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Welcome to The Guild Home of Giskard and his mods We host some of the best Quest mods for TES and Fallout here. And remember, we also host guides for them if you get stuck.

NewsIconIn order to spell out just how much better off TEG and I become when ever I go members only with the downloads and why I am cutting TEGs throat to keep the downloads public for you all. I want you to take a look at what happens the moment I go members only.

This is the introduction forum, nobody gets to post or download until they have posted here first. Check out how many new registrations TEG got over night since we went members only and check now many we got before that change when the site we public and allowed anon downloads.

Bit of a difference ay.

Members only downloads leads to more support from players, more donations, more voice actors, less troll activity from the TES community. Basically it is very good for TEG and me. I know lots of downloads means lots of trouble. I am old enough and wise enough to avoid it. So I am not looking for massive mod successes because it means I must suffer constant abuse for that success and its just not worth it.

Public downloads leads to the trolls taking advantage of the anon downloads to get the mods that they far too often attack, then they abuse the open download system and cause me and this site trouble, making me regret being so open with everybody. At the same time donations drop off, registrations drop off and voice actor recruiting drops off. You players that do use this site basically let me down when I go the extra mile to support you and rally around when I stop.

It really does not pay a webmaster to allow public downloads at all, it is harmful to our own interests.

Supporting sites like Steam Workshop or Nexus makes it even worse, TEG is far better off hosting my mods on its own than it ever is allowing other sites to host them for me. There are no restrictions here. Which is why Steam Workshop support is currently under review here at TEG. It is not a good mod hosting service and provides me with reasons not to support it almost every day.

Finally the trolls cannot touch my mods here, unlike the trolls that tried to make my mods disappear in 2009 using mod cleaning as an excuse to do it, and actually succeeded in getting them removed from most download sites at the time. Whilst I host my mods, the trolls cannot touch them. They remain available for you all at some cost in hard cash to me I should add. They cannot censor what mods you have available as long as TEG is open and hosting my mods.

They cannot flood my inbox with bullshit about my mods and expect me to take them down as they did with other sites that ended up hosting rip off versions of my work instead. Versions that were never supported, utterly buggy and now so far out of date its a frekkin joke that they are still online.

Those trolls only know how to drive modders away and make our work disappear. Where as I am paying hard earned cash to see that does not happen and that these mods remain available for you all. I have stood by you players even when you where attacking me for making these mods. And it is solely down to me that you still have mods to moan about today.

NewsIconThe download area is members only again, my site logs prove the August trolls originated from Bethesdas forum after following links to this site from Beths forum in a mod cleaning thread. No surprise there, the biggest trolls and the stupidest users where always mod cleaners and I'll prove that in a moment.

Keep in mind folks that TEG and I are not part of the TES community because of this sort of thing and I do not want it here now. Nothing we do here is any of their business anymore and none of them should come here believing they have an automatic right to anything.

The latest troll fest from a community i quit in 2008 and have not been back since, started when a user asked for a cleaned version of Origin of the mages guild on Bethesdas forum then walked away happy with OMG 6.1 from 2007, an ancient version of the mod, not too smart that guy.

Mr "Display Name Is In Use", one of those responsible for me leaving the TES community back in 2008 because of the shit he and others caused me, joined the thread and a very bitchy chat about me and my mods started. With links to this site and quotes from it that proved he reads this site despite being extremely unwelcome here. That is how the trolls knew to come to TEG and why they wrongly assumed they could act on TEG like they acted in the TES community. Their mistake first and last mistake here.

Then the patch maker (Mr "Display Name Is In Use") and some players convinced each other that mod cleaning was safe and that I did not know what I was talking about and could be ignored.

Just to spell out the true size of their stupidity and arrogance. Mr "Display Name Is In Use who basically is a player who makes patches, along with several other players with next to no modding experience all, all decided to ignore a guy who ranks as one of the best modders for Oblivion and Skyrim in order to clean (edit) my mods without my permission or skill at modding and against my advice.

Then they come to me for fixes when what I said would happen if they cleaned my mods, did happen and get all angry at me when I say there is no fix. Me being the one that said "not to do it" and the them being the idiots that did it anyway then blamed me for the resulting mess of their games.

This time around I spent the next 2 weeks dealing with a sudden rush of trolls from that thread and then had to suffer bug reports about brand new issues in old mods that nobody had had any issues with in years.

I am modder with a LOT of experience, and when I get new bug reports all in the same week for a mod that has been out years without a single issue being reported. I frekkin well know the retards cleaned it without needing to asking. Yet still they try their best to hide that fact from me so i give them just enough rope to hang them selves with before calling it as I see it. 

Anyway, making the download area members only should stop linking and quoting from those idiots and keep TES trolls away from TEG. If they want to be stupid fine, just dont drag me in to their maddness and there will be no problems.

skyrimiconI made a lot of progress on Dark Lore Grimoire Version 2 during the past month or so. It now has a spell making system that allows you to upgrade existing spells to more powerful versions providing your skill and experience is sufficent. This represents you becoming a master at casting standard spells and being able to tweak them to make them more powerful.

Which is useful when you consider low level spells quickly become obselete, well know they will be useful for longer. It may even go some way towards making mages easier to play. Currently mage players find the game harder than warrior players. Yes i know some loud mouth will brag they can play a mage blind folded using only their cock to cast spells and take down dragons with the first shot, but here in the real world, I know bullshit when I smell it.

I have played the game too.

So, the new spell options should help in that area, especially since the same magicka is needed for the new spells as was needed for the old spells. So your experience at casting spells from a school of magic matters. Also remember DLG distingishes between schools so you can be very good at one school and able to tweak their spells but crap at another and but stuck with the basic versions.

NewsIconThank you everybody for reporting the upload of the NCR mod to Nexus, Nexus staff have removed it. After what happened in Dec 2008 on Nexus, they do not want my mods on Nexus any more than want them on Nexus.  If you really think about it, neither do you because Nexus made my work unavailable rather than apologuise to me for what they did. So you would not even have my mods today if Nexus was my only source of mod hosting. Here on TEG nobody can get them removed without my permission so they are safe and have been safe since TEG opened in April 2009.

In another note the Kvatch Aftermath files uploaded before April 2008 were uploaded with my permission and are fine. 

If your interested in knowing why I no longer support the TES community and consider TEG an independant site, you can get read about HERE. I noticed that 6 years after I last set foot in the TES community the trolls where still at it and still targeting me so I wrote my account of events so you would know what those who hate me today did back then and what their new supporters are actually supporting.

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