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NewsIconDuring the past 2 months you have seen some of the sickos I deal with from Reddit after they stole my mods, and the fact Reddit did not moderate them sent us all a loud message about how Reddit admins run their site and the sort of people that use Reddit.

Well one of my users dug this up today.... this guy is a very sick internet troll that used to post rape jokes, pictures of dead kids and border line child porn on Reddit and actually got a gold plated award sent to him by Reddit for doing it.

Next time you see Reddit user, remember this guy.... and think what type of sick perverts use Reddit and find it acceptable. As this video will show, he got award because Reddit users voted for him to have it.... Nuff said I think.

NewsIconI just want to warn people about Gamers Gate, for some strange reason I found my self unable to log in to my Gamers Gate Account last week and tried to use their password recovery option to recover the password to see if that helped. It did not, I tried 5 times and 5 times I got no email from them. Their password recovery system simply did not work.

So I tried directly contacting thier customer support, it took over 3 days to get a reply, they asked for details purchases which I supplied. It has now been nearly a week since I asked for a simple password reset and I have heard nothing from since sending the information they have asked for.


Gamersgate finally contacted me with password reset information AFTER I shared this news item on Twitter and Facebook. I'll leave you to make up your own mind about that.

I will repeat something I said earlier though, there is a great trust involved in digital gaming, taking a week just to reset a simple password does not look good for gamersgate.

falloutlogoGot a video showing the 30 minute preview of Fallout 4 by Bethesda at the E3 this year. They also announced the release date would be 10th November 2015.

After the mess that was Skyrim I did not think Bethesda would pull this off, but it looks like they not only got the creation engine working, they greatly expanded its features too. Should be interesting seeing what it can do in November. Also it appears mods will be coming to the Xbox one for the first time and maybe the PS4 later.

NewsIconReddit conducted a survey in march and found most people could not recommend Reddit to their friends because of hateful material found on the site. 50% of those surveyed said they where "extremely dissatisfied" blaming the "hateful or offensive content and community,". 35% said the moderators where too heavy handed.

You can read about changes to Reddit HERE.

Notice the date on the news item is May 14th, guess what else happened whilst Reddit was making a big push to stop online harassment....

Whilst Reddit was making its big push to clamp down on harassment on its servers... this was happening. First Reddit users planned and eventually actually stole my private work on TEG from threads on the Reddit site. Then they harassed me for not liking the fact they has stolen my private work. Then when me and my users reported these things to Reddit Moderators, they moderators found nothing wrong and moderated us, the victims of theft and stalking.... Which caused the Stalkers and Thieves to dance around celebrating on Reddit.

All the while this big push was supposed to be going on...... Did anybody notice a big push in any of these Reddit Threads where theft and harassment was so openly being displayed ?





THAT is not the action of a legitimate website, it does not say Reddit is clamping down on this sort of thing, it says the above announcement is a bad joke. It says Reddit is NOT a safe site to use.

Until 2012 Reddit supported phedophile's and in 2014 it hosted photos stolen from Apples Servers. This year it allowed the theft of my private work and the links to the stolen mods are still on Reddit today. The users responsible have harassed me and my users all over the net, all organised from Reddit. In fact I blocked The Scout on Steam just yesterday, he is one of those responsible for the theft and the harassment.

Neither I nor my users has seen any evidence of this big push on Reddit.

Mean while, every time they come here they are breaking the UK Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 as well as other laws connected to the theft of private data (my private work).

Reddit putting out this announcement out is like Piratebay announcing their support for Copyright holders....  It is sick joke. I do not believe Reddit is a legitiment site. I think far too many illegal things are allowed there for it to ever be seen as a legitimate site. Their actions in support of thieves and stalkers prove it.

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