bugs that only exist for users of the patch.

Also I do not appreciate Pinkertonius mentioning my name and my work on a site I stopped using or supporting 8 years ago. If people cannot respect that one thing, I can soon pull all the TES mods off TEG for good, ending all the trouble TES users cause over night and saving me £250 a year in mod hosting in to the bargin.

TEG is a Fallout site now, especially after the Reddit affair in April. So saving my self £250 per year by ending support for a game that causes me nothing but trouble is becoming more attractive by the second....

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