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This is the voodoo that I do! From 1980 to Present Day! Too many games to mention There is always a next project.

skyrimicon10 years ago this month (July/August 2006) I got sick of waiting for Kvatch Rebuilt to be finished and learned to mod Oblivion my self by building and releasing my Kvatch Aftermath V1 in a single month. Updating it to version 1.3 by October that year. I made my first quests, my first town, my first houses, my first worldspace, my first everything except NPCs... all in 1 month.

Then I got flamed heavily by Kvatch Rebuilt fans who did not like me letting the player be count, did not like me not having an arena, did not like a none lore fan making any kind of mod for Oblivion. So I quietly stopped modding Oblivion for year and went to mod other games.

Kvatch Rebuilt fans had to wait 2 more years to see Kvatch Rebuilt finally finished and released and then it released with no voice work at all. In fact the mod was abandoned before the voice work was finally added. The irony is I got along well with the 2 modders that eventually finished Kvatch Rebuilt and could have helped them shave a year off the developement time but the mere fact that I offered to help them got me flamed by their own mod fans who had not seen their mod yet. So I withdraw the offer and left them waiting another year for it to be finished. I could have done the same job in a month on my own and have done that job in less than a month dozens of times.

In fact as a rule its 1 quest per day for me... that would be 30 quests in 30 days or 15 really complicated quests. That is the speed i work at.

I returned a year later to learn TES Lore and make Origin of the mages guild, my first real TES Lore mod as a poke in the eye to the so called Kvatch Lore fans that had been flaming me. Turned out they did not know any lore and I had to become an expert in it before i realised none of them knew any lore.

I released Origin of the mages guild in Christmas 2007 and was flamed by Devakm of Fcom that January for editing the same cupboard in the Arch mages quarters as OOO. Only he did not explain that right away... no, he started a riot first and I had to drag it out of him. The guy was total wanker from the start.

Two months after that I had The Necromancer and Fighters Guild Contracts out too, now it was March 2008 and Elminister, Devakm and Vorian rallied all the thugs to come and smite me in my own Kvatch thread. It got out of hand and their thugs started targetting my Respawn site which had to close so I quit only this time I pointed my finger at the thugs responsible so the world could see why I was quitting.

I was the first modder to stand up to them, the rest just quietly quit and let them get away with it.

Many fans rallied around me so I made them the Elder Council mod as a thank you, and said so in the TEC docs but when the thugs heard about it they started accusing me of selling mods and Beth insisted I remove the thank you note from the docs, so I could not even thank my supporters.

I went on to make CUO, CURP and many other mods and would create the initial version of my Cyrodiil Upgrade and win the Nexus mod the month 6 times, which was just me making a point to Elminister about who the real noobie really was.

CUO was me making a point to Devakm who had worked on Fcom for over a year and created royal mess. I made CUO in less than 1 month and it did the same job as Fcom without any mess. Just my way of dealing with thugs that dare come after me for making a mod.

Later I would make Kvatch Rising to beat the Kvatch Rebuilt thugs over the head with, again just me making a point. Just like learning TES lore was me making a point and just like me making OMG was me making a point.

I do not resort to the sort of tactics those thugs use, I make my points through my work.

Nobody called me noobie after I had finished making my points, fact is I had been modding for 26 years before I even loaded up Oblivions editor for the first time. So it should not come as a surprise that I was able to make Kvatch Aftermath from scratch in 1 month.

Fact is, between the day I started modding Oblivion and the day I quit making mods for the Elder Scrolls community due to excessive flaming and trolling. Oblivion had reached the grand old age of 2.5 years old and i have only spent 16 months modding that game because the thugs put me off doing anything for them.

Yet in those 16 months I made..

Kvatch Aftermath.
Orgin of the mages guild
The Necromancer
Fighters Guild Contracts
The Elder Council
Various CUO Cities mods
Kingdom of Almar and probably few more.

And they called me the noobie.

I spent  less than 16 months supporting Elder Scrolls fans on Beth and Nexus and 10 years regretting it.

