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Welcome to The Guild Home of Giskard and his mods We host some of the best Quest mods for TES and Fallout here. And remember, we also host guides for them if you get stuck.

skyrimiconI have released the Dark Lore Grimoire V2.2 update to correct a lore error I made that a user on the forum was kind enough to point out. Apparently Gothren was dead already, hay who knew, it was not in any of the books and I dont usually play House Telvanni in Morrowind.... Opps... Seriously though, its something Telvanni players would have known, and since I am not a Telvanni player, I did not. 

All fixed now :)

Thats the trouble with lore mods, the more closer you get, the more distant you are and the more mistakes you make. Still theres always updates to solve these little issues.

Lore Accuracy needs to be maintained so here you go DLG V2.2.

Also released today Solstheim V2.5.

This release sees the deletion of 4 Redoran Guard Quests and the creation of 1 super cool, does it all, totally random quest that does the job of all 4, only randomly, produces random encounters and random loot and will never stop working because its repeatable. Where as the original ones where one shot quests due to bugs in the Skyrim paprus command system that I used when I first made them. So you can defend Raven Rock over and over again as I originally intended.

Cool or what.

You may notice features intended for future versions, these are incomplete right now.

Both these mods are in the Skyrim download area on my forums.


Important note.

I did not intend to release Solstheim V2.5, I was working on Solstheim V3, but shortly after Dark Lore 2.0 got released the TES troll trouble started and has drained me of my modding creativity. So I am releasing it as is whilst I recover from yet another round of "release a mod, get shit for it" from TES fans.

I have no idea when I'll get back to modding Skyrim, to be honest I get sick of this shit from Elder Scrolls fans. It gets in the way of my modding activities every time. But now I no longer support Steam Workshop, perhaps that will change. Talking of TES trolls, I'll be making a blog about that in a moment.

SteamiconYou may not be aware but we had a TES community troll (from Beth and Nexus) on this site this week intent on breaking UK laws and later after being banned from here 3 times in the same day, started making threats against this site on Steam that would breach Seattle laws as well. Steam moderators stepped in and delt with it, no complaints about most of their activities to be honest. All perfectly fair.

However trolls flaming did reveal Steams Advertising policy applied to mods and mod makers.

Which is a problem and means that troll and all other trolls just lost access to all my mod downloads because I have dropped support for Steam Workshop because of what I found. Basically, what I consider to be normal modder activities is against Steam rules and has already gotten me moderated, advising mods, recruiting teams, posting videos, all against Steam Rules. Yet all normal gamer activities.

Steam rules effectively make Steam Workshop in to a graveyard for mods.

A place you upload them too and leave them to die instead of allowing users to promote the mods they made or show them off.  Which explains why this is exactly what happens to most mods on Steam, they die a silent death due to lack of interest. I had that problem my self.

Users should remember Steam Workshop already imposes a 100meg mod upload limit, a 1000meg total mods upload limit and provides so little document space, we cannot explain our mods very well nor does it allow us to inform users of new features when we do update them. So its really not a good service for us modders to start with. That is assuming its working at all.

NewsIconI have made over 30 mods since I started modding Oblivion in 2006, 28 of them are hosted here, I have written over 40 quests this year alone. So it is simply not possible for me to play wet nurse to lazy players that think its okay to bother me with stupid questions, when I wrote docs and guides that answered those questions already.

Too many players play that lazy ass game, so I have created a new game for them to enjoy.

Its called read the fucking docs or I will ban you from this website immediately and without warning.

I expect all mod users to now be properly motivated and keen to read the docs and guides for all mods that use from this site.

Thank you and have a nice day.Yours....
The Ban Hammer.....

featurediconJust a quick word from guy who knows about waiting for mods. If you see a forum post about a new mod with dozens of people in it and they already have graphics and videos with credits of who did what BEFORE they finish making the mod, that mod is doomed to die in silence. Its an exersize in kudo hunting, not a serious attempt to make a mod. Especially if the team spend a lot of time on the forums talking about it.

It is a fact that real modders do not have time to talk on forums whilst making their mods, it is one of the other. Which is why the flamers always got me, I had a choice, flame them on the forums, or make my mods. I chose to make my mods and so could not defend against them and ended up quitting. Which is why you players need to defend real modders that spend their time in the editor working rather on on the forum hunting for people to stroke their egos.

Remember, until the work is done, credits are not credits, there is nothing to be credited for.....

Now having said that, I am going to make some new levels for my Solstheim's  New Temple and House Redoran Quest line.... I hate making levels but if I want to make a good mod, I have to bite the bullet and get on with it.... Time for a new play list, music always helps when I start level designing.


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