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Welcome to The Guild Home of Giskard and his mods We host some of the best Quest mods for TES and Fallout here. And remember, we also host guides for them if you get stuck.

CrashnBurnIconThink of a guy who makes a mod and gets trolled for making and sharing such cool mod with everybody by the "How dare you make a cool mod and give it to me for free crowd".

Now imagine that modder getting abuse constantly for sharing that 1 mod by players that think they are doing him a favor by using it, until he quits making mods for them and walks away. A common enough story, it happens all the time in the Elder Scrolls community. It is why most modders never mod more than 1 game before giving up for good.

Now consider this.....

I have close to 30 mods for the Elder Scrolls and Fallout games to my name......

Modders have to put up with a lot of shit to give you readers mods for free.

skyrimiconI have been unable to do much on the mod since I announced it due to a badly timed Eye infaction which I am currently being treated for. But since its finally starting to improve after a change of meds yesterday. I may finally be able to get back to it 1 week after I started work on it.

TEG Demon Hunter is a mod about the Vigitants of Stendarr, its purpose is to allow players to work with the Vigitants to kill Vampires, Werewolfs and Daedra. My current thinking on this is rather than letting the player join the vigilants and limiting what other things he can join after that because the vigilants are pretty hard core when it comes to not liking those sort of things. I was thinking of having the player do jobs for them for a reward.

The mod is not designed to be a massive quest mod, it is mearly designed to add depth to a faction with no depth in the default game. Giving you Paladin type players somebody worthy to work for. Hopefully with rewards that you will appreciate.

Players that know my Oblivion work will know I made a mod called fighters guild contracts back on the day. Bethesda created the Radiant system for Skyrim which is more or less the same thing. Both ideas felt a little too generic for me tastes. I recently perfected the idea when I updated my Solsthiem mod, so I was thinking its time to make a new style radiant system for this mod that is not generic, only really needs 1 voice actor and so can have as many lines of glorious lore and back ground as the mod requires to make each random mission sound like a traditional mission with all the depth it needs to pull it off.

This leads to some interesting design choices.

NewsIconAn amendment to the Criminal Justice bill in the UK could see Trolls that sexually harrash or verbally abuse people online or via mobiles, jailed for up 2 years according to the Guardian News Paper.

Years ago there was a movement to keep governments from governing what happens on the net, but you may have noticed nobody tries to stop them these days because they have seen how bad trolling has gotten over the years and pretty much everybody believes something needed to be done about it.

Twitter and Facebook have both seen prosecutions in the UK against trolls and cyberstalkers but the changes to the law looks set to make standard trolling as seen in most gaming communities a criminal offense in the UK. Gamers are in my experience the worst for trolling and look set to be heavily affected by the new laws.

Especially on TEG which is a UK site and will be subject to the changes to the law.

skyrimiconPlayer feedback tends to be either "Good mod", a rant about some minor issue or the feedback is simply never given. That is by far the most common feedback I get 99.99999999999999999999999999999% of the time. Probably more since real feedback is very rare and mostly none existant. Flying pigs are more common than real feedback.

Want me to prove it ?
Check this out, there are photos of flying pigs, but you will not find photos of good feedback.

I take the view that feedback should reflect the quality of the mod, so if a mod is 80% good, the feedback  should be 80% good. I also think players should not forget they are talking about a player made mod with player voice actors and not get any delusions about professional quality. Because none of us are being paid to make the mods. There is no professional game studio or professional voice actor helping us out.

To expect that from mods is in my view extremely unfair.

Of course players forget its a player made item, forget its players doing the voice acting and treat it like some professional release then single out 1 thing they do not like then rant at me over it. So I naturally rant right back at them. I am not here to be ranted at by idiots that cannot tell the difference between a game made with budget of millions and a mod made with a budget of zero.

Real feedback is usually lacking, real feedback is not a log of where you went and what you did when you got there, as some folk seem to believe. It is about what you thought about features in the mod, did you like it, did it surprise you. Did you find them annoying and if so why.

Feedback is a comment on the mod, not a description of how you played it. It tells me what I did right, what I did wrong and what players wanted from a mod. Often feedback that tells me what players expect from a mod leads to improvements or a better mod. For example Kvatch fans kept talking about Arenas being lore in Kvatch in the 4th era, when it was not. Kvatch was destroyed, that was the lore on Kvatch, but I gave them a Kvatch with a working arena when I made Kvatch Rising just to shut them up.

I do not expect you to understand modding issues either, thats my job.

So its worth telling me what you like, what you did not like because unlike many modders that make 1 mod and quit, I have made over 2 dozen mods and your feedback does get incomportated in to future work. Not many modders can say that but you can see it in my work.


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