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Welcome to The Guild Home of Giskard and his mods We host some of the best Quest mods for TES and Fallout here. And remember, we also host guides for them if you get stuck.

skyrimiconI hope you all enjoyed the look at the work done here at TEG over the past 6 years, it was not a complete look at everything but it should give you the general idea.

Here in UK we have an election coming up on the 7th May so the chances of me getting deeply in to anything before then is remote. However I will be working on the site, writing guides, adding support, doing bug fixes during the next few weeks instead. 

Currently I am bug fixing TEG Windhelm, it is causing problems for new games for reasons that are unclear because it does not touch anything at the start of the game. I have advised users to run TEG Windhelm after they leave Helgen, though technically it will remain inactive until the end of the Civil War so you do not actually need it until then. 

The version I have here needs a civil war test run to make sure everything works after several corrupt items where fixed in it. But since I have not fixed the start of game issue yet, these changes have not been tested yet.

Some of these fixes are what idiots call "mod cleaning",  but as explained else where you cannot simple remove an item from a mod without breaking it. Every removed item requires parts of the mod to be rebuilt and retested. You cannot simple "clean a mod" without rebuilding the damage or restesting as many patch makers and tool makers will tell you to do. I face full Civil War test run before I even get to the TEG Windhelm quests but there is no way I can avoid this work if i want to be sure the fixes have worked.

It is because I do run these tests that I can tell players with absolute certaintly when something is or is not an issue. I am wrong some times, but usually I am right.

featurediconA personal message to TEG reads on TEGs 6th Birthday.

Ever since I posted my account of why I quit the TES community I have seen many of you being far more outspoken against the trolls that have and continue to flame, troll or rip off my work even today around the net. I have searched the net and seen many of the arguments you have had with these people behind my back and without my knowledge. It is nice to know things are changing and my hard work is appreciated and my position is understood by a growing number of more reasonable TES fans out there.

I offer you all my thanks. 

I also I wish to leave you with a song off an Album that was on perminant repeat whilst I worked on Kvatch Aftermath, it's lyrics strangely appropriate.

Happy Birthday TEG.

Thin Lizzy ~ Do Anything You Want



featurediconToday, on TEGs 6th Birthday I am going to show you what TEG has to offer. I am going take you on a video tour of TEGs history as a modding site and show you some of the fun things I have done here, often just for laughs. You have seen a lot of the more recent work this week. So lets look at some of the other things TEG has done.

So lets get started. 

Sometimes a modder can get a little bored and when a modder gets a little bored, this happens :)

All the videos used here today and more are available on my Youtube Channel HERE. My history as a modder is written in my Modders Bio, a featured document on TEG that explains what I have done and when I did it. Truth is though, modding is a hobby I can pick up and put down quickly which is handy given my job.

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skyrimiconWith 1 day to go before TEGs 6th Birthay I finish off this peak at the work done here recently with a look at my most successful Skyrim mod "Return to Helgen". Less known than "Helgen Reborn" due to my support of a private community instead of the whole of the TES community but even so, those who try Return to Helgen never seem to back to Helgen Reborn. They usually become life time converts to "Return to Helgen". Or at least that is what they tell me.

Return to Helgen was made at the tail end of my eductation in the many ways Skyrim bugs, so was a major source of bug info and workarounds. Some features could be done better today and I often consider redoing entire quest lines for that reason, but all mods made since Return to Helgen have benefited from what I learned whilst making it.

The creation kit corrupts large mods made in it and a corrupt mod can basically throw the rule book out of the window allowing anything to happen from street lights turning in to crates to Mammoths turning in to Bandits to gravity turning yellow and tasting of cabages. Corruption is actually an issue I am working on fixing for TEG windhelm right now that seems to have corrupted the start of the game, Until I solve it I am recommending people start TEG Windhelm AFTER they leave Helgen at the start of the game.

Back Return to Helgen.

Return to Helgen was originally a town mod that supported both the Empire and Stormcloaks. Supporting both in what I wanted to do would have been too much work. So I made the next 30 or 40 quests about the Empire and left the stormcloak features in so Helgen would switch sides in the Civil War depending on the side the player choose. A good decision my part, though the stormcloak fans did not like it because only Part 1 of 4 parts supported them after that.

Early use of timers in Skyrim appeared to work but did not, the timers kept on running the same code over and over every few game days regardless of any controls i used. So i just deleted half a dozen quests that used the timers and made new ones that did not nee timers. This was when I made entering Solitude a requirement to start Return to Helgen. The theory was the time it took the player to walk there was long enough for Helgen to be rebuilt.

Lots and lots of work arounds where designed for this mod, some successful, some not successful, all very useful.  My modding improved greatly as a result of these work arounds and what I learned back then. Today I am far better at modding Beth games than I used to be because of it.

These are videos showing Return Helgen in various stages of developement, from newest to oldest. I also wrote a guide about Return to Helgen HERE.


Return to Helgen is a lore heavy mod, not one of those "Skyrim has swords so this sword is lore too" lore mods but actual, TES lore used in my quests to help tell a story. Without spoiling it for you, Lorkhan and how man and elf seem him different is a big topic of the mod.

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