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This is the voodoo that I do! From 1980 to Present Day! Too many games to mention There is always a next project.

NewsIconI have made a new featured article called "Older Mod Permissions and how TES fans lost them" to explain how TES fans went from having my full permission to edit and upload anything they wanted to no permissions and no download access after they placed their blind faith in tool makers and patch makers that always had a different agenda from mod users who trusted them.

You can read about it here.

NewsIconTEG has a new Mod of the Month feature on the forums.

This allows all my forum users to vote for 1 mod each month to be named TEG's Mod of the Month and for it to become available to all Registered Forum users to download. For the remaining week in July, CUO Bravil is the mod of the month. A new winner will be chosen for August.

Providing the players choice is not a recent winner of TEG's Mod of the Month, and providing it is not a brand new private mod I wish to keep private or one I am keeping private for other reasons, I'll take the players choice for mod of the month in to serious consideration when choosing the next Mod of the Month winner.

The rest of the mods will remain private since offering all my mods at once is why I get so much trouble from assholes.

Lets face it, if you make 1 good mod you get trolls, if you make 2 good mods you get more trolls. Well I made a hell of a lot of good mods so I get flamed heavily just for making them. Every jealous tool maker, patch maker and asshole sends armies of trolls after me every week for making the mods named below. That is a hell of a lot of trolls coming to piss off guy 1 guy who made mods for you.

Here is an incomplete list of available mods you can vote for as TEGs mod of the month, all are made here by me. Cyrodiil Upgrade Resource Pack is always available in the Mod of the Month forum so you do not need to vote for that.

Oblivion Mods

Giskards Tales from the Tomb
Origin of the Mages Guild
CUO Chorrol
The Necromancer
The Elder Council
The Elder Council -Temple of the One
Sheogoraths Accords of Madness
Kvatch Aftermath
Kvatch Rising
Cyrodiil Upgrade Overhaul
Fighters Guild Contracts
Cyrodiil Upgrade Resource Pack
CUO Bruma
CUO Leyawiin
CUO Bravil
Kingdom of Almar

Skyrim Mods

TEG Windhelm
TEG Solstheim Mod
Teg_ReturnToHelgen (Version 4 is in ModDB)
Dark Lore Grimoire
Telvanni Hall For Skyrim
Skyrim Fighters Guild
TEG Demon Hunters
Wizards of Winterhold
House Redoran

Fallout 3

The Waysted Resource Pack
The Foundation Mod

Fallout New Vegas

The NCR Mod
Code of Steel
Companion Edits
Wasteland Survival Kit
WSK The Strip
The End of Plot Mod

As a special feature, some months I will surprise with rare mods that are not available anymore such as The Kingdom of Almar, Pagan Dawn or Hostile Universe. All mods made by me on my older websites.

fallout4logoHere is a video Bethesda released yesterday showing more Fallout 4 footage including interface and player stats. You can see clearly see how the dialog wheel is designed for use with gamepads, but speaking as PC user, that sort of interface is not that bad and having the player stats back too is welcome after the console job they did on Skyrim.

Though only having 4 dialog options will seriously impact on some quest mod choices. The Foundation mod idea for example would be very difficult to impliment with just 4 dialog choices per topic.

The video also shows other things such as far more detail for power armour, which just got a hell of a lot cooler, weapons that heat up when fired, a cockpit when wearing Power Armour and lot of other things. Over all at first glance it looks like it should support both the PC and consoles without sacrificing too much of anything either group wants.

Which is what most PC users like to hear.

That was one of my biggest concerns for Bethesdas next game after seeing what they did to Skyrim and it's interface, bugs and trolls were my other 2 big worries.

Guess I am a little bit closer to deciding to buy Fallout 4 than I was 2 day ago but I am still not there yet.


NewsIconNow the distractions are over and the point I keep making about the Elder Scrolls community being dangerous and unsafe has been made and proven beyond all doubt during these past 2 months. TEG will now getting back to normal. 

I still have not decided if I will get Fallout 4 or not, the Fallout 4 hype train was a train wreck before it left the station for me because of what Beth allows their communities to degenerate in too and the dangers they pose to Bethesada's own customers. Its like cancer that spreads to any site that supports Bethesdas games over time.

I am not sure I want to put my self at risk anymore.

Also I am now trying to decide if I should delete all Elder Scrolls mods I have made from TEG and off my local harddrive for good so I am not tempted to put them back online anymore. They bring the trouble here so when they gone, TES trolls, thieves and stalkers will have no reason to bother me or TEG again.

It does not matter if they are hosted here or else where, their very existance leads to trouble. So I think it may be time to destroy them utterly and be done with it.

I also thinking of closing down my youtube account and switching to a windows phone in the Autumn. I have not liked what Google as become. Forcing users to use their real name on Google+ has been a contributing factor to my personal life being put at risk by these TES sickos and Google seems to be in no rush at all to deal with the sickos on its own system.

That is going to cost them a customer.

I have already stopped using all other Google Services, I even use Bing for searches which is better because it shows me what i am searching for and not what Google knows I like.

Believe or not you can get by without Google quite easily and in my cases as is the case with Bing, it will be a better service you are getting.

These steps should make the net a safer place for me. You learn a lot about a company when your being stalked on their services and need them to help stop it. Facebook actually came out with top marks, Twitter not so hot, Youtube was a disgrace and Reddit... well they are just pirate site trying to pretend to be legit.

In the run up to Fallout 4's release I may make an update to the NCR mod, how big and how grand it will be has yet to be decided. I could go the same route I went for the Code of Steel mod and make a base camp for my mods NPCs. Or do a Foundation mod trick and provide addon ESP and ESM files to support the main ESP.

We all wanted something like that but bugs in Fallout NV meant it was not possible when the NCR was first designed. Now it is because the bugs are known so I may give it a go.

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