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Making mods since 1980 Modding Bethesda games since 2006. 34+ large quest mods for Bethesda games. Only available and supported from TEG.

fallout4logoWelcome to Vault TEG.

Vault TEG is where us quest modders can be found, the ones Wasteland Barbarians flame heavily for making cool mods for you survivors of the apocalypse. Mods like as the NCR mod which we sent to the Mojave to help out, or Dark Lore Grimoire, Origin of the mages Guild, The Elder Council, Kvatch Aftermath and Kvatch Rising, plus 30 or so others.

So we like to keep our Vault tightly shut and defended against the Wasteland Barbarians that want to ruin the lives all you Vault Dwellers and other survivors out there. Especially from barberians from Tamriel.

There are 73 full members of Vault TEG, they include players, player voice actors and of course mod makers. These are the people that help me make my mods when I need volunteers and are counted as official Vault Dwellers in Vault TEG and always get to enjoy what we produce here whether it is private or public.

Then we have 900 apocalypse survivors that drop by from time to time, future Vault TEG occupants are chosen from these visitors by hand. All have been checked by our Rangers to see if they are known Wasteland or Tamriel Barbarians. Those that looked even slightly like Barbarians are thrown out of Vault TEG. The rest get to enjoy TEGs work "IF" I make it available to visitors to our Vault.

Due to the constant attracks on Vault TEG by Barbarians from Tamriel and else where, Vault TEG has heavy defenses and strict membership conditions. But Vault TEG has opened its doors to guests currently so you can browse our lobby, but everything behind the big steel door labeled Vault TEG is private Vault business for TEG members only. Keep away or out auto defences may shoot you.

Vault TEG's patrols will be out and about patrolling the wasteland in November after the Nukes stop falling, those not fortunate enough to have a place reserved in our vault should find cover and sit it out until the fallout clears. Remember, eat only tinned food and bottled water.

NewsIconToday the new Consumer Rights Act 2015 came in to force in the UK and now covers digital content, including digital games, music, books. So here we are, talking about our digital rights on a UK gaming site. Which as you know have been lacking since digital products first took off. That is now addressed.

It is sad but i have found gamers need to legally protect them selves these days not only from other gamers but from developers too who often step on our rights. So this is an important day in the UK and for all gamers that buy games from British Stores based in England and Wales.

You can read the fully enacted law HERE.

You will find in the UK you now have the right to expect all digital products to be of sufficent quality, to be fit for purpose, to be described accurately and you have the right to ask for a refund, repair or replace. If you tell a trader you want an item for a specific purpose and the trader says it will do that job and it does not, then you also have rights to a refund. Providing you could not have reasonably have known that in advance.

Also any digital content you buy must be kept available to you for a "Reasonable time".... which I have yet to find a definition for in the new Act. For games I would guess that would be when the hardware has been improved to the point where an older game no longer works. Which happens a lot, many of you will have old CD based games, disk games or tape games that stopped working as hardware required to run them became obselete.

You have up to 6 months to deal with fault goods, within that time frame, any item that was faulty within those 6 months, is considered to have been faulty on the day it was supplied. EG it is the traders fault.

Also the trader has to bear all costs of repairing or replacing faulty products. So if an expansion pack is released that contains fixes for a buggy default game.... they would have to give it away for free in the UK, they could not charge for it.

Also all fixes need to be made within a reasonable time without overly inconviencing the customer, so no more slow patch releases for game crippling bugs.

Of course this only applies to products sold in England and Wales from UK shops and services.

I have not read it all but here is a list of sections and their section titles that cover Digital products to give you an overview of what new rights over digital products we have all gotten today in the UK. If you buy from England or Wales, you should be protected regardless of where you live in the world. Also companies that want to sell goods in the UK will have to conform to these laws too.

Digital content

TEG MOTM IconForum users have voted Origin of the Mages Guild as TEGs mod of the month for October, which is ironic because back in October 2007 I started my research on this mod and released it on Dec 2007. So happy birthday Origin of the mages guild.

A new vote is now in progress to find Novembers mod of the mod.

The poll for my best mod ever which users can change their vote on as new mods are released, still has Dark Lore Grimoire leading the way with Return to Helgen and The Elder Council in joint 2nd place.

Which is interesting because nobody votes for any of them during the mod of the month competitions but do vote for them in my best mods ever poll.

NewsIconI am sure you have noticed that my modding has currently come to a complete and utter halt and it has been that way since the Reddit trouble in April 2015. I just decided to spend more time persuing off line hobbies that did not involve spending 100s of hours working on a mod only to be flamed, robbed and stalked for it by fuckwits when I release it.

Lets face it, I have been modding heavily for years, and the last 10 years I have been focused on Bethesdas games mostly and have made mods like Kvatch Aftermath, The Elder Council, Origin of the mages guild, The NCR, Return to Helgen, Dark Lore Grimiore (voted my best mod by TEG users for 3 months in a row now), and that just a few of the 34 mods I have made.

I have been out and about taking photos, building models and getting back in to Warhammer 40k Miniature painting again this summer. I even created a forum on TEG for Warhammer fans to use to talk about any aspect of Warhammer from the PC games to the table top battles.

Modding has not really been on my mind, and when it is, it usually makes me angry, which just makes me less likely to mod anything.

With summer ending now, I'll be busier with indoor hobbies again so modding may pick up, but it is no longer my primary hobby and probably never will be again after years of abuse from Elder Scrolls fans.

I am buying Fallout 4 when it comes out and will likely mod it, if it is any good. I am considering staying with Fallout from now on and never returning to the Elder Scrolls. Fallout fans may be slowly heading down the same trollish stalker route as TES fans already travel but they are still a long way off getting that bad and still have pretty decent fan sites like the Vault.

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