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gamesicon1Warhammer Total War was launched a little early in the UK and already 1000s of players have reported the game failing to launch, basically it locks up at the logo screen.

The reason for this is the DRM servers are over loaded, thus turning the passive DRM in to a feature that stops paying customers playing the game on launch day.

But you can work around it by launching Steam in Off Line Mode, this will allow you to play the game whilst Creative Assembly get their act together.

fallout4logoIt appears somebody uploaded the full Far Harbor DLC to Nexus and 800 people downloaded it before Bethesda and Nexus shut it down. the leak came from beta testers, all I know is today Fallout 4 did its first 20 minute full validation of my game. So I think there will be 800 people out there waking up to a nasty surprise.

This is the part of the digital world where the developer protects its own interests by reaching out to customers to check everything is okay. I actually like this aspect of the digital world and do not blame Bethesda at all for doing it.

I would also add that just as Robin Scott said else where, Nexus does have a strick policy over other peoples copyright and I have personal experience of that policy having had to ask them to remove several stolen versions of my own work from their server over the years.

So just to be clear, Nexus did not arrange the theft of Far Harbour and have acted in a correct and proper manner once they found out.

I would expect those involved will now be traced and at least removed from Bethesdas Beta Program.

I would also add that Bethesda community does have a problem with this kind of fine as we found out last year when Reddit TES fans did this to TEG.  There is an attitude amongst those who make nothing, share nothing that this sort of thing is ok. So they go around pissing off those who do the work and when those who do the work protect them selves from this sort of thing, they get all worked up and angry and start causing trouble.

However it is wise to keep this in mind, unless your willing to make the content your self, I would try my best not to piss off those who are creating the content because they have absolute power over who gets it, how its distributes and what extremely annoying online authentication systems get used. Plus without them, you get nothing anyway so its best not to do things that leads to any developer or modder making less content for you.

Btw it appears Far Habour is 2.3 Gig in size, unless this Fallout 4 patch I am currently downloading on Steam is just a patch and not the DLC.

fallout4logoYes it has been 7 months since Fallout 4 was released, unfortunately it appears the Creation Kit for Fallout 4 is not fit for purpose right now. It contains many bugs and issues that make creating the sort of mods I am known for making, difficult at best.

It does appear to be useful for smaller mods, the sort we see 1000s of, but not large quest mods.

Back when Skyrim was new, I said at the time the next game Bethesda make would not be an RPG and I said the creation kit will probably be too buggy to use.

It appears I was right on both counts.

Also Bethesdas announcement that the next Elder Scrolls game is a long way off leads me to believe they now facing a complete rebuild of there middle ware, the name given to developement tools.

I would expect the next game to be a complete overhaul of Beths entire game engine or even see the old engine scrapped entirely and a new system replace it because Beth have been running the current engine and its tools in to the ground for at least 10 years now.

I could still be proven wrong, Beth could still fix the editor for Fallout 4, they have updated it once already since I went public. The issue I have is Beth are not known for fixing the editor after release and right now even the Creation Kit Wiki is empty and they have had 7 months to fill it and get the editor ready and they just have not dont that.

Even if they do fix it, I believe the game will be about a year old before the creation kit is actually up to the old Skyrim Creation Kit standards, which was not great in the first place.


During my own experiments with the editor, I found lots of little issues that pretty much stop the editor being useful, issues the pervious editor did not have and issues that would have stopped Bethesda making Fallout 4 with this tool kit.  I know Beth use other middle ware to make some parts of the game because I know some parts of the creation kit are not up for the job they where created for (and have not been for nearly a decade now), yet Beth still manage to create those elements of the game even knowing their editor is not up to it.

So we may be at the point now where most of the editors functions have been replaced by other tools which Beth ow use to mkae the game, and what they share with is is whats left of their original editor which needs an update to use the new file formats and game paths. As Beth moves to new tools, the tools they give us become less and less useful.

There is of course always a chance I am simply missing something and I'll keep looking to see if that is the case.

fallout4logoWith the creation kit out and many changes made to the quest and dialog system, the process of learning what everything does has begun. Since figuring things out is part of the fun of modding and since many answers learned along the way are useful to others. I have started a new Blog in the "Apocalyptic Modders Corner" where I can talk about the problems I am facing, the solutions I have found and any good tutorials I stumble across that actually worked.

A lot can be learned by dabbling with things and reading about the results. Sometimes the dabbling is the most important aspect of modding because it teaches us things no tutorial talks about.

Be site to follow my mis-adventures in the new editor at the TGMs Creation Kit Blog in the "Apocalyptic Modders Corner" forum here on TEG.



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