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fallout4logoMinute Men Mod

This is my planning and design info for the Minute men mod I intend to make, the name of the mod will probably change but the working title is Minute Men Mod.

Version 1:

Version 1 should operate like The NCR mod and offer random missions to the player that all count towards a mission total that is used to unlock advanced features later.

Some V1 mission ideas.

1 Guard a settlement for a day (Guard Duty Quest).
These quests would be basically Guard settlement X while we gather the crops, make a deal or whatever. Keeping any raiders away whilst the settlers do their thing. Might include several attacks or not at all. Bonus points earned towards the players Perception stat if he does enough of these, leading to a free Perception stat point as a reward.

2 Intercept incoming Raiders (Attack quest).
Defeat an Organised attack on a Settlement. By Organised I mean I have set them up to be complete bastards to the player. Basically Small groups of bad asses. Completing these would earn points towards either the players Agility, leading to a free point on the stat after the player does enough of these types of missions.

3 Patrol between 2 settlements (Patrol Quest).
Standard patrol between 2 points, with possible action along the route. Completing these would earn points towards either the players Endurance, leading to a free point on the stat after the player does enough of these types of missions. Taking out any bad guys spawned by this mission may offer extra points towards a luck stat reward too.

4 Gather supplies for a settlement (Find and retrieve Quest).
Supply shortage in a settlement has led to them asking the player together something special for them from the commonwealth waste land. Will help increase a settlements happiness and after a while increase the players luck, providing he does enough of these.

5 Escort a settler to a location (Escort Quest).
Standard follow a settler between 2 locations, forcing the player NOT to fast travel or the settler may suddenly be eaten by a death claw that magically appears next to him and fail the mission.  Could include raider encounters that if dealt with earn the player extra brownie points. Possibly offering Charisma or Luck bonuses or Both after doing enough of theseā€¦

6 Deal with a dangerous creature (Hunting Quest) .
Hunt down a dangerous creature near the settlement. I am thinking this may lead to a Hunter Perk reward that upgrades each time the player successfully kills a dangerous creature. Leading to a higher critical hit chance with none automatic rifles or Melee weapons. Doing enough of these missions will lead to a free point on the players Str Stat.

7 Clear the road between 2 settlements of raiders or bad guys (Recon Patrol Quest).
Make the road between 2 settlements safe to use, by patrolling the road and killing anything dangerous along the way. Raiders, Animals, Robots, anything may appear and all would count towards those lovely brownie points that unlock the fun stuff later. Doing enough of these missions will lead to a free point on the players Luck Stat, especially if the player finds all the spawned bad guys and kills them.

8 Take drugs to a settlement to deal with a plague that has broken out (Aid Quest).
Need to look this up, see how to do it, might just lower a settlements happiness if failed and raise it if the player succeeds. But reducing the settlements population if the quest is failed or giving the player a nasty disease might be an option. If successful, the settlement would be unharmed, the happiness may increase slightly and the player may get a special Medic Perk that gives him bonuses when doing anything health related when he does enough of these. Very similar to the default game perk but this one would be used to unlock other quests later on.  I could even give the player the default perks early as a reward instead. Lots of options here.

9 Destroy Rampaging Robots (Seek and destroy Quest)
Helps increase intelligence of the player slightly if he is successful in dealing with the Robots. Eventually leading to a bonus point on the players intelligence as he learns more about robots and how they work.

10 Recruit an NPC for a settlement (For Hire Quest)
A charisma based quest, success or failure will be a charisma test, success will earn points towards a free charisma stat point, failure will result in nothing else happening, maybe lose points so the free point is harder to get.

fallout4logoI have started the process of planning out my first mod for Fallout 4. I have decided to do a Minute Men mod initially since its the one faction that never gets wiped out. This means it will be active in everybodies game and makes a great primary mod to base other mods on later.

You can read all about the ideas for the Minute Men Mod by Clicking HERE and going to the Planning and Design Thread for it.

A summery of what I am thinking about would be a cross between the Skyrim Fighters Guild Mod I made and my NCR Mod. The player would start by doing simple random missions for the minute men and slowly unlock one off quests that lead down the road to a Government being formed for the Common Wealth. With armies, depots, major battles, small battles and more and more recruits until the newly found Government faces its first real enemy, a power that would be able to match its own.

Anyway, its all the thread above, all being talked about right now, sign up on the forum, share your ideas or common on those already posted, be part of the creation of this new mod. Once the Editor is out of beta or things start to look stable, work on this mod will begin.

I would expect the mod will take 1 to 3 months to complete and contain at least 10 quests in Version 1 to get the ball rolling.

fallout4logoBig day today folks....

It was TEGs Birthday on 17th April and April has always been a time of big changes for TEG. Changes that have dramatic effects on your gaming fun. For starters TEG is throwing its doors open to all visitors today, whilst keeping the introduction forum because its good for keeping trolls and spammers out.

But first lets have a little history lesson so you can see where TEG came from and where TEG is going.

The Guild's History....

Back in 2000 I opened a site called Respawn to support mod makers and gamers, it quickly grew in to something special and branched out to support Mechwarrior 4 when that game was released. That spawned a site called Mechstorm which was also successful at supporting mod makers and mod users for the Mechwarrior series.

fallout4logoBethesda have added mod support to the "opt in" 1.5 beta on Steam.

To access it you will need to right click on Fallout 4 in the Steam Client and go to beta's and opt in. Once the beta has been applied to your game a new mods menu will appear in the game.

To access mods you will need an account on Bethesda.Net.

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