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Welcome to The Guild Home of Giskard and his mods We host some of the best Quest mods for TES and Fallout here. And remember, we also host guides for them if you get stuck.

After a week of having 1 fuckwit after another coming here and abusing the automated system to get access to stuff, I have now made TEG a completely private guild. The only way in or out is through me. Users have to make a request to join TEG officially in the new Join TEG Requests forum. The Automated system is now gone. A properly gaming Guild system is now being used instead.

Where as a persons failure to read the stickies has in the past resulted in that account being deleted, now nothing will happen. The account will remain until purged normally, but that user will not be given access to TEGs private forum either, nor will I waste time telling them they failed to be accepted. They will simply be ignored. Allowed to rot in the new Join TEG Requests forum.

Which ironically means less work for me since 2 out 3 users typically do not read the sticky and had to have their accounts deleted because of it. Now I just leave them to ROT. This of course means there is no second chances to become a member here anymore. You get once shot and if you fuck it up, thats just tough.

I found second chances usually turned in to second chances to be abusive anyway so those affected by this will be the undesirables that caused the trouble anyway.It is a natural filter that will prevent the undesirables from even getting on the forum at all.

CrashnBurnIconHave you noticed that companies on Kickstarter start out asking for a million then when they reach that goal, they suddenly need 4 million and then sell a game worth million for £35 and pocket the 3 million extra as pure profit for a game that was already brought and paid for in full on kickstarter by the original goal. They could have given the game away for free for 4 million and still made 3 million profit.

I did some checking and InXile originaly asked for $900,000 to make Wasteland 2 and stretched the goal to $2,933,252. Yet the game I played was clearly not worth £3 million. It looked and felt like a 1 million game or less. They also kept the price high at £35 at release when the game looked like a £25 game and only dropped it to £32 afterrelease.

Obsidian did the same thing with their Pillars of Enternity game. The originally wanted $1,100,000 but stretched that to $3,986,929 after hitting their goals. I remember thinking at the time that they are just being greedy and I still think that of them.

This means Pillars of Enternity should be a 4 million dolar game, for that price it should be fully voice acted. We will find out if it is this thursday and we will know if Obsidian gave their backers good value for money or not.

Call me a skeptic if you like but I am expecting another 1 million dolar game for that 4 million dolar kickstarter funding and yes they too are charging £35 for Pillars of Enternity.

Will it be worth it... personally I think CRPGs are never worth more than £25 but we shall see.

Edit: Having watched several videos about the Pillars of Enternity, I would say it does NOT look like a $4 million dollar game, but does look like 1 million dollar game and does look like it should be selling for £25 not £35.  So I expect a mixed response to it when it is released. It does not look that impressive and does look pretty ordinary to me, and dated. I'll be holding off on buying it I think.

Now Elite Dangerous by Frontier Developments asked for £1,250,000 and got £1,578,316, then delivered a game that looks like it cost $3 million. Then then they charged £40 for it. Which is a little high considering its a pure multiplayer game with a very very weak AI and a boring out dated universe to play in. Still, not really bad value for money and certainly not an abuse of Kickstarter. Also they seem to have a pretty cool plan for extra content too after release.

Now lets take a look at Godus by 22 cans. They asked for £450,000 and got £526,563 and are asking £15 for it, so it is a pretty cheap game that to be honest has felt like a Facebook game for most of its life but that changed this year and it is finally starting to feel like it should have felt. Despite the bad press for not meeting it's Kickstarter commitments, it is actually not a bad game and once again the value for money is good too.

EAIcon2 You do not need to be a gamer for 35 years to know what a terrible impact Electronic Arts has had on gaming these days. They are one of the big publishers that made it impossible for original thinking devs to get games published for a decade and a half until the digital age arrived and by passed their blockade of original games.

I believe their desire to own every successful developer was why they did it, it saves them a ton of money on maintaining their control over platforms IF there are no new devs to buy out.

The pattern of buying a dev, stripping it bear then closing it has been repeated by EA time and time again. By holding back original thinking developers by simply not publishing their games, they have been able to convince a generation of gamers that games like Dragonage Inquisition was actually good despite being just a button masher that offers no real control in combat.

The sad part is, if you look back to 1995, you will see highly original game developers started to be stomped on by companies like EA, it is only just returning now with early access and kickstarter. When you understand the games that have been denied us and what they should be like today, you start to understand just how crap those £60 EA rip off games are and that Dragon Age Inquisition really is a crappy game. Only the gamers ignorance of what we all lost, allows players to see Dragon Age Inquisition in a positive light.

When you know what came before and how it should be today, you start to see Dragon Age Inquisition, The Witcher 2 and all games like them as sad excuses for games modeled on the EA formula, all terrible games with gamepads a symptom of the problem because better controllers have existed for 30 years and could have been used at any point. There was never any reason to adopt a controller that stopped the player being able to aim accurately or move accurately.

Anyway, here is the The Jimquisition speaking about EA.

And yes I too predict Bioware will disappear in the future, the original devs that made Bioware great have already left, those making Bioware games today are just run of mill game developers, not the talent behind games like Neverwinter Nights 1 or Balders Gate.


city iconAllow me to present to you Cities Skylines, probably the best City Sim in 15 years years.


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