Fact is my fun modding TES and Fallout did not start until I opened TEG, that is real anniversary worth celebrating. TEG is where my best work has been created and where me and my mods fans have had the most fun. For me, the fun started on April 17th 2009, 5 months after I stopped supporting the Elder Scrolls communities on Beth and Nexus.

Finally, despite all the trouble that Kvatch Aftermath attracted, 10 years later it remains a fan favourite. Which just goes to prove, what I wanted from Kvatch in those early days having played the game for only a few months was what many of you wanted from Kvatch too, even today. The very thing the Kvatch Rebuilt thugs could not accept, was what made Kvatch Aftermath the well loved mod it became and the irony is, they flamed me for letting player become count, then Kvatch Rebuilt got that feature to two years later :)

So this actually my 10th Anniversary as an Elder Scrolls modder, not exactly happy years.

TEG MOTM IconIt is the start of the month so it is Mod of the month time. This is where I take 1 mod from my private download area and make it available to all registered members for 1 month. Any registered forum member can download it in that time and get a taste of what TEG is all about.

Once available, it will be 4 months before the mod can be the mod of the month again.  Which means for this months winner, you will not be able to see it again until November and in November you will be playing another game in the same series with any luck :)

Players voted for Origin of the Mages Guild and The Elder Council in the Mod of the month forum but newly registered users have been asking almost exclusively for The NCR mod and out numbered the regular voters.

So TEGs Mod the month for August 2015 is The NCR V3.1, 3.1 is currently the latest version. Available from the Mod of the Month forum on TEG through out August only.



NewsIconI have made a new featured article called "Older Mod Permissions and how TES fans lost them" to explain how TES fans went from having my full permission to edit and upload anything they wanted to no permissions and no download access after they placed their blind faith in tool makers and patch makers that always had a different agenda from mod users who trusted them.

You can read about it here.

TEG MOTM IconTEG has a new Mod of the Month feature on the forums.

This allows all my forum users to vote for 1 mod each month to be named TEG's Mod of the Month and for it to become available to all Registered Forum users to download. For the remaining week in July, CUO Bravil is the mod of the month. A new winner will be chosen for August.

Providing the players choice is not a recent winner of TEG's Mod of the Month, and providing it is not a brand new private mod I wish to keep private or one I am keeping private for other reasons, I'll take the players choice for mod of the month in to serious consideration when choosing the next Mod of the Month winner.

The rest of the mods will remain private since offering all my mods at once is why I get so much trouble from assholes.

Lets face it, if you make 1 good mod you get trolls, if you make 2 good mods you get more trolls. Well I made a hell of a lot of good mods so I get flamed heavily just for making them. Every jealous tool maker, patch maker and asshole sends armies of trolls after me every week for making the mods named below. That is a hell of a lot of trolls coming to piss off guy 1 guy who made mods for you.

Here is an incomplete list of available mods you can vote for as TEGs mod of the month, all are made here by me. Cyrodiil Upgrade Resource Pack is always available in the Mod of the Month forum so you do not need to vote for that.

Oblivion Mods

Giskards Tales from the Tomb
Origin of the Mages Guild
CUO Chorrol
The Necromancer
The Elder Council
The Elder Council -Temple of the One
Sheogoraths Accords of Madness
Kvatch Aftermath
Kvatch Rising
Cyrodiil Upgrade Overhaul
Fighters Guild Contracts
Cyrodiil Upgrade Resource Pack
CUO Bruma
CUO Leyawiin
CUO Bravil
Kingdom of Almar

Skyrim Mods

TEG Windhelm
TEG Solstheim Mod
Teg_ReturnToHelgen (Version 4 is in ModDB)
Dark Lore Grimoire
Telvanni Hall For Skyrim
Skyrim Fighters Guild
TEG Demon Hunters
Wizards of Winterhold
House Redoran

Fallout 3

The Waysted Resource Pack
The Foundation Mod

Fallout New Vegas

The NCR Mod
Code of Steel
Companion Edits
Wasteland Survival Kit
WSK The Strip
The End of Plot Mod

As a special feature, some months I will surprise with rare mods that are not available anymore such as The Kingdom of Almar, Pagan Dawn or Hostile Universe. All mods made by me on my older websites.

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