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fallout4logoLooks like Fallout fans have spoken on Metacritics and given Fallout a 5.4 user score (and falling). Which is exactly half way between my 3 score for Fallout fans wanting to know what Fallout 4 is like and my 7 score for everybody else wanting to know what Fallout is like. Taking the average, I would say my own review score pretty accurately mirrors the scores for both groups on Metacritics today.

The professional reviewers score of 85 looks out of step with the users hands on experience of the game... AGAIN! It begs the question, who are the pros writing the reviews for, it is certainly not for us gamers or they would care about the topics we care about and their scores would reflect our interests more often than they do.

Fallout 4 in many ways is a vast improvement over any previous Bethesda game, not least it was far less buggy at release than normal. But also the world it self is a major improvement technically, over any previous game. Since that means the sandbox game is a major improvement over past Bethesda games, that is a pretty big thing. The locations for example are nearly all unique with a few exceptions and there are lots of them.

I could give you a run down on new editor features right now based on what I have seen in the game so far and what would have had to be improved in the editor for it to work, but I am not going too, not right now anyway. Just take my word for it, Fallout 4s world has seem some pretty heavy changes over past games.

But everything else is very repetative and most of the skills and rpg elements have been thrown out of this game, so the score does not surprise me. A developer should not dramatical change the nature of a game as Beth have done and not expect this sort of backlash from existing fans.

So I stand by the score I gave in my review that was.

7 if your a casual gamer.

3 if you are an existing Fallout fan.

If you are like me and see Bethesdas RPG qualifications slowly being torn up and thrown away after Skyrim, you will not be surprised by Fallout 4 and there for will not be as angry or hyped as some folk seem to be. I am not even expecting Fallout 4 to be very modable but I am quietly hoping it is. After all, releasing an Editor does not mean a thing if that editor does not work on half the games content because of bugs.

Still, Fallout 4 is far less buggy than previous Beth games... so there is hope the engine and tools for the engine will be less buggy too.

Games2IconTEG is running its Game of the Year Vote until the 10th December 2015, the winner will be announced on the 11th December.  To vote you must be a member of the forum and must have posted an introduction.

If you qualify to vote, then cast your vote HERE.

This year has been a reasonably good year for games and we have a quite a list of favourites from forum users. Whether they like them enough to vote for them is a different matter. One thing is for sure, we will soon see who actually liked a game they nominated and who just named the only game they brought this year. After all, if you only purchased one game this year then that game also qualifies as your worst game of the year too and this is not a worst game of the year vote.

The Nominations are.

Satelite Reign

Cities Skylines

Galactic Civ 3

Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition.

Pillars of Eternity

Wasteland 2 the Directors Cut.

Witcher 3

Shadowrun: Hong Kong.

Ori and the Blind Forest

Heroes of Storm

Star Wars The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire

War for the Overworld



fallout4logoThe word is that the Fallout 4 Geck will not be released until next year, which is probably for the best because mods made now will inherit some of the early game bugs and as I found out with my Wizards of Winterhold mod for Skyrim, even after Beth fix those bugs, a mod that inherited them remains affected by them long after the bugs are officially fixed.

Add to that most people should get used to the default game before adding mods to it, at least that way they will appreciate the mods when they do install them.

Trouble is, after the first place through I found my self having a very hard time seeing any reply value in Fallout 4, so I am expecting a sharp drop off in interest in Fallout 4 after people played it through once.

You would expect the 4 different factions to offer 4 different play throughs but honestly, they do not because all 4 have the same "go there and destroy something", "go there rescue that, oh and destroy something whilst your at it" feel about them and its repetative, very very repetative.

Settlements are repetative too, and pretty dull. Its hard to build that flashy bar we saw in the early dev videos because there are no flashy bar signs to use from what I could see. You just have boring mundain stuff like chairs and stuff. Settlements are a token gesture at best, if you want Settlements, there are plenty of new indie games offering this sort of game play and many do a better job of it.

This is raised the question is Fallout 4 even worth modding, after all its just another shooter now, there is nothing in there to hold my interest.

Shooters tend not to rank as my favorite games, typically I play them once and move on and even then, I only play the ones people rave about for years once and move on, they are not even on my to buy list normally. I get the feeling Beth want their own shooter and are turning Fallout in to that shooter.  Abandoning everything Fallout is in order to compete with Call of Duty in a flooded market place.

fallout4logoI waited until I had played Fallout 4 for 80 hours before writing this review in order to give it a chance. Now I have hit the 80 hour mark i have writen a review that I feel fairly takes in to account how players feel about it on TEG and what we seem to agree on.

You can read the TEG Fallout 4 Review on the forums.

Speaking as a modder, I would say consider Fallout 4 to be Skyrim without a decent main plot or side quests and with all skills and most perks removed. Which means modders like me have a clean slate to build on, but the game it self is not going to impress RPG fans.

So my first job will be to design a system that places RPG elements back at the heart of the game. Fortunately I did a lot of work on exactly that for my Skyrim mods and was doing rather well when the Reddit fuckheads pulled their crap and put me off modding that game after that. But I'll probably continue that work in Fallout 4 if Fallout 4 supports my kind of mods. Which is open for question.

One thing is for sure, there has been massive changes to the navmesh system.... the old system would not have supported settlements like Fallout 4 does.

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