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Welcome to The Guild Home of Giskard and his mods We host some of the best Quest mods for TES and Fallout here. And remember, we also host guides for them if you get stuck.

skyrimiconI have recieved reports that 2 Karthwasten triggers from 2 different quests in my Skyrim Fightings Guild Mod and my the Palace of the Kings trigger the TEG Windhelm Mod are not triggering for some people. I have youtube videos online proving they do work and work 100% of the time for me the most reliable way, which is why I use this system and which proves something else is going on and it is causing triggers to fail to work.

I know that if you place a smaller trigger box inside a larger trigger box, the smaller trigger stops working or becomes highly unreliable and skyrim is full of massive trigger boxes. If a modder places a huge trigger box, it would break all other mods triggers that are inside it in the game. There are probably conditions which allow the smaller box to run such as running in to it whilst already fully inside larger trigger box but I need to run more tests on this to find out for certain.

So that is 1 known issue.

Another issue has come up before, that is SKSE.

In the past SKSE has broken in game triggers in this way according to reports I have recieved previously.  All those effected so far seem to be SKSE users.

I am still gathering information on this. But because players do not like answering specific questions when I ask then and tend to post pointless answers I have not asked for or simply did not even bother reading my questions, I have gotten absolutely no where with with this over the past 3 months. As a result I am unable to take this issue further. Unless people start being a lot more specific in their replies to this topic and start answering my questions FULLY.

I will add that Skyrim remembers a lot of things about scripts, so disabling SKSE AFTER it has been run is too late, as is disabling any mod that edits default game scripts, the damage is done the second you save your game with one of those mods or SKSE running. There is no disabling it later and getting away with it. It is "changed your save already"... Bye bye instantly invalidating all tests you run after that.

The only valid test is a game that has never had SKSE run on it at all. If the issue still happens and SKSE has never been used in that save, then its not SKSE (I do not use SKSE and I do not have this issue so I cannot test for it here).

If it works and SKSE has never been used then SKSE remains a possible source of the problem. If you only run SKSE and one of the mods effected and it still happens, then it is definitely SKSE causing the problem. Those are the only valid tests you can run for this.

The good news is that the TEG Windhelm mod has a trigger that runs the second the civil war is over as you enter the palace of the Kings in Windhelm and leave it. Giving an instant result in the form of a messenger, either legion or stormcloak waiting to talk to you outside in Windhelm. Skyrim Fighters Guild also has 2 Karthwasten missions that trigger it, the quickest one to get too is the one from the Solitude branch, the attack on Kwarthwasten.

I would point out that all my mods use trigger boxes to run, there is no alternative way of starting quests reliably anymore because Beth removed the older reliable options from the editor years ago. So this basically means you can run all my mods if unaffected you might as well uninstall them all now and give up if you are affected. There is no maybe it will work if triggers are broken in your game. Even Return to Helgen, DLG, Solstheim and every other mod of mine will be affected.

In short, help me find the cause or uninstall the mods and go and download something that does not use trigger boxes at all.

Those literally are your only choices here.

Post your feedback on the forum where others can read it and reply too it and do not spare the detail.

NewsIconHands up who would make a mod and share it publically if you knew you for an absolute fact (first hand experience) 100s or 1000s of trolls would make your life a hell if you did so.

NOBODY would share anything under those conditions, so why do some idiots expect me too ?

Fact is getting to the mods is easy, you just have to behave your self, read the intro forum stickies which explains what you have to do, then post until I am sure you are not a troll and the downloads will open as if by magic. The system is only annoying once for decent people, when you get past it you never see it again. From that moment on all future downloads and updates are instantly available to you.

Given how fast I work and how good at modding I am.... that is something to look forward too. A steady supply of brand new mods from one of the better more experienced modders and all you have to do is follow the rules and they are yours.

Of course I do realise that for those who fail to respect my wishes and read the stickies and rules, the system can be extremely annoying and frustrating when you keep getting your account deleted and have to do it all again and again and again. All I will say to that is GOOD, it was designed to do that. To follow a sites rules, you have to know the site rules and anybody that chooses not to read them, has chosen not to follow them and will lose their accounts for it. It is that simple.

The TEG system allows me to enjoy sharing mods with you without getting 1000s of trolls pissing me off every week. Without it you would not get any mods from me at all, I simply would not share anything publically anymore. I have seen public downloads on TEG get abused far too often to want a return to those days again.

 falloutlogoThis is the new NCR V3 Video for you all to enjoy.


falloutlogoThe NCR V3 is now available in TEGs download area. I did not make the 10 quest story line for it because I am currently lacking the voice actors to do it. Instead I have added some new repeatable quests and other new features.


Medics are now allowed to do Ranger Battles and Patrol missions and get paid for doing them, as well as experience. They are the only unit that can do other units missions but do not get the other units kit, they still only have access to the medic kit. Every unit should have a medic even if the AI never needs one.

Experience has been tweated for some missions, so harder missions award more experience. Also the player now gets paid for doing NCR missions, the amount changes according to the difficulty of the mission and the amount of time it should take to complete it. The new Search and Destory missions may take a while until you get used to them, so it offers the most experience and the most gold.

That Experience and Gold changes make quite a difference to the NCR mods game play, for starters you can actually make a living off NCR quests now. Enough to keep you supplied with ammo and weapons. No need to do anything other than trooper work now. Unless you want too.

A new NPC called Major Freedman has been placed in Forlorn Hope, he will be of interest to you once you reach the rank of Staff Sergeant or Higher. Once you reach the required rank 2 new features will unlock.

Feature 1) Viper Squad becomes available to use on any mission you like.  Viper Squad also gets some upgrades at specific ranks so they go from Troopers, to Heavy Assault and finally to Veteran Rangers. With equipement upgrades to match. They can die but will respawn. I allowed this to simulate the time it takes for replacements to arrive.

Feature 2) Search and Destroy missions.

I will add that the search and destroy missions are set up so you do have to search for the targets and they may be scattered around so you may run in to dozens of other enemies trying to find the ones your supposed to kill. Whilst means you will never know who is the target so your just going to have to kill every enemy you see just in case :)

So be sure to take Viper Squad with you :)

This release, whilst not big, is important, it rounds off the mods current features nicely, makes it more complete and starts using the Rank feature introduced in 2.2 to unlock new quests. You may see more these rank based jobs in the future.

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