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A home for friendly gamers online A place where modders can get help or offer help. TEG is a no trolls zone! We are gamers & modders, enjoying our games and mods.

Hello everybody.

I am Giskard and I run this website.

I wrote most of the guides and tutorials found on here. I made all the videos shown here and all the mods in TEGs download area. So I have been a very busy person.

Over the years I have tried to get others involved only to find they basically sit on their asses doing nothing and I still end up doing everything my self. I see other modding sites having the same problem. So TEG is Giskard and Giskard is TEG. It has always been that way regardless of what the docs say some times.

Prior to me opening TEG, I ran Respawn and Mechstorm.

Both site has to be closed down because they where built on trust modders have with players and the TES community broke that trust. TEG is a different kind of modding site, it knows gamers are assholes and is built to deal with them. Trust plays no part in TEGs legal framework.

My modding started back in 1980.

Back then I had a Vic 20 and played games that loaded off tape. I hit the run stop key one day and the game stopped. I grabbed the manual and learned what the flashing prompt was and typed list. Then started changing numbers from 1 to 2 to see what happened before typing run again.

I was always great with a paper and pencil and pretty much any kind of paint, but animation was what grabbed me early on so when computers arrived I really got in to them and did all the usual dancing men tricks that was so popular back then plus many others that needed special hardware.

But the Vic 20 was really not the best platform for that so I kept up with game modding and construction kits made to make new games of my own out of. None of which where that good. Modding the code directly was always far better.

I went though the C16 and C64 computers before buying an Amiga and from that moment on computer animation finally caught up with why expectations. Using programs like Sculpt 3d, Imagine and Vista Pro I made space ships, aliens and fly byes. I even released a few of those 3d animations.

I also did some hand drawn 2D animations based on Games Workshops Deathwing story and that too got released.

Arexx was a computer language that I go into at this point and I wrote everything from databases to cnet apps in it. The very idea of a communication language was fascinating to me.

One of my favourite past times back them was the "my computer is better than your computer" debates because I could do some really cool things with my 14mhz Amiga. Whilst 100mhz PC users could not even do half of it because their hardware and software was light years behind the Amiga and in some ways still is today.

One of the things I did was set up multiple boot options for my Amiga, a gaming setup, a work setup, an eye candy set up. All running from the hard drive, no partitions. If I wanted impress somebody I would run the eye candy setup which played the old Next Gen Theme tune at the same time as an Enterprise animation ran in the fore ground and the OS loaded in the background. The whole thing would end just as the OS finished loading.

PC users that argued that the Amiga was crap where challenged to try that on their Windows 3.11 or DOS. They quickly learned it did not matter how powerful their CPU was, if their OS could not multitask, their PC was going to look rather pathetic next to my Amiga.

Truth was the Amiga had a massive creative scene, its not been equaled yet by the PC or any other platform. And I am just an old Amiga modder at hard dealing with the hardships of modding on a PC which is basically a desert compared to what I used to do.

2000 and later

From 2000 onwards I started running websites and that allowed me to more easily share my own work online. It is from that year that my work starts to become more available to the world. Prior to that it was modding for me and my friends mostly with a few public releases on Aminet.

I am an old school modder, I do not need construction kits to mod but if they are good, they make things much easier.

The first online success with my new sites was with Medieval Total War 1 when I made the first campaign for that game. Quickly others followed and quickly put my work in the shade but I got there first.

My AIs also earned me a reputation in many games and remain to this day one of the more fascinating things I make.

I do not make many 3d meshes these days because the PC software needed to make them costs 1000s and all I need is a model editor mostly. But I do still make textures, audio and other things and would love to learn rigging one day and make my own character animations for games.

Some of the games I have modded over the years are as follows, but this is not a complete list. Its just a few off the top of my head.

Medieval Total War 1
Dark Reign 2
Mechwarrior 4
Supreme Commander 1
Dawn of War 1
The Elder Scrolls

Personal notes on my self.

I have always been very creative and a little OCD when it comes to details. I believe all truly talented people have something wrong with them which makes them different from others and increases the talents they have. The very thing some may see as a handy cap, actually turns out to be the very thing that makes them so good.

Ironically my dyslexia and my eye for detail do not conflict, but actually help me create the rich detail you see in my woirk.

The very things people would want to be cured of, allow me to do the things I do.

So I would not change a thing.

For example,  I can make a truly epic quest for the Elder Scrolls in less than 3 months,  for Kvatch Rising it was 6 weeks. Others can take years to do the same thing with the help of entire teams. Where as I do it on my own without any lengthy delays.

Sometimes you have to accept that the weird guy with the mouse, is good because he is weird and has a mouse and not like you :)

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